About fat girls


Let us have some real talk here.
We have a fat girl, that she is fat is simply because she has let herself go, she has gained a good amount of weight the last couple of years and the trend is not changing. She has gotten critique from a few of her friends, including her boyfriend and family, and is also experiencing a deteriorating physical and mental health.
The majority of her friends are now saying that she is beautiful just the way she is and that her boyfriend is mean because he wants her to change. To listen to these voices is comforting. Accepting yourself for who you have become is more comfortable than to change. This instant gratification and reassurance of her value makes her grateful to her ‘friends’. So it is not surprising that the ‘friends’ that are giving her the option of inaction is held in high regard. However, when looking at it from a third person perspective we can easily conclude that those ‘friends’ are merely vipers in disguise. A true friend would obviously have looked at her long term well-being instead of giving her the instant gratification of acceptance. The only reasonable course of action for the girl should be to gently ask her traitorous ‘friends’ to go to Hell. She should then turn to her true friends (and boyfriend and family), the ones who encouraged her to better herself for a healthier and happier life, and apologize in the most humble and sincere fashion.
If the girl does not do this and continues down the path of degeneracy it lies within the full rights of her true friends to disregard her, after all, the girl has chosen her false friends before her true friends. Furthermore it lies within full reason that the boyfriends leaves her. You should not have to tolerate such disrespect. A solid foundation of relationship is based upon that the man trusts the woman and that the woman respects the man. Getting fat in a relationship is a severe form of disrespect, it simply means that she does not value your love. And you should not be with anyone who takes you for granted. She will obviously do her best to make you feel guilty, in the hopes that you will forsake your self-respect and stay with her. Now you must realise that it was her own choice and the guilt should stay with her, not be transferred to you.

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