Germany Under Attack. Glorious Sunday Hike. My Training. New Graphics Card.


The sky over Europe is darkening. The Hyenas are sensing the weakness of the Lion. For those who have critically looked at Western Europe over the last 10-15 years this is not something new. What is new however, is the magnitude and audacity of the Hyenas. Mainstream media has, until now, been able to keep the truth about the Multi-Cultural Hell Project as quiet as possible; refuting the very natural instincts of the native population of Europe. Years of harassment of native women by the invaders has been explained as a typical male pattern. One need not look further than the nearest history book to distinguish this behaviour as something an occupying force does.
However, the falsehood of the Cultural Marxist doctrine is in rapid decline. In the face of the recent attacks in Germany in addition to the attacks in Paris it becomes obvious even for the most diluted citizen that something is awfully wrong. More people are waking up on a daily basis, the tide is turning.
The picture above is of a citizen militia formed in Bremen, my prediction is that more of these initiatives will come along in Western Europe. I wholeheartedly salute all brave men who are doing their part to keep our women safe. For everyone and everyone reading this; now is a good time to start preparing for the Summer. The Summer is usually a time of conflict, not least in this situation, where people are out and about more, women being lightly dressed etc. Mark my words, our women will be attacked during the Summer, so if you are preparing to form any sort of group, have the Summer as an aim for this. Until then, keep training both in the gym and martial arts. You should also train with your friends in order to create a good tribal mentality! This is definitely something that I need to elaborate further on later on!


Now onto something completely different. I had a good Sunday with my girl, hiking up a glorious mountain. The view was phenomenal. I got some cool footage on my videocamera as well that I will throw into a coming video! The sea on one side and snow covered mountains on the other. Due to weather conditions we haven’t really been out on a joyous wandering in a while so it was good to be at it again. These types of activities are highly beneficial for both mental and physical well-being. As I have said before; If you have the opportunity to go out in nature like this, do it!


In regard to training I am currently (and still) training MMA 4 days a week, with 3 sessions being 2,5 hours and 1 being 1,5 hours. The 1,5 hour session is on Saturdays and consists of BJJ (a chill, technique oriented session). In regard to strength training I train the days where I do not do MMA, or sometimes, train for about 30 minutes prior to the MMA-session (both are in the same locale). I am putting the full focus on the heavy compound movements; this becomes extra important when you have limited time with the weights. Another thing I am focusing on is getting my grip strength up, which means I am not using any straps for the pulling movements (except for the deadlifts). I will release a training video tomorrow where I actually hit a new personal best; 2 x 50 kg (+100 kg bodyweight) weighted pull-ups without straps. Furthermore I am now also squatting without a belt as to increase my core strength.


Lastly I have acquired a new graphics card. I have a certain affinity for graphics cards, I am certain that many gamer-brahs can relate to this. I actually spent my first ever pay (payment for Summer work) when I was 16 years old on a graphics card. Not necessarily because that was my top priority in terms of things to have (my parents were more than willing to pay for my training gear and memberships etc), but it was something that was a bit of a luxury, i.e., I wanted it, but I didn’t want to ask my parents for such a thing.
Now, fast forward 10 years later (just wanted to share that story for some reason). I have acquired the 960 GTX and I am very happy with it. Being able to play the Witcher 3 is great and I will soon make let’s plays of it. I am now also able to have higher graphics settings in Attila, which means that we can retake the Iberian Peninsula from the Moors in higher quality videos (for those who are following that let’s play series).
Lastly, you all know Teddy. The Frog however, who appears in most of my videos, is my girl’s teddy that she got from me (as I got Teddy from her). The book Metaphysics of War is by the Italian Traditionalist philosopher Julius Evola!


4 Comments on “Germany Under Attack. Glorious Sunday Hike. My Training. New Graphics Card.”

  1. Highly agree in the politics part. And i too can feel the tides turning. Our time will come soon. The lunacy can’t last forever.

    So, i don’t know if anyone ever asked you that, but have you played dark souls? Even a shitty card can run it smoothly.

    Anyway, great axe kick in the picture. The great Andy Hug would be proud.

  2. Ah, finally The Witcher 3 will arrive. Can’t wait!

    Probably will join a group/militia in Germany this year to lend a hand. Just need a place to stay and eat! Though I have worked hard to get the job I have, which I will have to weigh up as more money for propaganda is vital right now.

    You’re in a great place right now Marcus, quite similar to me, but you’ve got the qt grill (tfw no gf). I get to see the English countryside on a daily basis for my living and can relate in regards to how freeing it is to see nature in a vast state.

    Keep it up!

  3. I like The Frog (froggy??), he reminds me of the ‘Frog & Toad’ children books I read in my early youth.

    Congrats on the 960 GTX. I had a 760 GTX that was finally starting to show its age so I added another 760 to put them in dual SLI configuration. Truly glorious 😉

    Lastly, I want to caution you to be careful going belt-less. I proudly lifted beltless for many years, but it finally caught up to me. Google spondylolisthesis & retrolithesis…. it’s where your vertebrae ‘slip’ and are no longer perfectly aligned. This can happen even without herniating a disc. It can occur both suddenly or gradually over time. X-Rays are the only way to detect it early on because there are no symptoms until you have done some meaningful damage. I mention it because it finally happened to me (somewhat minor, thankfully) and it took me over a year of recovery before I was able to approach my former strength. I now lift belted, better safe than sorry when you are going heavy.

    Cheers from California.

    • Fruggle 🙂 (is what my girl named him).
      Ah, nice! Yes I had the 760 too but also felt that an upgrade was due!
      Indeed, I am rather careful with my lower back. However the squats are still quite light. When I go heavy on the deadlifts I always use a belt though :-)!

      Best Regards

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