Quote from Anarcho-Fascism by Jonas Nilsson

“Thus, the individual potential for violence is important, as every individual is part of a whole. It is not enough to swallow the red pill – that only serves to gain an understanding of the situation. It takes more. It takes what Marcus Follin, The Golden One, has dubbed “The Glorious Pill.” We must build ourselves up to effectively co-ordinate with others and reach a common goal.
The time for “red pills” has passed, the time for glory has come. What separates the two is action. We need a masculine elite that can take back what is rightfully ours. We are men, the greatest beast not only on the planet, but in the entire galaxy – should anything else be out there, that too will be proven by action. The only way a poodle can get what it wants is to sit still and be submissive. A wolf, on the other hand, has other options. This is the difference between a “friendly” man who acts out of necessity, because he is incapable of doing otherwise, and a man who chooses to act this way. The man who chooses friendliness can, if need be, solve his problems without the authority of “the other,” he does not need the permission that is the lifeline of the incapable.”

Anarcho-Fascism – Jonas Nilsson

The book is available at Logik.se

2 Comments on “Quote from Anarcho-Fascism by Jonas Nilsson

  1. Is there an audio version? this looks like a hard book to find in the states. The media is trying to distract us with football players refusing to stand for their own anthem

  2. Read the “The Turner Diaries” by William Luther Pierce. That book addresses the question of action versus submission. But the “action” that’s needed is to find a strong woman, cherish her, have many children with her, home school those strong children, and stay away from our degenerate multicultural nightmare culture. Find like minded people and band together. Let the system burn itself to the ground with its insanity. The majority will get what it deserve. You cannot save them… white sheep; white lemmings; comfortable; fat; scared; impotent; weak; lazy… why should I fight for such SODs? I will wait and preserve knowledge and strength, and fill the vacuum when the system fails under its own madness.

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