Panama Letters, George Soros at it again. Barcelona Trip. Epic Video & Drama in the Alt-Right


The big news of the past weeks is the Panama Papers; a huge leak compromising a large number of politicians over the world. Instead of moralising over the wrongs of withholding money from the taxation system it is more interesting to analyse who benefits from this. However, it might first be prudent to point out that almost everyone would do the same as the politicians in regard to withholding money from the state’s taxation. I would not do it because I value my honour higher than financial gain, but let us be clear that almost everyone would (if they had the opportunity) do exactly as the politicians and corporations. I feel the need to state that because as much as I despise corruption; I cannot stand hypocrisy.
With that said, let us move onto who is behind this leak. You guessed it, George Soros (more information on that in this video). Since we have in previous articles discussed George Soros’ animosity towards Putin’s Russia it can be interesting to tie this incident into that conflict. Notice the tone of the tweets below. Even though Putin has not done anything illegal in this situation media is still trying to use this to beat him with the guilt-by-association hammer.


George Soros is obviously not the only driving force behind the leak and Putin is of course not the only targeted politician in this mess. However, I thought it interesting to bring to light this aspect of the predicament as we have previously discussed this ongoing battle between Soros and Putin (here and here).


Speaking of something completely else my girl and I were in Barcelona for a few days and as an enthusiast of fine architecture I was very impressed. However, perhaps the most famous landmark of the city, Sagrada Familia was not to my liking at all. It struck me as a semi-modernistic abomination. The Arc de Triomf, pictured above was indeed much more pleasing to my senses. Regarding the overall architecture of the city it reminded quite a bit of my beloved Stockholm, especially the northern part of Stockholm. The structure of the city was rather impressive as well with diamond shaped blocks and seemingly smooth traffic. Overall a really cool city with a lot of history! I did not film particularly much nor took that many pictures, because as I’ve mentioned before I want to enjoy the here and now more instead of worrying about what will make a cool video or photo (don’t get me wrong, there is a time and place for that as well but not in this particular case). With that said here are at least some colourful pictures of a market we visited. Furthermore we stumbled upon an old medieval synagogue, and since Jewish history is always interesting I took a snapshot of it!





In other news there has been some drama and division in the Alt-Right. Spending time arguing with people in an extremely hostile manner should be reserved to Cultural Marxists. It is completely good and natural to have varying opinions even when you are basically on the same side (seen in the larger context). I don’t have to distance myself from anyone just because that individual happen to have a slightly different opinion or approach in regard to a certain topic, be it political or not. I don’t see any reason to attack people because they stray from what is otherwise the norm within any particular political view. It is more important to focus on the task at hand, which in my view at least is to combat degeneracy and Cultural Marxism, anyone who does that is a friend. And just because someone does something good in one area doesn’t mean that that person necessarily represents my views in all areas. To give an example, Milo Yiannopoulos does a great job in combating feminist myths, thus I think it proper to share his work with my own audience, this does not mean that I agree a 100% with him on everything he says.

With this said I would encourage you to watch the following epic video I made with Jayme Liardi and Oscar Turner. The main message of the video is to encourage all sons of Mother Evropa to participate in this metaphysical and metapolitical battle. There is no time to be divided, nor is it a time to sit idly on the sidelines; everyone has to participate. No one can do everything but everyone can do something!




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