Lessons from the Easter Rising 1916. Soldiers of Odin in Sweden. Beach Patrols


“We seem to have lost.  We have not lost.  To refuse to fight would have been to lose.  We have kept faith with the past, and handed down a tradition to the future.”

–  Patrick Pearse when condemned to death following the Easter Rising 1916.

A 100 years has passed since the Easter Rising took place in Dublin, where a few brave and committed men decided to declare the independence of Ireland from the world’s largest empire; Great Britain. There are many factors that are inspiring with this particular sequence in Irish history. Before I elaborate on one of those I would wholeheartedly recommend that you read the following article by by Michael O’Meara on Counter Currents  (link), the article discusses the Easter Rising from a Traditionalist perspective where the Irish side stands for something deeper and more spiritual (something more European), whereas the British side stands for the nihilistic, liberal, modernistic side. With that said, the factor I find particularly inspiring and interesting with the uprising is the fact that the rebellion was commenced by only a few men. The majority of the population did, in fact, not hail them as heroes at first, on the contrary they were seen as trouble makers (for lack of a better term).
The story is reminiscent of Europe’s current predicament (and in particular the Swedish predicament): A handful of a few very dedicated men going up against the most powerful nation on earth, they do this without the support of the majority of the population. However, they listen to their hearts and live by the example of their forefathers instead of succumbing to the allure of following the herd.
There are obviously plenty of factors that differ between Ireland 1916 and certain Western European nations of 2016. However the story is a sure anti-dote towards heretical defeatist attitudes that plague the right minded individual. So if you are downtrodden and feel that everything is lost; I encourage you to look towards valiant deeds of heroism from generations past.


Joyous tiding from Sweden! Soldiers of Odin (who originated in Finland and soon came to Norway) have now come to Sweden. Other groups have also formed in Sweden to ensure safety at night time in our cities (Kalmar Kvinnofrid for example as pictured below). To any and all of you who are involved in these activities; I wholeheartedly salute you, as do all upstanding citizens of Sweden. However, as one might have guessed there has been a lash-back from the extremely anti-Swedish mainstream media over this fact and they have tried to portray the righteous initiatives as X or Y (X or Y being the various nonsensical buzzwords they throw against people who disagree with their faulty world view). Unfortunately there are lesser individuals who buy into the mainstream narrative and in an extremely pathetic and submissive attempt to lick upwards and kick downwards wants to “distance” themselves from such groups. A popular term used in Sweden by men of questionable valour and decency is to “ta avstånd” translating into “take distance”. This is a game they play in order to become accepted by the establishment. What these inglorious individuals fail to realise is that the establishment will not accept them no matter how much they abase themselves. Indeed, it is better to show that you have a spine and not allow yourself to be bullied; remember that weakness is always preyed upon.

The question has arisen if I will join these valiant men upon my return to the once fair shores of Sweden. The answer is no, and that is because I will engage in similar activities with a group of chosen men; men of utmost integrity and valour. The difference in said activities will primarily consist of when and where. Kvinnofrid Kalmar (kvinna = woman, frid = peace) and Soldiers of Odin are active in the night time. Although I, as mentioned above, wholeheartedly salute them, I choose not to go on night patrols because I do not support night-life culture (including alcohol and other degenerate elements). Moreover, the women who are out at night are adults and ultimately have a larger responsibility in regard to their own safety and it is not an absolute necessity for these women to run around intoxicated in the night. However, what I will not compromise on, is the ability of young girls and women to enjoy the Summer in its true glory; to bask in the sun and to swim in the sea. As we have seen this winter there has been numerous attacks on bath houses by rapefugees, this leads me to the conclusion that there will also be sexual attacks on the beaches of Sweden come Summer. Which allows for opportunities to defend women whilst enjoying the sun yourself, to yet again use a Swedish term (a good one this time though): förena nytta med nöje (combine productivity with pleasure). I also suspect that there might occur sexual assaults on the streets in general (since Western women go lightly dressed, which is their right during the Summer), so a sense of awareness and presence is a gracious initiative even in plain day-light; simply put, to just be out and about and be aware that violence might occur. And to conclude, I am more inclined to participate in beach patrols than night patrols.

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Epic monument dedicated to the 1798 Rising.

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  1. Hail to the warriors of Odin who protect the native women of Scandinavia. Healthy women strive to worship eostra and Frigg by giving birth to healthy unvaccinated uncircumcised children . Healthy white women are honorable if they are pregnant or mothers, period.
    Due to biological differences, men are obviously more resilient when it comes to sexual behaviour. But no warrior of Odin should go after a comrades girlfriend. And no warrior of Odin should allow any pedophile sunni lowlife scumbag to molest or rape any white woman or child.
    Young guys should strive to build both their muscles and their character by idolising stronger charismatic heroic comrades. The examples of Sparta and of the Holy Thebanians should be remembered. The whole white mankind and especially any respective subgroup like in your case the nordic one should be considered as the own tribe and should be held in the highest esteem. For example, when in WW2 a German soldier died and had already a spouse, it was often the case that a surviving comrade would later marry his spouse. The brotherly love and solidarity of the comrades was stronger than anything else. The warriors of Odin have no other choice than fierce resistence , like any cornered mammal being. Like the Russian bear for example.
    The only chance for white survival will be that the surviving heroes get to impregnate the liberated women again and again ……

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