Putin, Homosexuality and Gay Propaganda

One of the questions I have received on numerous occasions is my thoughts on homosexuality and also my thoughts on Putin’s stance on gay propaganda.
And this is also a very interesting question for me to answer because I know people wish for me to conform to certain views and values and will perhaps get shocked when I go outside of those.
However, as the Lion of Glory I can only ever be true to my own sincerely held beliefs.
First off, every single gay guy I have come in contact with (through work etc) has been a genuinely pleasant and decent man. Also, statistically speaking they have on average a higher income (which means more tax revenue) and on average are less prone to crime.
So on a personal level I have nothing whatsoever against men who happen to like men.
The problem arises when an extreme leftist movement hijacks it in order to promote its own degenerate ideals. For example, in Sweden we have ‘hate crimes’, which was helped to be put in place by the gay lobby, where it is seen as more severe to commit a crime against anyone as long as they are not a heterosexual, white male. In practice that means that it is more of a transgression to assault a gay guy than a straight guy.
Furthermore, speaking of the gay propaganda most visible throughout the year, gay parades. Putin got a lot of critique for not allowing those parades in Russia. I fully understand why he did that, and I will go out on thin ice here; I do not think that gay parades are suitable for everyone to see. Here in Sweden it was marketed as a ‘family event’. There is no chance in hell I would bring my children to bear witness to adult men running around with multicoloured dildos all over their bodies, dressed up as what not.
What people do behind closed doors must remain their business, meaning that the state nor anyone else should care what two adults are doing in their own bedroom. And by the same token it should stay in the bedroom. Just as I don’t tell the World, least of all children, what my maiden and I are doing in bed neither should homosexual couples.
With this said I do not think gay parades are suitable. Gay clubs and closed events are a different matter though, because then you have a choice to go there, and if you want to do so, fine by me, just leave the public and the children out of it.
Furthermore regarding Putin, I can only lament the way he is treated in Western media, it is childishly one-sided and when things are being portrayed as such there are in most cases a deeper reason for it to be so.
So if you think Putin’s decision to not allow gay parades was ‘homophobic’ then I am by the same reasoning also ‘homophobic’, yet I just said that I get along fine with homosexuals.
So ask yourself this: Am I really ‘homophobic’ and ‘intolerant’ or are those really just empty words thrown around by the extreme leftists to deal with dissent?

One Comment on “Putin, Homosexuality and Gay Propaganda

  1. The non-radicalized faggots who I’ve spoken with just roll their eyes at pride parade. They’re ok I can tolerate them, I think. In fact, one of them opened my eyes to a very important piece of information. He told me to look up the founders of InterPride (parent organization of all the parades). I was not surprised to find out that one of them was a Jude. I was teaching him about cultural marxism and so on, after that he caught on and started teaching ME!

    He showed me how the San Francisco crowd they take their children (2 years old!) to the parade and put leather collars on their neck. Here is a report about it:


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