Sunday Summary


This week I have spent in the loving company of my dear girl, as seen in the videos I posted yesterday and today. Needless to say she brings great joy to my heart and is a great source of happiness.
The above picture is from the Vasa museum in Stockholm and the below one is from our little exploration we commenced, which was highly glorious!


As for the training I actually tried some Olympic Lifting today, which felt great. Since I train at a gym where many very good Olympic Lifters train I thought it might be a good idea to indulge in their wisdom. I really like those lifts since they are heavy compound movements with a good touch of aggressiveness and adrenaline. Moreover they also look absolutely brilliant on video, so I will definitely make some epic Olympic Lifting videos in the coming time.
Also next week will see a regular frequency of uploads on the channel, with the promised Gains Kitchen where I will talk about my “new diet”, I don’t really like to label it as such since I only tweak my nutrition slightly when I make changes. To keep it short and as I mentioned last week I now try to eat more fat, veggies and get more protein from food, in addition to going for more vegetarian options. Regarding the vegetarian options it is because I care about Mother Nature, to keep it simple!
As for this page you are reading on right now I will add another category in the coming days called “Books and Reading” where I will state my favourite authors etc. It is with great pride I will make this section because I am actually currently in a situation where I get more question regarding music and books than supplements. I will elaborate on this later on as well!

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