Regarding Gay Marriage


Everyone must be equal before the law. This means that gay people should be able to have the same legal rights to get married as straight couples. This has to do with legal issues (inheritance etc) and not moral ones. In the eyes of the state, marriage between two consenting adults (18+) should be allowed.
However, if the church do not wish to perform the rites, the state should not force them to do so, but instead the intended couple can get married in a state house. There is no reason why a separate institution such as the church must change their traditions to suit the state (why a gay couple would even want to get married in a church that hates them is beyond me).
However, the state must supply equal rights for all citizens.

With this said a nation should be very careful when they accept change, and must be prepared to not let it go to the other extreme. In Sweden (of course) for example it has become the case of inequality where you can get a harder punishment for committing a crime against a gay person (or a non-white) because it is labelled as a hate crime. This is obviously not in accord with the “everyone equal before the law”. A crime is a crime no matter who commits it. That a gay person gets assaulted is not worse than if a white straight male gets assaulted.

Furthermore, if you, as a gay person, demand respect from the society, do not do everything in your power to alienate it. Let us take the example of the baker who did not want to bake a gay wedding cake. It is within her full rights to bake which ever cake she so desire, without risk of persecution from the establishment who has the back of everyone who is not a) white b) in any way traditional. It is a really cowardly thing do demand a lot of things from regular small business owners and then running and crying to the establishment and media because everyone does not cater to your specific needs.
Seriously, gay people need to stop with this, it only serves to make regular couples despise you, not to mention all the normal gay people who are not trying to impose their political agenda on the society.

To conclude. Gay marriage as a legal construction should be allowed. However, it must not go further than that and become a threat to regular people (like said baker or children who gets schooled in transgender this and transgender that from an early age).

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