The Great Initiative

I will start fund-raising for the long term goal of a Temple of Iron. The short-term goal is to invest in equipment that can be used even before I set-up the gym itself. The Temple will be aimed at both MMA and Powerlifting (and facilities for social interaction and networking etc.). Thus the first port of call is to invest in pads etc. that can be used for MMA-sessions, in addition to the continued renting of venues for training sessions (which has been open to loyal sons of the Imperium and has taken place once a week during all of last Summer and also once a week since April up until October this year), this expense has thus far been taken out of my Warchest (financial gains well spent, in my humble opinion).

I will make a video elaborating further on this later on but until then here is a link for those who would like to support the initiative (mark the transaction with Gym):Β PayPal.Me/thegoldenone

I have set up a new Twitch account: TheGloriousLion. The aim with this is to have Fund-raising streams. How long and frequent these streams will be will depend on how everything goes.
Twitch is a good way for people to interact with each other in the chat. Please keep in mind that there will be zero tolerance for any type of rhetoric that misrepresents me or the Cause (i.e. ‘edgy’, hateful or angry comments – top tier bants and forbidden wisdom are still welcome though).

I will keep you updated on the progress in this endeavour!

Strength and Honour
The Radiant Paladin

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