Putin is a Good Example of an Alpha


Being alpha does in the correct sense of the term not indicate whether the individual is good or bad, whether you like him or not, nor if you agree with his actions.
An alpha is someone who protects and looks out for his family and his larger family, the tribe, or in the modern sense, the nation. Putin is a Russian alpha. He looks out for the Russians, he is not a global force for good. Nor is he a force of evil. He is a leader who looks out for his own. I can respect that. Does this mean that I support everything he does? Absolutely not. On the contrary as a Swede I have no particular interest in a military strong Russia.
In Sweden the notion of standing up for yourself has not seen the sunlight for quite some time to say the least. The last time we had an alpha government was during World War 2 where Sweden managed to stay out of the war, refusing to be bullied by more powerful nations into sending our sons to die in a war that wasn’t ours. Then and there the government was alpha as can be, they looked out for our own sons and forced no one to take up arms, but instead left that choice to the individual, and sure enough a lot of Swedish men went to fight for our brothers in Finland or to fight in the ranks of the SS.
As an alpha your responsibility, along with other alphas of the tribe, is to protect and look out for the well being of the people of your tribe, that is your primary goal, this does not mean you can’t be nice to others, but it must never be at the expense of your own.
If someone does not have the will or the strength to protect what is theirs they will lose it and nature will not take pity

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  1. I found it very weird that many Swedes have somekind of guilt because of ww2. Is this the view of the common people or is it only the view of the media?

    What the hell have you reason to be guilty about ww2? You did nothing wrong – you kept your country out of the war. Excellent achievement. (you could make youtube video about this subject)

    You have also lot to be proud of – Swedish Volunteer Corps in the Winter war. About 10 000 Swedes fought and also some of them died during the war. I live on the other side of the Baltic sea so I have enormous respect for Swedish volunteers.

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