Sunday Summary. Gay Marriage, Eurovision, Islam vs HBTQ

I wrote this article regarding gay marriage ( And there was a rather lively discussion on the Facebook page. And as usual when you take a reasonable middle position, as I usually do (not in order to antagonise both parts) but because the truth is often somewhere in the middle. The world isn’t black and white. Yet humans in general tend to want to make a position easy, draw a clear cut line between right or wrong. In the case of leftists they fawn over anything gay or untraditional whereas the other side strongly object to anything of the sort. My position was as the article explains that a legal contract between two consenting individuals over the age of 18 should be possible regardless of what sexual orientation the participants have. To give a quick example in Swedish legislation: If a gay couple is married and have a home and one partner dies, the inheritance goes to the one who is still living, as opposed to other relatives. This is fair and in accord with that everyone should be equal before the law.

Now, let us look at the extremes of marriage. A marriage should be exclusively between a man and a woman, but a marriage could also be exclusively between a white man and a white woman (as opposed to mix-race marriages).
On the other end of the spectrum; if gay marriage is allowed, why should not marriage between several individuals be allowed? Why should a marriage be just between two humans?
As you can see from the examples above you can draw the question quite far in both directions.
I am still standing for what I believe is a sound and reasonable middle position: Gay marriage is completely fine as everyone should be the same in the eyes of the law. Which makes a marriage a legal contract between two consenting adults over the age of 18. Everything outside of that should not be accepted, there is my boundaries and I think most people agree with me. (Also, yet again, the spiritual ceremony of marriage via the church should still be exclusive between man and woman, no sense in disrespecting tradition!).


Yesterday Sweden’s Måns Zelmerlöw won the Eurovision and big congratulations to him. First of all I am glad that he got to represent Sweden as he is a genuine and nice guy. Also I am looking  forward to the economical stimuli Sweden will get from the boost in tourism during next year’s Eurovision final.
Now you ask: But the Glorious Lion, surely the Eurovision is nothing but degeneracy! Is it not?
My answer to you is: If you spend your life looking for degeneracy wherever you can find it you will not be particularly happy and there are worse things to worry about. I did not watch it but will not moralize over the competition. It is all good fun, let them have that and if you don’t want to watch it don’t watch it. If you are going to spend time bringing up sensitive issues, pick the really important ones instead. Quick sidenote, if you want Western men to be less feminine, start promoting gym culture and chances are that they will not end up like drag-queens no matter what they see once a year on the TV.
Either way this brings us into the subject of Islam vs HBTQ/the gay movement. As we all know they are both part of the good side in the political correct hierarchy of Sweden, which places white heterosexual men in the evil team.
What they probably realise, but will not acknowledge, is that the Muslims do not want to be on the same team as the gay people. The Muslims are connected through a common faith and set of values (in most cases), whereas Team Good aka the politically correct team is basing its identity on an aversion against the forces of oppression, which in this case is white heterosexual men. Assuming that the enemy of my enemy is my friend they think that the Muslims are their friends, standing together against the unjust oppression!


And with all of this said more and more gay people are realising that it does not lie in their best interest with an increased Muslim presence in the West.
Then the question becomes when the HBTQ-movement as a whole will start to express voices of concern against a less tolerant and ever growing hostile minority. Because as much as they might hate the current forces of oppression, a society dominated by white Westerner straight men will be a better place for homosexuals than a Muslim country will.

3 Comments on “Sunday Summary. Gay Marriage, Eurovision, Islam vs HBTQ”

  1. I agree with this message. I am actually a bit shocked to hear that there are any Gay men- or women- who would support the Muslim faith in light of it’s virulent stance against such a thing. Then again, I tend to ignore most religions for so many of their archaic rules and regulations. In my mind all governments should be run pragmatically and sensibly minus two of their influences: money and religion,

  2. I don’t think Islam is the problem against HBTQ. Nowhere in their scriptures does it say to kill HBTQ and there are Muslim people who don’t care about HBTQ and co-exist peacefully alongside them.

  3. Theres no such monolithic group as ” the gays”. Theres only certain situations and sexual acts. I am adoring and worshipping ( and sometimes sponsoring) the V shaped confident healthy vital heroic bodybuilder who has a foreskin(!!!) and who has some financial needs. I know honest,discrete bbs from slovakia who are great husbands and young fathers, and who still will give me their buttocks. Its fantastic! On the other side, I cannot imagine having sex with estrogen mimickered politicised tranny tyrants. I think the deepest root of this unasthetic mental illness of the official LBTTI(…..?) hierarchy is the fact that their (male born) members have had their penisses sexually mutilated, for example at the age of 8 days… As a weird compensation for their judeochristian foreskin envy, those american agents create war and chaos in another foreskin mutilation zone , the islam zone, and cause the muslims to migrate to Sweden or Germany to get rid of the sexually intact aboriginal people of central and northern Europe. And thats the true reason for the US-Saudi Alliance. I would be curious which ” christian” or ” moderate liberal laizistic” politician in US and EU actually has an own foreskin? And by the way, why are they only opposing female mutilations? No , I dont wanna be a LGBTTI person. I just want to play military draft doctor with bodybuilder “recruits”, measure their body accurately and finally have some fun between their buttocks, knowing that I do them no harm but an ovation!

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