What does the Celtic Cross mean?

Since we just released the Celtic Cross Neckwarmer at Legio Gloria I thought to briefly expound upon its meaning (or at least its meaning to me). There are those who falsely claim it to be a symbol of hate. However, it is of paramount importance that we never let un-Enlightened plebs decide the meaning of ancient European symbols. I determine this ancient symbol to be representative of Celtic Europe. The Celtic Cross, and Celtic culture in general, is today mostly associated with the beautiful nation of Ireland. That being said, Celtic culture once held sway over large parts of Europe. Thus this symbol can be seen as a pan-European one, and one that represents a once-mighty culture shared by many European nations. Pan-European symbols, be they Celtic, Roman, Gothic or otherwise are especially important in today’s situation when Europe as a whole is under attack.

The Celtic Cross Neckwarmer is a limited edition item. Proudly made in Poland.
We have also restocked the Mithrandir Exploration Hoodie, the Pagan Nature and Gym Hoodie and Lord Byron’s Cultured Thug.

Available here: https://legiogloria.com/product/celtic-cross-neckwarmer-limited-edition/

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