New Fashy Garments Available.

I am very happy to announce the release of the following new garments. They are available in the store (link here).
The two Byzantine Black Sun garments includes both a Black Sun, which is an ancient esoteric symbol, as well as the Byzantine Eagle in honour of the Eastern Roman Empire. This garment is meant to be a clear statement to both yourself as well as the world. Only those who are well into the quest for glory may wear this; meaning that you have accepted the Glorious Pill and are true to the ideals of the sword and the book; constantly improving both aspects of yourself. More information on the rules for wearing my garments can be found here: Rules For Wearing my Clothing.

The two Fleur-de-Lis garments are the same designs as their stringer counterparts and are thinner than the other t-shirts.






Moreover, I am currently working on a new webstore for the clothing. However, some heretical difficulties arose, hence the delay in its launch. I will announce the launch of the new store once it is complete and glorious enough to grace the Internet!


1 Comments on “New Fashy Garments Available.”

  1. Could do with a solid crew neck, if possible for a future date? Hopefully we can get behind a common logo that unites us that we can wear on our shirts.

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