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Although the crisis in Ukraine hasn’t made its way to the news headlines in a while it does not mean that all is well and good there. To gain a deeper understanding of the conflict is prudent to analyse the geopolitical situation of Ukraine. The nation is located between two economic superpowers. That of Germany and Russia. For the global financial elite a connected Germany and Russia would spell disaster and thus they try, to the best of their capacity, to create as much discord as possible between the two entities. Various sanctions done against Russia following the annexation of Crimea has more to do with economically isolating the nature-resource rich Russia and less to do with any moral issues. After all it would be very hypocritical if the global financial elite and the various nations they control (USA) wanted to portray Putin as a blood-thirsty dictator whilst at the same time supporting genocidal organisations such as ISIS. It would obviously not be true to say that the USA supports ISIS. It would be closer to the truth to say that the USA currently have a President, in addition to powerful entities, who have, de facto, supported various “moderate rebel groups” (read ISIS). As I have mentioned in previous articles ISIS have gained support from Turkey, Israel and Saudi-Arabia as well, all friends and allies to the elite of the USA. In relation to this it is of paramount importance to yet again distinguish between American entities loyal to America and American entities loyal to other nations (Israel). ISIS has gotten rid of a lot of enemies of Israel, however, for an American to support them makes no sense at all. Which is why Donald Trump (the American-American) wants to team up with Russia and destroy ISIS. Trump has furthermore stated that he will be neutral in the Israel-Palestine conflict, so there is no question that he will put America before Israel. And this is also why the current establishment is terrified at the prospect of Trump becomes the next President. Why any American-American would not vote for Trump is beyond me. But then it is always hard to understand why certain people vote like they do. The above statement isn’t exactly true, it is quite easy indeed to understand why certain people vote like they do; they do it because of the tremendous power of the media, and as the picture below shows it is quite clear that the media is not on Trump’s side.



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I assume everyone will already have heard about McGregor’s recent loss to Nate Diaz. I obviously wanted McGregor to win and this raised a few questions and I aim to answer those here. Yes, McGregor is not perfect. I have nothing against some good old narcissism and cockiness but he is excessively disrespectful towards his opponents, there is no denying that. He is flawed, but so is everyone, and at the end of the day we have to work with what we got. What I see in McGregor is an athlete doing what an athlete should do, which is to inspire his people to become more athletic and also learn to take pride in themselves. Like him or not, he still does that and his patriotism cannot be denied. If he can get X amount of Irish (or European) guys to take up MMA and become a bit more assertive that would be absolutely awesome. And who knows; maybe he will temper his arrogance as time passes and mature into a great rolemodel and champion.


Lastly, I would like to comment on the new season of House of Cards. I elaborated on the series in a previous Sunday Summary but thought to do so again as I saw two episodes of the new season yesterday but the liberal agenda was too much for me to stomach. The Russian President in the series is excessively evil and this childlike anti-Putin propaganda is a huge turn-off. I am not saying that Putin is perfect but when a tv-series does not even try to hide its agenda it completely breaks the immersion!

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  1. Thanks Bro.

    May the gods protect your glorious people in this dark hour.

  2. The russian president is pictured the way he is, not because of some secret agenda to dehumanise Putin or russians, but because it’s a tv show that has to get good ratings. House of Cards has to be realistic with the common mans perception of world leaders. Which is why Frank is portrayed as a ruthless power seeking man, which is the a larger and larger common perception americans and many other men, and the russian president is pictured as evil.

  3. You live in a house-of-cards reality:

    “Weyrich first aired his conception of Cultural Marxism in a 1998 speech to the Civitas Institute’s Conservative Leadership Conference, later noting the “strong, positive response” in his “Open Letter to Conservatives”.[54][55] At Weyrich’s request Lind wrote a short history of this concept for The Free Congress Foundation.[51][56][57] Lind and Weyrich further expanded on their conception of Cultural Marxism; co-writing an article for The American Ideas Institute and over the next 2 years expanding that article into a book titled “The Next Conservatism”[58][59] with Lind having already written a fictional account of a post-apocalyptic Cultural Marxist future.[51][60] In these works they advocate fighting Cultural Marxism with “a vibrant cultural conservatism” composed of “retroculture” fashions from the past, a return to rail systems as public transport and an agrarian culture of self reliance modeled after the Amish.[58][61][51][62][63][64][65] Weyrich and his protege Eric Heubeck later openly advocated for a more direct form of “taking over political structures” by the “New Traditionalist Movement” in his 2001 paper The Integration of Theory and Practice written for Weyrich’s Free Congress Foundation.[66][67][68]”

  4. You are 100% right on Russia and Germany. After two world wars, about 30 Million Russians ( including Belorussians and slavic orthodox loyal Ukrainians) and about 18 Million Germans ( including Austrians ) were dead. But only 1 Million Angloamericans ( including USA, UK,Canada Australia) were dead. The freemasonic British Israelites knew why they prepared their agent Hitler to be the ” German” Fuhrer. Ask yourself why he let the British forces escape from Dunkirk in June 1940.
    To put it short, neither Germans nor Russians have any more desire to genocide each other for the benefit of the judeochristian (freemasonic) Angloamerican elites. The US neocons are in reality the Neokohns. I have the suspicion that the US elites or isra-elites have decided therefore to replace the Germans by people who do hate Russians – namely by Turks,Sunni Arabs,Afghans and other rapefugees, so that the future majority of whats today Germany will wage war against the white people of Russia. Also I have the suspicion that the Nuland (Nudelman) regime in Ukraine is a new Khazar thiefdom, because it was the swedish vikings who destroyed the original Khazaria.

  5. P.S. : Donald Trump is being attacked also for racist rwasons because of his partly german family background. The Zionists and also the Mormons hate him. Glenn Beck calls his voters ” Brownshirts”. By the way, ” Bek” was the official title of the religious leader of the Khazars. The royal leader was called “Kagan”. Victoria Nulands husband is Robert Kagan (!). The Mormons were founded by a sexually pervert freemason. It is the Mormons who are managing the CIA,NSA ( spying on Germany), and the Internal Revenue Service. The Mormons are obsessed with genealogical records of ALL the people of european descent. Every mormon neophyt is being declared a remnnant of one of the twelve israelite tribes. I wonder whether the Natoturks have been collectively declared remnants of the Khazars, because the Khazars were turkic offspring…
    Also the Uigurs in northwestern China could be used as a pretext to wage war against China, because China “violates the human rights of the Uigurs”…

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