200 Heroes Action in Stockholm. Trip to Portugal.

This Saturday in Stockholm, capital of Sweden, approximately 200 men gathered to clear the area around the main train (and subway) station in Stockholm. It has recently (a few months or so) been plagued by Moroccan street youths, the utterly incompetent police haven’t been able to make any arrests due to the young men lying about their age; telling the police that they are kids which results in the police not being able to detain them. I am not making this up, this is actually how far Sweden has gone in regard to mental retardation. The Maroccan street youth have been a menace first and foremost to women; harassing and sexually assaulting passers by using the central train station. Since the police haven’t done anything to salvage the situation a group of upstanding citizens took to the streets in defence of our women. I cannot applaud them enough for this action. They deserve everyone’s respect. However, the mainstream media, although in decay and decline, still have vast power over the minds of people, and in their twisted world view this was an action of lacking morals. Should we pay any attention to the spiteful and pathetic Cultural Marxists working for the Swedish media? No, for any enlightened and morally sound man or woman it is clear that they have a very anti-Swedish agenda. However, what it does mean is that we must be even more adamant in showing our support for any and all men and women who are willing to stand up for what is right. In simple terms; yes of course it is a just and right thing to do to drive off molesting invaders who are targeting regular women, if anyone things otherwise I would be very interesting in having a philosophical discussion with that person, if not to set him or her straight, just to come to an understanding on how that person became such a low and unworthy person.
Lastly, a rather “fun” thing is how quick the police were to respond to the vigilantes whereas they as well as ignore the harassment of women that caused the whole action to begin with. I realise that orders are orders but at the same time each man has a free will and a moral compass which he ultimately is responsible for.

I will make a video covering this and talking about the coming time in the coming days, I haven’t been able to make videos  during the week due to sickness, alas I will be back next week and ready to deliver some good wisdom and strategy!


Now onto something completely different! I visited Lisbon with my MMA-team in order to attend a BJJ-seminar training camp. The trip was great fun, great craic with great lads (which would be a very Irish thing to say)!



In regard to the city itself the trip was exciting in the fact that we got to see both the touristy part of Lisbon, i.e., the old city in addition to the outskirts of the city which is usually not something you get to see when you are away for only four days. However since the seminar and training was in the outskirts we got a good glimpse of how that looked, which was interesting. My first (and lasting) impression was that it looked basically how I imagine Brazil to look, both in terms of architecture and ethnic composition. The latter not being that surprising after all due to Portugal’s colonial past: Brazil, Angola and Mozambique.
The old city, however, was absolutely stunning, with a lot of history and glorious architecture! Below are some pictures I took! It is always more fun to have pictures with people in it but I thought to attach these as well for the historically interested true friend! Also, I have a good bit of video material, although since I haven’t really been well I haven’t gotten around to do anything with it yet (my creative ability is sapped once sick).

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3 Comments on “200 Heroes Action in Stockholm. Trip to Portugal.”

  1. But unless it reflects in wins at elections, and the traitors voted out by Nationalists, then it’s pointless. Also, the authorities want all this, so they can demonise us as violent thugs, and bring out new laws to deal with it.

  2. Heroic males must form secret societies. I wonder how many times a policemans sister or a soldiers wife can be sexually assaulted by muslim migrants until the policeman or soldier changes to the right side. As an appropriate initiation ritual for those men who want to join the resistance , I recommend that the new member should prove in front of the others that he has his own FORESKIN. Only this approach can guarantee that there is no kryptomuslim or no other krypto…. subversion. Be creative, use different ideas. Obviously I cant go into details due to internet surveillance , but at a certain point you have do get rid off any ” moral” or ” christian” limitations when it comes to dealing such a vicious enemy .
    Please spread this idea (secret societies of armed disgruntled soldiers/policemen, proof of foreskin for new members in Evropa. I dont trust the circumcised evengelical christian zionists in the US by the way, because they bow down to Saudi Arabia in their hatred against white russian goyim)

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