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124 Comments on “Contact & Support

  1. Hallå Marcus, ville gärna kontakta dig någorlunda direkt så jag lämnar en kommentar här i hopp om att det når dig.

    I sin “My Final Words to The Golden One”-video så manar Vikernes sina hedniska tittare att avsluta sina prenumerationer på din kanal. Med tanke på att gubben har ca 120 000 prenumeranter så kanske du har trott att detta var ett stort slag mot din kanal. Dock har jag kollat upp siffrorna ( och tydligen gick du back endast 77 prenumeranter den dagen, och alla andra dagar har det bara ökat. För att citera min favoritpresident: “It takes more than that to kill a Bull Moose” eller i ditt fall “It takes more than that to kill a Glorious Lion”. Hoppas att du når 100 000 så snart som möjligt!

  2. The Brian Ruhe Show #104 – 1960 West 7th Ave., Vancouver, BC V6J 1T1 Tel. 604-738-8475 email: Skype: brianaruhe

    Greetings, The Golden One!
    I invite you to be my video guest on The Brian Ruhe Show on YouTube, out of Vancouver, Canada. I am pro-Hitler and President of the Thule Society at . You can read our Philosophy page. We take a spiritual view of Adolf Hitler.

    We have so much in common! I want you on my show!
    Please let me know how you feel, thanks.
    Brian Ruhe

  3. Hi, wonderful work! I just read your “Traditionalism means looking towards the future with the spirit and wisdom of the past as your guide.” This is what I do with my music, using both traditional ways (of playing music) and modern tools. If you need some music I´d be happy to provide things you would need. My website/e-mail is here in my details.

  4. As the Golden One, is it appropriate to end each video with “Kiss, kiss, hug.”?

    In North America, XXO means:

    x = kiss
    o = hug

    We always use this at the end of a letter to a loved one, such as a sister or mother, if you are a son. Otherwise, it means you love cock, as only gay men say this to other gay men.

    Therefore, every time you say this every non-European hears you say “kiss, kiss, hug.”

    This is very unmanly and gay and beneath a golden warrior, such as yourself.


  5. Seen any bugs in your kitchen lately? I saw you sitting at your computer did you see me? Jesus has interceded because I am still praying for you. The rapture is coming and I will be gone soon. Your torment will get exceedingly worse until you repent and ask Jesus for salvation. For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life. John 3:16. Jesus still loves you Marcus

  6. Hi Golden One , its me ANA from Reno NV. I want you come down here to Northren Nevada so we can join the NRA together. And go to NRA Disneyland at the range.

  7. I want to explain something you probably already know but to make you understand it from my perspective I have decided to explain you anyway.

    So for what I have understood is that you eat fat things to gain weight and eventually you work that away to gain muscles. But there are two types of fat and I was wondering what type of fat you eat to actually become more fat to eventually work it off in to muscles because I have ate both good fat products as well as bad fat prodcucts to become fatter but It does not appear to affect my body because I stay at the same weight.

    I have watched your video’s on gains and I have tried a few and I would really like to get advice on this.

    Thanks in advance Swedish god.

  8. Greetings from America.
    I absolutely love your teachings on nationalism. On that topic, may I ask for your advice?
    You see, I love my country America, but I’m actually from an immigrant background, the culture of which I have only a weak connection. I feel like I’m betraying my original ethnicity if I support America. What do you think about that? Is it okay to have multiple allegiances if you have mixed backgrounds?

  9. Hi Golden one
    I’m from Ireland and have seen pics of Micheal Collins on some of your videos. As I hero of mine and many other Irish men and women. Could you please do a video on why you have chosen this Irish warrior and also what’s your view on the Celts? Much respect from your Irish brother’s!
    Regards Red Branch!

  10. I just discovered you a few days days ago, GREAT CONTENT , I love the whole anti-degenerate pro-conservative mindset. I’m glad you don’t have any stupid tattoos , they are for DEGENERATES, I hope you never get any it would ruin your physique. The Human body IS the artwork, to tattoo it is like putting graffiti on the statue of David.

  11. Any good advice for guys how are going blind or having stroke or any oder kind of disability that prevents them of being strong tratisonal men. How should they find them selpse fair madens? Shode we give up? Vise verse with girls withe same problems.

  12. Hello Golden one! I am writing for some of your wisdom, I am a 15 year old male and have taken the red pill on culture politics etc. I wish to take the Glories pill (acting on my knowledge ie praying in the temple of iron) I have an issue though. I don’t know if I should start working out know with limited time due to school and limited access to the gym because I am not an adult. Should I just wait until I’m 18? If I should start now I have no idea how to start I have no experience with training and am 5 foot 9 125 lb. You are my role model and wish to share in your divine wisdom if it is no trouble to you. Thank you so much for your time

    • Hey Ralph.
      That is awesome to hear 🙂
      I would start with trying to nail down the technique in the heavy basic compound movements. Either that or train some martial art until you feel more comfortable signing up for a gym!

  13. Little Brother, you are wrong about the Jewish Question. Also, you need to add Nietzsche and CG Jung to your diet. This is a spiritual war… not a political war.


  14. I am working on a project I think you may find interesting and due to my respect for you and your public views I would appreciate your feedback or even participation. The project is that I am writing a book that began as a short paper to answer a few questions I was asked but it has taken on a life of its own. The book is about the Celtic life style and Celtic Paganism now I understand you are of the Nordic Paganism however there are several similarities and would appreciate your feedback and input on this project. It is about the belief system I was raised in and as the last follower of the old ways within my family I am loath to just let these ways die and turn to dust. My clan was and is so long as I live a warrior clan not one of those tree hugging pretenders. I feel the world could be bettered if these teachings were made public if not in my lifetime maybe the next and hopefully before it is to late.

  15. Ancient Greek war music for your battle against the heretics. You have our silent but strong support. Be strong, be the voice and gods bless.

    After 2:00 min it really begins.

  16. Hej, Golden One! Jag är ett fan sedan länge! Jag skriver det här meddelandet för att jag vill säga tack för dina videor. Dom är väldigt inspirerande, din video ”Western and Swedish Young Men. Hear my words” var väldigt ögonöppnande för mig.

    Jag är från Bosnien men jag är född i Sverige, så jag bor här men åker oftast ner till Bosnien på somrarna. De senaste åren har jag märkt/sett att Sverige har blivit väldigt ”feminiserat”, Betaland och att mer och mer lata Araber, Afrikaner, afghaner osv som hatar västvärlden/Europa flyttar hit. Jag rent ut avskyr dom, speciellt när jag ser dessa människor gå med europeiska flickor.

    Men ftersom jag bor här så vill jag göra mitt bästa för att göra det bättre för mig, min familj och det svenska folket som kallar Sverige för deras land. Du har inspirerat mig till att börja gymma och i stort sett ta mer hand om mig själv. Jag planerar att hitta en fru med samma ursprung som mig och starta en familj.

    Men jag är rädd över att Sverige är ett riskabelt land att uppfostra sina barn i, då jag har sett vad man lär barn i skolorna(olika mångkulturella saker osv.). Jag älskar Sverige, eftersom det är ett vackert land, finns jobb och folket är trevliga och gästvänliga, nästan lika mycket som i mitt hemland haha! Men, jag hatar det som händer med landet där jag har vänner och har växt upp i. Så min fråga är, om du skulle kunna göra en video eller förklara för mig hur man skulle gå till väga att uppfostra barn/starta familj här i detta land. Tack, mvh, ett fan och en broder.

      • Hey Golden One I have seen your channel. I have a channel called Neteru XLII, and would be interested in discussing Egypt and Africa with you. Let me know if you would be up for it.

  17. My golden lord, I am lucky enough to have hair the colour of brilliant sunlight like your own. It typically stays soft and magnificent without the use of any products, but when trapped within my degenerate western highschool for hours a day it begins to wilt and rot like blight ridden wheat. Is your glorious mane a result of a routine that I can use, or is it solely your godlike health and athleticism that I must strive for?

  18. Hello Golden One!

    I am an admin in a small self improvement discord, around 15 to 20 people, and we have a regular weekly/fortnightly book club, bible study, history club, film club, and language meetings.We were wondering if you’d consider giving an AMA/talk in our discord sometime? I think it would be pretty interesting, and it could be recording/not recorded depending on your approval.

    Thanks man,

  19. Hallo , I sent a note a note about marriage in your FB. I am from Northern Nevada and it is a marrying state, tis’ is famous and known for marrying people in large groups and building bonds for life. Please read my note.Thank you,Ana
    Merry Christmas Darlings in Sweden have a safe holiday,

  20. Hello Ben from UK here, real glad I found your site and videos.

    Just wanted to say that I think what you are doing here is exactly what the men of the West need, particularly the younger generation.

    I believe that all Europeans need to unite in the face of bigger issues and I think you are a great role model for this – encouraging people to be strong mentally and physically and embrace the power the European spirit has!

    Keep up the Great Work!

  21. Glorious Lion,

    I think your community has grown to the point we need to start a community to share our training and motivate ourselves to partake the Glorious quest.

    I was thinking of a FB group but if you have in mind something better, I can see why you would be skeptic.

    Wouldn’t it be glorious to have a community where we share our training clips, exchange tips and criticisms, and create a culture of competition that drives us towards giving 100% in and out of the gym?

    I think a lot of us share the same hobys and passions but fail to communicate efficiently enough, given the limited potential of the Youtube and Facebook comment section.

    Of course it would be a low maintenance thing for you, given that dependance is degeneracy. But imagine the potential to improve your followers’ gym path, hold online strength contests, discuss relevant topics and so on on a more direct level. Certainly it is my opinion that such a platform would be much useful both to you and to us.

    Best regards

      • ehh I really don’t know, a FB group would be ideal for training stuff but we would have to keep the spice levels very low for obvious reasons. Maybe you can run the idea through your platforms and see what the wiser men would suggest?

      • I would avoid FB as many elder bearers of wisdom such as myself avoid that heretical platform and it is falling in popularity amongst the young. As you already have a website I suggest adding a bulletin board using free software such as phpBB.

        Pick a few trusted legionnaires as moderators and once set up very little maintenance is required. No one can ban you or censor you, as you control the website. The initial effort will prove worthwhile. As a wise man once said:

        is a very important thing
        Rope is thicker
        but string is quicker
        P.S. The meaning of this is obscure
        That’s why the higher the fewer”
        – Spike Milligan

  22. Greetings Lion,

    I fully support your holy crusade against pornography and constant ecouraging lads not to watch it. But it’s not enought. The porn hydra must be attacked from all angles. How about ruining it with taxes and regulations? Since it’s a good way to reduce the growth
    of any buisness, why not to use that against porn? One of the ideas is the luxury tax on premium pornsite account to make them more expensive (the porn provider will have to reduce their profit in order to keep the price low for customers). Goverments love taxpayers money and should be happy to implement that. Once the tax is implemented it can be risen every few years.
    Another idea is to force pornmakers to use condoms in their f*ck scenes (i refuse to call them sex scenes) to make it a little harder to film and more expensive of course.

    What do You think about it?
    I wouldn’t mind if You made a video on that topic and start a discussion.

    Best regards,

  23. Hej Marcus

    Kolla gärna in min musik med Nova Arminius. Episk, melodiös metal med underliggande nationellt budskap i texterna. Finns både på Youtube och Spotify.

    För övrigt riktigt bra kosttillskott du säljer. Fortsätt som du gör med att sprida goda ideal.

  24. Salutat vos fratrem, I very much enjoy your youtube speeches, and i think you do really well at public speaking as well, so congratulations on your success so far. I am a brit, sick to my back teeth of the absolute state of europe and britain, and i want to add my voice to the god emperors choir. Any tips, do’s and do not’s for a novice youtuber? what decent camera will i need and mic etc? I am starting to get more and more stressed as the days go by and i feel i must do something to help our mother europa, so any advice will do. many thanks brother, the emperor protects.

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