Austrian Election & How to Gain the Women’s Votes

I am certainly not the only one who was mildly sceptical towards the legitimacy of the results of the Austrian election. The details can be interesting to elaborate further on should there be a possibility of a re-election. However as it stands right now we must analyse this predicament and learn from it. There is one group in particular that let down the native Austrians, and that is young women. I am very reluctant to use the anti-female rhetoric that usually arises when situations such as these occur. What we need to do is simply to alter (or rather expand) our strategy to appeal more to women. Women, above all things, love winners. Thus it is of paramount importance to portray the nationalist/identitarian movement as one which attracts formidable men. Keeping this in mind it becomes more important how you look, dress, and carry yourself than actual arguments. Most women (and men for that matter) do not care what you say, they care how you say it and who says it. The last thing a nationalist should do is to harbour anti-female sentiments (because it is very unattractive), instead one should adhere to the wisdom of Mother Nature and adapt the strategy in accord with her rules. If the nationalist movement cannot attract women we will continue to see results such as the one in Austria: women voting for self-hating communists. Making sure to work at increasing the attraction of our movement is of paramount importance to gain these votes. Young single women will start voting in accord with what is best for them when that alternative becomes attractive enough. Working on this image will do more than any amount of warnings about rapes. For everyone who is (rightly) disappointed and frustrated with the betrayal of the young Austrian women, keep in mind that they will be the primary victims of their own stupidity. This is of course regrettable but in a way more just than were it the opposite.
Even though the Austrian vote probably was subject to certain alterations the fact still stands that there are many young Western European women who are adhering to the suicidal views of the left. This is indeed frustrating, however, we must analyse various courses of action rather than to just meekly lament the fact that we have come to this. Thus I urge you, as a representative of our righteous ideology and world view, and for the safety of our coming generations, to be as formidable as possible!

Moreover, if you have not yet watched my video on the topic of women and the invasion of Europe I invite you to do so (below).

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  1. Impressive and yes, formidable that you don’t give up on the people who vote so irresponsibly. Your plan could work but you’re up against a huge amount of challenges: the political system, the media and all school levels, from kindergarten to university, are against the right and all its values. As a mom, I am doing my best to raise responsible children by homeschooling them. The choices I made (marrying early, having kids as soon as financially possible, and as many children as I can, homeschooling all of them rather than sending them to get indoctrinated in public schools) and the values I have (loyalty, honesty, responsibility, commitment, hard work, modesty, and so on) are the reasons I have a happy life, but my life style is not “fashionable” anymore, particularly among young women. From what you can tell, is your channel actually making a difference out there? Have you seen any results so far?

    • You are a good woman! We need more of your kind!
      And the tide is turning, more and more women are waking up to the falsehoods of modernity so I am hopeful :-)!

  2. I watched some videos that clearly indicated the austrian vote results have been manipulated. The feminist women who voted against Hofers FPÖ tend to live in big cities where there are already many muslim men and a higher level of rapes,electromagnetic waves and all sorts of perversions.
    These women will die off in the nearer future .
    The more rural women and above all younger nonmuslim native men outside the cities voted overwhelmingly for Hofer by 70%+. They are more healthy, less gendermainstreamed and their birth rate is still too low, but not as low as the city hipsters. They can use the demographic bottleneck effect and at least replace the doomed metrosexuals.
    It is also my hope that the armed men ,soldiers and policemen who also preferred Hofer overwhelmingly might soon disobey the invasion orders that they get from the Bilderberg human traffickkers , I mean “humanitarian politicians” Kern and v.d. Bellen.
    It remains to see whether these blackmailable Bilderbergers will stick to their promises not to get Austria under TTIP and Nato and to at least deport open notorious rapists and IS sympathisers .
    I am also curious how Austria will continue to submit under Merkels migration boots when its eastern central European neighbors are fully aware that Hitler was an open admirer of Islam and that the Waffen SS had 20.000 islamic members…

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