Celtic Affinity Explained

I feel that is appropriate that I elaborate on my admiration of the Celtic culture. At a first glance many true friends would assume it is because of my affinity with Ireland, and of course I am biased here because of my fair maiden, and indeed, I have great respect for the Irish people and their history.
However, there is a deeper explanation towards my frequent use of Celtic aesthetics.
Before I elaborate any further I would just to yet again stress the fact that the love for my own motherland is beyond dispute. I am a true Son of Svea, anyone who dares question that is a heretic and will be persecuted accordingly.
My fascination with the Celtic culture stems from the fact that it represents the oldest Europe that vanished with the Romans and then got further pushed away when the Germanic tribes began to wander out of Scandinavia and Northern Germany.
And in here comes also the incredibly interesting subject of British history. When the Romans were forced to leave Briton lands the Saxons soon came and a bloody war of dominance for those fertile lands erupted, where King Arthur according to legend tried to stem the unending tide of invaders. And then centuries later a similar battle was fought by the nobles of Wales against the English. There is something incredibly inspiring about that whole mental image; Outmatched and outnumbered with their backs against the wall fighting for their home, wealth and women.
Furthermore speaking of Saxons; During the Viking heyday, they in turn had to fight off an invader looking for land (many people assume that the Vikings were just out to wreak carnage, truth is that they were looking for fertile lands for the most part). This is also a time period I find very fascinating, the whole Northsea region and the cultures around it, with the Nordic to the east and the Celtic in the west and the emerging English in the middle.
And also, with all this in mind it is no wonder why I have always looked fondly upon Ireland, their story is highly inspiring, the last vestiges of a once mighty culture still living at the outskirts of Mother Europa! 800 years of fighting to preserve one’s identity!

To explain my thoughts and feelings from another perspective it can be found in the fantasy world. In basically all fantasy lores the Elves are the ancient civilization that were once dominant, being replaced by other races that in some way are stronger. If you think about it, there are great similarities between the recession of the Celtic world and the Elven world (in most fantasy settings). A once dominant culture in decline.

Understand this: NOTHING is your birthright. Your home, your wealth and your women are all something you have to earn and if necessary fight for, with sword or sex. After all, even though the Saxons were martially superior to the Britons in England, it was also the case that the Saxons bred at a higher rate (and this is of course not the first nor the last time this phenomenon occurs).
I understand that this might seem a bit dramatic. However, contemplate how foolish it is to ignore the lessons taught by history.

Understand this: NOTHING is predetermined. There was absolutely nothing that said that the Germanic Saxon culture would prevail over the Celtic Briton one. The Saxons fought harder and won. In Celtic Ireland, however, the Irish fought harder and won in the end.
This is a very valuable lesson. So if you harbour any defeatist attitudes, know that anything is possible if you set your mind to it and refuse to give up!

Understand this: RIGHT and WRONG are highly subjective. What is not subjective however, is the loyalty to your brothers. Were the Saxons wrong to defend their fertile lands and women against the Vikings just because they had in turn taken it from the Britons? Right or wrong isn’t the issue here, but rather giving your all for the ones you call your own.

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