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No prominent video during March (I also have deleted lots of older videos), but for the sake of myself and my fair maiden, I had the best trip/weekend/getaway ever in my life, which shines like beacon of happiness when reminiscing about the past year. The pictures above is taken then.
The reason for mentioning this is because these moments of perfect love, harmony and happiness are so rare and must be treasured as such.



















A very big huge thanks to all of my glorious true friends who have loyally supported me in my endeavours. I have gone from a little over 1000 subscribers in late April to almost 9000 now. I will hopefully hit the 10 000 mark relatively soon.
Also, special mentions must go to my beloved fair maiden, who by all accounts is a bright light of love and beauty and who brings happiness to me, and also to the glorious Abelian Bull, who is a rock in a world of turmoil and having his support both physically and intellectually is like a gift from the Allfather himself.

One Comment on “2014 in Videos

  1. Don’t know if this is the right place, but given your views on the Russia/Ukraine conflict, the left, the EU, etc., I thought that you might be interested in this video. It features the Chzec economist/politician Václav Klaus (Klaus and Farage were 22 minutes late, so others (Petr Mach…) speak at the beginning).

    He covers a variety of topics, from the EU, to the conflict with Russia (I found his position interesting, given that in my experience Chzecs tend to be rather russophobic… understandable, given what the Communists did to them, but it does mean that they tend to automatically equate Russian with Communist/Socialist), to the fact that in the communist world they knew more about the Western world than vice versa and this asymmetry still persists (specifically on communism, he claims: “there are almost no true believers here in Czechoslovakia; the number of true believers at your university, UC Berkeley, is higher than in all of Czechoslovakia.” … more generally, in other occasions he pointed out how automatically equating or associating the struggle for worker’s right with marxism/socialism/communism is in essence a piece of historical fiction/propaganda, given the fact that trade unions were created almost before Marx’s birth and the existence/history/tradition of anti communist/socialist workers unions, such as the Polish Solidarność, rooted in the nations’ Christian traditional culture, as opposed to a marxist anti-nationalistic, class based world view that put the Party -and by induction foreign, in thi case Russian, interests- at the center of things… points similar to those raised by Bulgakov and Solženicyn about the destruction of russian/slavic culture).

    In general, despite not agreeing with everything, I thought that it might be worth listening to, particularly as far as his opinions on the Russia/Ukraine situation are concerned:

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