Dealing with injuries. Ireland is facing a potential invasion. Mariusz Pudzianowski speaks out.

First of all in this weekly article I would like to elaborate on a hands-on method to deal with injuries. It is nothing revolutionary or unconventional but it bears stressing again for those who might not have thought about it before. What you have to do when recovering from an injury is to make sure to first of all have an adequate caloric intake (this can be quite simple; just eat a bit more than usual), I mention this in the case of individuals who are cutting. It is better to temporarily halt the cut and increase the intake until you feel better. Naturally injuries will heal faster the more energy your body have to work with. Secondly, you should increase the protein intake, we can take me as an example here. I usually aim for about 160-180 g of protein a day, should I suffer an injury I would be better served by aiming at ca 200 g of protein a day. The 160- 180 g is calculated at 100 (kg) x 1,6-1,8 which is a good amount of protein to aim for when leading an active life and in regard to building muscles, this can also vary depending on numerous factors. Point here being that the additional 20-40 g will speed up the recovery. I prefer to use whey protein to adjust my protein intake, i.e. if I want to add ca 40 g of protein to my diet I can simply add two scoops of whey into a shake and drink it!

Themistokles of Athens!

Over to something political, I just saw these highly disturbing news: ( Naturally it made my blood boil. I will make a video discussing this topic. But to keep it short I will try to use my influence for a good cause and make sure that as many Irish guys (not sure how many Irish girls follow my work) know exactly what will happen to Ireland if they let in these savages. Now you might react towards my use of the term savage. I always try to keep my language as tidy and professional as possible, and this is not an exception. If you do not agree that the people that are invading Europe at the moment are not savages (no, not all but enough of them) then you need to open your eyes.
If you who read these words right now are Irish, please take a look at what is happening in Germany or Sweden and ask yourself if that is the kind of future you want for your daughters.
To make this applicable on my own situation. I live in a lovely little town in Ireland and I am 100% comfortable with my fair maiden going out on her powerwalks in the evening through town, this will simply not happen if there is a migrant centre being set up here, if that happens there is absolutely 0% chance that I let her walk unattended.
Yet again your reaction might be that I exaggerate and yet again my response is to urge you to look at Germany and Sweden (also, what happened in Cologne was just one incident among many).


Moreover the Polish hero-athlete Mariusz Pudzianowski has taken a firm stance at what is going on in Europe at the moment, which is extremely joyous news. The more men of the people speak up against the plans of the elite the better. My sincere hope is that more role-models all across Europe stands up for what is right and start taking their own side; the side of their own people, their own families. As opposed to meekly follow along the narrative set up by the rulers of the West.
The background story to why Mariusz is particularly upset is that he has trucks operating in Calais which has been attacked by the invaders. The picture of the baseball bat was posted on his Facebook fanpage (as a threat to anyone who would attack his trucks).


Now onto something more positive. I shared the following post on my Facebook earlier today and thought to share it here as well (in case you are here via YouTube or Instagram!).

Have a joyous Valentine’s Day everyone!
If you have a Fair Maiden: Be a loving man.
If you do not have a Fair Maiden: Worry not. This is just another day in the journey to optimal glory, another day in the grind, another day in the Eternal Metapolitical Crusade of the Imperium of Mankind.
In Swedish this day is called “All Hearts Day” (Alla Hjärtans Dag) and I like that name better because it is about showing love, not only for a significant other, but also for everyone you love. This can of course also be extended to everything you love. And that is my profound wisdom for the day; even if you don’t have someone you love, you certainly have something you love; draw strength from that and continue to head towards a glorious future!


4 Comments on “Dealing with injuries. Ireland is facing a potential invasion. Mariusz Pudzianowski speaks out.

  1. I hope that Mariusz and other Poles will soon realize that the white slavic Russians are not their enemies any longer and that the Natoturks are not their friends. The Poles should remember Ian Sobieski who helped liberate Vienna in 1683 from the turks, instead of being proud of Pope Woytila who kissed the Quran and even kissed his turkish would-be Murderer Ali Agca, or instead of being proud of the kryptozionist “poet” Adam Mickiewicz who was a turkish mercenery in the Crimean War of 1854. What was the polish reaction when the Turks torturemurdered the Russian pilot in Syria last december? Unfortunately I didnt hear compassion for this white slavic (and christian) pilot. White Europeans especially in Scandinavia, Germany, Czech and Slovakia cant afford Poland being a globalist wedge between Europe and Russia for the sake of the Ultra Saudi Agglomerate (USA) who created Isis and the weaponized migration to Europe. The Natopoles should not think that the Sunni invaders will spare Poland after they are finished with Germany or Sweden. It seems to me that Hungarians or Czechs or Italians understand better that Russia is not an enemy.
    I also hope that the Ukrainians will discover their pride in the Kiewan Rus , because this Rus ( under the leadership of Swedish Vikings) was able to destroy the evil,wicked, demonic Khazar Empire ( a turkish-talmudic coproduction,sounds familiar ….). The Kiew Rus Vikings were at this time still pagans, so that the destruction of the khazar empire was not a crusade, but a kind of white selfdefense against racism. Ask yourself why the zionist ADL is still denying the Armenian genocide. Just google dönme, khazars and marranos and read between the lines of the spined,censored Wikipedia…

    • The Polish actually love Ukrainians, they just despise Russians. What the Russians did to them (and all other eastern European nations) during World War II and for decades after? Well, can’t say I much blame them. It’s sad at this point though because we need all our brothers to stick together!

  2. Considering you living in Ireland I have an idea how to argue against the EU sunni invasion of Ireland: sunna means the lifestyle of the prophet Mohammed, part of it was him”marrying” a seven year old child. Its very telling that all popes since Woytila and especially Francis/ Bergoglio are lobbying mercylessly for the mass immigration of muslims to Europe? I remember thousands of cases of child abuse by catholic clergymen, for example in Ireland. Could it be these compromised priests are welcoming rapefugees for sexual reasons? Im just connecting some dots here.
    Anyway, please dont let any priests ever poison the minds and souls of your future children. Reject especially the ” love thine enemy and give him the other cheek ” part.
    By the way, Goliath was a Frisian/ Philistian martyr who has been murdered by a terrorist called ” king David”.
    Please educate as many armed soldiers and policeman as you can about these aspects. I cant stand watching all these 6 ft 3 policemen bending over to all these wicked pedo sunni 5ft 3 rapefugee dwarves. This policy is the most insane reality porn against every law of nature. Any soldier or policeman with .1 percent of self preservation should immediately smash these pedo trash dwarves.

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