New Song from Bujak: First to Fight

Polish Bujak has released a new video which I can definitely recommend you to check out. I chose to dedicate a post on this page to the video due to the simple fact that they are promoting the sort of cultural revival that we must see in the West. In the words of the great Jonathan Bowden “we must revive, otherwise we will completely disappear”. It is the sort of cultural revival that I am trying to promote. I recognise when someone is doing something better than I am, and thus I see it as my responsibility to promote such endeavours. I know that some of my subscribers do not like this type of music. I like it, however, because it is very testosteronous and aggressive, and thus fits well with the overall theme of masculinity and pride. Moreover, the unapologetic nature of the message is extremely needed, European men need to embrace their ancestors, a martial culture, and reject degeneracy. I hope to see more of this in the future and I hope you get motivated to hit the gym hard after seeing it!

Here is the song with English subtitles. I recommend you to watch it both with and without subtitles. Lastly, I am aiming to make some sort of epic training video in the coming weeks.

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