Legio Gloria Clothing. Who Is It For? Only Valiant Men, No Degenerates!

Elaborating on for whom this clothing company is for. Basically, I want this to be clothing aimed at a specific group of valiant men who live a certain lifestyle and who have embarked upon a holy quest of continuous improvement.

Wearing one of these garments must always be viewed as something that is to be deserved. This is not a brand suitable for everyone, there are plenty of faceless and rootless brands looking to gain traction in the globalist mono-culture. Since those brands are for everyone it means that they are for no one. Legio Gloria is not for everyone. You must train your body as well as your mind. You must reject degeneracy and embrace self-determination.

Moreover, wearing a garment from this site must be viewed as a contract to yourself; a contract of constant self-improvement and the upholding of ancient masculine virtues such as honesty, pride, courage, and strength.

1 Comments on “Legio Gloria Clothing. Who Is It For? Only Valiant Men, No Degenerates!”

  1. Hi TheGoldenOne, just want to say I had ordered a cool t-shirt from you but it’s still in the box, I have’nt got it out and intended to keep it as a souvenir, walking proudly just is’nt like me these days, so I respected that, I just feel I have problems to solve more than anything. I like solving problems.
    I think sometimes people get mixed up because they don’t understand the Maslow pyramid: survival and physiology is at the base, not love and pride. I don’t mean being a criminal is ok of course.

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