Valuable Resources for Metapolitical Wisdom

Greetings! Below are some relevant content that I wholeheartedly recommend checking out to gain optimal wisdom in order to participate in the Metaphysical and Metapolitical Crusade for Mother Evropa!


Valuable Pages

Counter Currents

Article on AltRightcom regarding bodybuilding: 5 Steps for a Glorious Physique

The Occidental Observer

Radix Journal

Iron Pill


The Glorious Pill Reading List


Recommended Podcasts


EuropeanUnity565 on YouTube

The Golden One PWO of Metal and Glory on Spotify

Alvgud on YouTube

Winglord on Spotify


Yours Truly:

One Comment on “Valuable Resources for Metapolitical Wisdom

  1. Varför länkar du inte till nmr när du ändå länkar till the greatest story never told. Det får jag inte ihop…

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