Thoughts on Adolf Hitler

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  1. THERE IS A GOOD AND EVIL FORCE IN THIS WORLD and has ALWAYS BEEN. The evil side is ALL jews, and the good side is NON-JEW.

    The enemy against EUROPE and against the WHOLE world is a parasitical bloodsucking leech, known as the jew.

    it has always been, europe vs jews. africa vs jews, russia vs jews, america vs jews, muslims vs jews, christians vs jews, chinese vs jews, japanese vs jews.

    The jews wrote and write the manuscript for all wars.

    second world war was the same thing. GET AS MANY NON-JEWS to fight and kill eachother so the JEWS WILL BENEFIT FROM IT.

    they got ISRAEL.

    they got the holohoax card



    Stop this pussy talking, if you are not straight out saying and advocating that the jew is the problem, enemy and solution you ARE WORKING from the other side (the jew side)

    And I will call you out on it.

    feel free to contact me otherwise by email

    to know where we the real FIGHT for Europe and the world is.

    “The more you study National Socialism and the Third Reich you begin to understand they were very moral and very just. They tried to “do the right thing” by not slaughtering the people that had raped and pillaged Germany so as to “not be the same” as the jew.
    This was a fatal mistake by the Germans, and all National Socialists of Europe. They allowed the rat to escape, and the rat hoodwinked other nations into destroying the people who were actually doing “something” against these creatures.
    This time is very different. The rat has exhausted all their host nations, and there is NOWHERE left on earth where their lies and deceit will be accepted at face value, ever again!
    Jews have had 60+ years now of relative freedom of movement and freedom to do anything. Those days are severely limited, they know it, that’s why the crying and whining.
    They know their end is getting near.”
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