Sunday Summary. Regarding my Israel Video. Accused of being a Muslim apologist.

Battle of ToursFollowing the video I made ( I received (as anticipated) some critique. First of all I would like to stress the fact that it is indeed very hard to take into account every different perspective when making a video like that. Yes, I am aware of the fact that I might have come across as a bit too hostile towards Israel, and to any regular Jew; it was not my meaning to take any stabs against you. It is of paramount importance to distinguish between regular Jews and the international elite (Soros, Goldman Sachs, American/Israeli foreign politics etc). You can still be on Team Mother Evropa and be Jewish. However, you cannot support aggression against Iran and promote White Guilt and be on Team Mother Evropa (to give two examples).
Furthermore regarding a comment I made in the video I would like to stress the fact that almost every single ethnicity that was involved in World War 2 was committed transgressions against. Even if one can argue regarding the official narrative of the war, one should not neglect to consider the suffering of anyone involved, Jews were persecuted during the war, there is no denying that, even if the official narrative is flawed. With this said it is of equal importance* to realise the suffering on all sides.
*Although when looking at it from a Germanic perspective it is hardly strange that you should feel more for all the German women who were mass raped by the Allies at the end of the war. I have said it in the past and I will say it again; these were the worst transgressions, and that is because that is seen from my perspective. If you are Jewish it is completely natural that you think that the transgressions committed against the Jews were the worst. If you are Polish it is only natural that you should consider the transgressions made against Poland the worst (by Germany and Russia). It is all relative and about different perspectives.
It would be dishonest of me to lie about the suffering of Jews and Russians during the war just as it would be dishonest by a Jew to lie about German suffering during the war. This is all really simple to be honest but bears stressing!milos-obilic-murat

Moreover I would just like to address the fact that I was called a Muslim apologist in some of the YouTube comments. This is obviously laughable and incredibly false. I have always sought to bring to light the transgressions committed on European soil by the Islamic world. I have repeatedly dedicated videos to heroes of Europe who have fought against Islamic aggression.
With that said I am genuinely disgusted by some of the Counter-Jihad movement who claims that you make apologies for Muslims the minute you don’t agree that it is a good idea to bomb Iran. I have great respect for Iran and the Persian history and culture. That respect does not come from them being Muslim, however, that they are Muslim does not make them the enemy. Below if a picture of some Persian women (before the revolution).persiangirls
I also resent some of the arguments used when debating the Muslim world, “that nothing of worth has emanated from the Middle East the last 1400 years” is hardly a reason for USA to bomb Muslim nations at their leisure.
I have an issue with Islam in Europe. I also have an issue with Western aggression in the Middle East.

Lastly, incredibly important video I made a while regarding not always blaming the Jews!

A lot of politics this week, however, with the current situation with the massive invasion of Europe it feels rather ridiculous to only talk and write about philosophy, gym and books. Coming videos and projects will definately include those but sometimes it is good for the soul and for my personal honour and integrity to talk about sensitive and controversial issues!

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