Recommended Books

This page and list will be updated in a few weeks once I have finished a few interesting books.


This book list contains books suitable for the Legionaries of Mother Evropa to lay a solid foundation on which to stand when participating in the Metapolitical Crusade.

The books can be procured from either Arktos or Logik (not exclusively but those are two valiant companies).

Why We FightGuillame Faye

Anarcho-Fascism – Jonas Nilsson

The Real Right ReturnsDaniel Friberg

Western Civilization Bites BackJonathan Bowden

AsatruStephen McNallen

Becoming a BarbarianJack Donovan

The Way of MenJack Donovan

For My LegionariesCorneliu Zelea Codreanu

Enemy of the State – Tommy Robinson








The Library of Wisdom


The Horus Heresy is a very fascinating and inspiring Science Fiction work that I can wholeheartedly recommend. Moreover there are two authors that I would like to recommend in terms of Historical Fiction; Bernard Cornwell and Conn Iggulden.

Below are some pictures of my library to give an idea of what other literature I have read over the years.











68 Comments on “Recommended Books

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  2. I would recommend you the Atlantis books of the late Jürgen Spanuth . He proved that the glorious Nordic bronze age ( 2000-1200 BC) was the actual Atlantis, the once bigger Helgoland being the capital, and the whole Denmark,Southern Sweden and Schleswig Holstein were the central region. After the Thera Volcano Cataclysm the climate went far down so that the nordic Atlanteans were forced to flee southward. They conquered the Minoan and Hittite Empires, became the Doreans(Protospartans!), Creteans and Philisteans. Unfortunately they were later genocided by the Egyptians. A remnant were the Philisteans, who were later genocided by the Israelites ( the story of the ” good” dwarf David who killed the “evil” tall Goliath). Reminds me of some present events.
    But Spanuths Atlantis Trilogy is a compelling accurate history of the glorios nordic bronze age. When you look at the depictions in Medinet Habu you will recognise viking brethren among the depicted sea people soldiers. Dont forgive or forget that those nordic asylum seekers have been genocided by darker,southern levantinic people. Think of it everytime you see a “refugee” from the levant region in Sweden, and let other Swedes know your thoughts, so that they might be able to defend themselves against genocide, because history might repeat itself!

    • Hallo Georg, da Du Deutscher sein dürftest, schreib ich auf Deutsch. Ich habe Spanuth’s Bücher auch gelesen, doch die einst im Grabert-Verlag erschienen Bücher werden nicht mehr verlegt. Oder irre ich mich?

      • I would heavily advise to read the novels. The TV series seem to go heavily into political correctness. If there is a book that made into TV or cinema doesn’t do it justice at all, Game of Thrones is the biggest example.

  3. I’d recommend you some of the works from Julius Evola, as his main topic of discussion is traditionalism, specially “The Metaphysics of War”.

  4. Love your channel!!! I’ve checked out a few books already on your recommendations list. Just wondering though, have you ever read Atlas Shrugged by Ayn Rand? That book really opened my eyes to political and economic corruption and made me much more aware of it happening right in front of me; I figured that’s something you would find interesting! 🙂

  5. I am genuinely surprised The Decline of the West is not a part of your reading recommendations! It’s perhaps the most influential book in my development as a worldly thinker and observer, and I can say that the themes in the book resonate with the glorious spirit you champion. Give it a read, and, in the meantime, I’ll peruse your recommended works.

  6. O great Primarch of the Glorious Legion, have you ever read Starship Troopers, by Robert A. Heinlein? It is a glorious tale, sure to bombard the reader both with red pills and the wisdom to accept them, ultimately with constructive and honorable results.

  7. Impressive library indeed! Would also like to recommend all true traditionalists to delve more inte properly traditional literature like the Icelandic sagas, Beowulf, Kalevala, the Heimskringla, The Song of Igor’s Campaign, The Song of the Cid, The Song of Roland, the Alexiad, The Death of Arthur, the Iliad, the Odyssey, the Aeneid, the Greek tragedians, Dante, etc.

  8. Nice list.
    What do you think of Might is Right by Ragnar Redbeard?
    What do you think of (((The Protocols)))?

  9. Vet du vem Mike Cernovich är? Han är en amerikansk bloggare, författare och podcastare som skriver mycket om mentalitet, maskulinitet och lögner i media.

    Han är en aktiv och ganska känd Trump-supporter, och jag kom att tänka på dig efter att jag såg ett av hans YouTube-klipp, där han visar väldigt många likheter med dina idéer.

    Sök på “10 Ways to Reclaim Masculinity” och titta på videon så kommer du att förstå vad jag menar.

    Hans hemsida har många ruskigt bra artiklar, särskilt rekommenderat för den som har tagit sig an din utmaning!

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  11. I have just finished “The Crisis Of The Modern World” by Rene Guenon, and I highly recommend it. It is very easy to read for one of his works, and very accurately describes the situation in the West today, even if one doesn’t agree 100% with him, it is still a great book for Identitarians and Traditionalists to read.

    Another two books I very highly recommend for activists are “The Crowd, A Study Of The Popular Mind” by Gustave Le Bon and “The Dharma Manifesto” published by Arktos.

  12. The Banking Swindle by Kerry Bolton is a book I can highly recommend. It provides a very straightforward and easy to read introduction to usury, central banking and it’s political influence and the economics of the Real Right, as well as exposing very clearly, the mutual relationship between Marxism and Global Capitalism. A must read for every Rightist and nationalist. Bolton’s “The Psychotic Left”, an amusing mental assessment of various leftist personalities and movements is very good too, as is his “Revolution From Above”, which focuses on the connection between Communism, Cultural Marxism, Feminism, Colour Revolutions and big business interests.

    • I know this is semi-blasphemous, but I actually think he is over-rated :-(. Ride the Tiger was, classic as it is, not as good as the books above, in my humble opinion.

  13. Which Way Western Man by W.G. Simpson is one of the best books written on a variety of subjects ranging from religion, race, economics, history, feminism, materialism, consumerism to name but a few.

  14. Glorious One, why not populate that short list with many more good books from your personal library? The current lonely 7 books, that will only hold for max 2 weeks.

    • Ever thought of creating a profile over on Goodreads? Would be nice. Looking forward to your own tome, regards.

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  16. All great modern books.
    However to dvelve truly deeper on the right wing, you ideally have to read original Fascist texts, including a number of German texts. Reading Classical Greek political philosophy (Plato’s the Republic) is also vital.

    Of course all these texts are less accessible than modern texts. But the problem is that modern texts of the alt-right mostly re-hash what Nazis have said long ago in plain text. As to political philosophy (conception of the state, etc), everything really is a footnote to what the Greeks have said before.

    Also to get a good anthropological understanding of history, I truly appreciated the Roman Historian Tacitus. He writes on the Celts, the Germans, the Jews, and describes them in fairly accurate terms in a typical laconic style. The Greco-Roman understanding of the Jews and how they viewed them as a civilisation (both the Greeks and Romans conquered the Jewish Kingdoms) is vital to understanding modern Jews.

    • I think to a guy like theGoldenOne you should rather recommend Dialogus de oratoribus by Tacitus: it addresses the problem of greatness exactly. It’s my favourite text at the moment and is only about 20 pages long.
      I want to say this also: I printed out a free version I found online (it is a quite heavy text to read, it takes concentration) and that text has been modified by hackers. ( I have found 119 errors in it. Not random syntax errors, but mostly semantic errors, chains of errors. They appear to intend to cause fleeting attention, torment and dislexia in the reader. Other free online versions of classical books (in french) are generally damaged that way.
      Once I went to the mall and spoke to an old guy who thought he was attacked by the devil because on his coffee the employee had marked a smily face to indicate a double sugar or something.
      What I mean is: knowing how tormented people are, they reproduce that, so anyone noting the problem just looks insane. When you try to make sense of the text, that is complicated to begin with, you can’t, and it reproduces opression, causes torment when you try to make sense of it.
      For example: “…Apollon himself? (should read “Apollon himself.”) If you rejected (should read: “if you reject”) (chapter XII …Apollon lui-même? Si vous rejeta…).
      They are generally close series of mistakes that “make sense” togheter.
      As demonstrated in the (undamaged) text, criticizing parts of a system that is taken for granted and not reachable, even if they are corrupt or opressive, only serves to confirm the petiness of the one “arguing”: he will just be pushed aside as lacking greatness or any plan, and the victim will serve as a confirmation of the system’s validity and importance. Of course that text should have been continued with Messala’s reply… It’s important to understand the foundations of the human soul and not see the victim as the problem.
      With police that don’t do their job even if you ask them, the designers of computer products that are vulnerable to attack, not private, keep records and are open doors to hackers (governmental hackers who protect commerce probably) there’s no resort, because in that context of pettiness and being hurried, protecting the system and not wasting time is more important than catching criminals.
      A typical reaction is: just flush that text (like the police says to do). But I like the internet and reading classical stuff. So what they are suggesting is basically to flush myself on the matter of computer harrasment. Tormented people usually flush themselves down the toilet and adopt self-destructive behaviour because socially they have been rejected, their personality and sexuality is displaced, or perverted, and they can’t get themselves togheter in their environment, or social environment, or banish the ghosts that replaced their opressors and taken a part of them, they occupy a posture and a space that they can’t assume anymore, and they are forced to adopt a false stance, not going after criminals or even asking for help.
      In the past virii attacked the machines and the programs, not the user.

  17. Oh and I almost forgot.
    For a true analysis of Western modern decline and how to transcend that, I suggest reading Friedrich Nietzsche. But this is the kind of books you have to go read completely isolated in the mountains or wood, and spend days reading to truly get it.

    Nietzsche completely deconstructed Western culture, identified its weaknesses, and presented in clear in your face terms how the Western man should think (Hint: Not in a slave morality, but in a master morality and ideally transcending both and becoming the Germanic “Overman”).

  18. Bra lista. Dags att levla i vishet.
    Ett tips i gengäld; kolla upp Det är en lovande twitterklon där användarna till skillnad från twitter kan utöva yttrandefrihet. Vi saknar dig där.

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  20. Greetings, Golden One.

    Since you are reading the Horus Heresy series, is there a specific legion or primarch you feel you can connect with above the others? I have been following this series since the start and would be interested in hearing your thoughts on it.

    // Best Regards, Alric

      • I would be inclined to pick the Imperial Fists, due to their stalwart, stoic and loyal nature. They also possess a sense of duty I find admirable.

        As for favorite book, I can’t pick just one. I do think the first three books (Horus Rising, False Gods and Galaxy in Flames) make for a very solid and coherent story.

  21. Greetings.

    I have recently discovered two books you might be interested in. The first one is “God’s Battalions: The Case for the Crusades” by Rodney Stark, and the second one is “The Glory of the Crusades” by Steve Weidenkopf.

    // Best Regards, Alric

  22. I plan on obtaining some reading gains but I am quite poorly experienced with reading English books. It would be much appreciated if you would recommend an epic, easy-read book for me! Thanks in advance! Mvh

  23. NO one should be without a bit of Malus Darkblade, although I just read the latest and it all ends badly 😀

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  25. Greetings glorious Goldenone i started to get into reading but i am always feeling like i am fucking up my neck and ruining my posture really badly when i am reading
    so i come to ask
    what is your favorite reading position? Would be great if you even make a video about this issue , i mean its really nice to get the mind working reading but i don’t want to end up with some degenerate donkey posture

    you clearly have a glorious posture so you have surely have found a way around this

  26. Harold Bloom’s The Western Canon is the best starting point. It contains the most solid and sound reading list there is. Any decent university library should have the book. If you want to start up your home library for yourself and the family, this is the ultimate guiding source. Here is a link to the list of the recommended reads from the back of Bloom’s book:

    Look no further. This is all ye need to know in terms of classical reads from the Classical Antiquity up to our times.

  27. Greeting, the Golden One! I would add the following authors to your glorious list: Roger Scruton, G.K. Chesterton, C.S. Lewis, Olavo de Carvalho, Edmund Burke, Alexis de Tocqueville, Ludwig von Mises, Viktor Frankl.

  28. Why on Odins (wisdom is thy name) glorious Midgard do you endorse the jewish Bonniers depiction of the history of the earth?!

  29. I just finished reading Tabletalk by: Martin Bormann. 😉 Now I am reading Gulag Archipelago, the original unabridged version. Thank you for your reading recommendations. The first five you have listed look especially interesting and I will be reading them soon.

  30. Greetings glorious son of the North,

    While I’m sure you get too many recommendations to keep up with I have to add another. Have you ever read anything by Stephen Lawhead?

    His “Song of Albion” trilogy is a truly great story and right up there with Tolkien for it’s ability to inspire. Several years ago this story was what got me started on my own glorious pill long before I had the good fortune of finding your channel.

    It’s a mix of fantasy, semi historical fiction, and ancient Celtic mythology. It shows the degeneracy and lackings of our world and society compared to the archetype of the otherworld and the honor and glory of becoming a True Man.

    Read it when you get the chance I promise you that you’ll love it and identify with the main characters (physical transformation is part of becoming a true man). It really should be on the glorious pill reading list.

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  32. I’m so pleased to see the Chronicles of Malus Darkblade on your bookshelf as well. A magnificent anti-hero. He taught me many lessons. Descent of Angels, Fulgrim and A Thousand Sons are favorites as well. I ever aspire to be like Fulgrim, Lion El’ Jonson and Leman Russ. The first is perfect, the second is ruthless, the third’s might is matched only by Horus and Angron.

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