Quick note on 50 Shades of Grey


After having read a fair amount of moralising posts on the Internet regarding 50 Shades of Grey I thought to make a short comment.

Not everything needs to be analysed and dissected into absurdity. Some people just can’t help but to find faults with things, (saw the same thing about people complaining about the Hobbit). A quick advice right here is to simply not watch it if it bothers you so much.
50 Shades of Grey is not revolutionary in anyway.
Yes, erotic novels have been around for a long time.
Yes, girls like rich guys.
Yes, girls like excitement.
Yes, girls like to get dominated.

And for those who say that it is the equivalent of porn, it is not. When I say you should not watch porn it is not due to any sort of tired Christian morality. It is because I don’t want you to spend vital masculine energy in an unproductive waste of time, that is also detrimental towards your mental gains.
There is a huge difference between 5 giggly girls going to the cinema watching this film blushing and a guy wasting his potential furiously fapping in front of his computer 3 times a day.

I haven’t watched the film nor read the book, maybe will one day, until then I am FVCKING PUMPED Game of Thrones and Vikings!

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