Physique Online Coaching

Welcome to the finest Physique Manufactorum in the Imperium!

The Online Coaching service is open. Please note that there might be a delay in the delivery of the plans since they are hand-made with love and quality takes time.


A Treasure Map to Glory

View this service as buying a treasure map, you have to find the treasure yourself, meaning that you have to put in all the hard work yourself, I can only give the best guidance on how to get there, so make sure that this is what you want. However, the good thing about this is that the satisfaction of seeing your progression is owed to yourself and the hard work you put in!
I am very keen on you getting the best results possible, first and foremost because this reflects well upon to my knowledge and abilities, I strive to be as good as I can in whatever I do. Moreover I view this as a sign of trust, which I will work to keep intact!

Also, I do not promise fast results, more regarding that here.

Moreover, I recommend that you read through this article where I elaborate on whether Online Coaching is worth it or not. 

Customised Training Schedule

A Customised Training Schedule means that it is tailored to suit your background, conditions, lifestyle and long term goals. This is not a cookie-cutter service. Each schedule is hand made with love!
The goal of any schedule is to get you as muscular and strong as possible, a schedule can also be created to fit into another sport or activity. If you need to lose some fat, the goal is to get you as strong and muscular as possible while also losing weight (but at a slower pace).
In order for me to get the best insight into your situation I will send you a questionnaire upon payment.
Should you wish you can also send pictures of your physique, this is highly optional and in case you want me to make an assessment of what needs to be prioritised for a symmetrical and aesthetic physique.
Furthermore, I would like to know what your 1RM (1 Repetition Max) is in the main exercises; Bench Press, Dead Lifts, Squats, Chins (in this case how many repetitions you can do), Barbell Rows, and Military Press. If you are unfamiliar with any of those exercises or prefer another heavy compound to focus on, make an assessment as how strong you are in those. If you do not know what your 1RM is just let me know what your heaviest set it. Importantly here is to not overestimate yourself, it is always better to start a bit lighter with a good technique than to rush things. Also, if you are new to training in the gym, make an assessment on how well trained you are.
The progression rate, frequency, sets per exercise and periodization will be determined by the information provided via the questionnaire.
The schedule strives to create a solid starting point for your progression and development, whatever your goal!
Lastly, take your time with filling out the questionnaire, it is better that you send it in a day or two later but with more accurate information (i.e. should you do a gym session in between to test your strength etc).

Customised Meal Plan

A Customised Meal Plan can be beneficial if you are looking to get a better structure on your every day eating. Getting a proper diet in place will lead to a better well being and better performance in the gym.
The meal plan will be formed depending on your preferences of food, in accord with your size, age, and goals. It will make sure that you hit your daily nutrients and will be suited to either weight gain (bulk) or weight loss and muscle retention (cut) or simply if you want to have a good plan to follow for health and performance. The point of a tailored meal plan is also to not look at food only in terms of macro-nutrients and micro-nutrients, which will undoubtedly create a strained relationship with one of life’s great pleasures! To emphasise this you must let me know what your preferences are and also if there are any typical treats that you enjoy, I can’t promise that you can eat as much as you want of whatever you want but neither do I want to completely exclude your favourite things from life as long as they fit into the plan overall.
You will receive a questionnaire with questions regarding your current eating habits, your daily life schedule: How and when you work/study and when you go to the gym etc. This is to place the meals in order to maximise the effort in the gym and also to best suit into your life. Eating will be tailored to suit your everyday schedule, not the other way around.

12 Weeks of Coaching

This includes the Customised Training Schedule and the Customised Meal Plan in addition to weekly follow-ups by the client. In every training schedule I write I have set a starting weight and a rate of progression based on the information I was given in the questionnaire, with a good communication this can be altered along the course. This is also true for the meal plan. If progression is stalling we will look at different factors that might have caused the lack of progression and adjust either the meal plan or training schedule to move forward! Furthermore, we keep constant contact via email which guarantees quick answers and clarifications. Also, it is important that we keep our communication in the same mail conversation so that I can keep track of things (i.e. performance over time etc). Lastly, a client can mail me at any time with questions and I will answer as soon as possible.
The 12 weeks start from the day your receive your schedules.


Customised Training Schedule: 100 EURO/ 115 USD/ 1000 SEK.

Customised Meal Plan: 100 EURO/ 115 USD/ 1000 SEK.

Customised Training Schedule and 12 Weeks of Coaching: 230 EURO/ 270 USD/ 2300 SEK.

Customised Training Schedule and Customised Meal Plan and 12 Weeks of Coaching: 300 EURO/ 350 USD/ 3000 SEK.


Transfer the appropriate amount* to the following PayPal account: 
After that, send me an e-mail at the same address and I will send you the questionnaire within 24 hours and we will take it from there. For Swedish clients: E-mail me first before payment if you wish to pay via any of the Swedish banks instead.

Please note that during periods of time where many new clients have signed up there might be a delay in getting the schedule. All schedules are hand-made with love and thus need time.

*You can transfer the amount in any of the currencies shown. USD, EURO, or SEK. 

1 on 1 Gym Coaching 

Available for clients located around the Stockholm-Uppsala region. A gym coaching session is a learning opportunity for you, my aim is to teach you a correct form in the basic heavy compound movements.

Send me an email at and we will look at a suitable time and date.

A session is one hour and the rate is 900 SEK.

67 Comments on “Physique Online Coaching

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    • I don’t really believe in those classifications but if a guy that has a hard time gaining weight contacts me we are obviously going to focus a lot on the diet part with emphasis on staying consistent with a caloric surplus :-)!

      • Thanks. Anyway some say that the “called ectomorphs or hard gainers” should train only three days per week. Do you think that’s accurate?
        Thanks in advance.

  3. Do you take on American clients as well? I’m a fat guy (300+ pounds last I checked and sitting around 28-31% bf) but have been lifting weights for several years and have some decent strength. However I’ve had a bad diet and was a regular drinker. Now that I gave up drinking and eating smarter and cleaner I could use some professional guidance to help unlock the glorious physique that I know is hiding under all this blubber!

  4. Even weeks, I work hard and long days in a different region were the only spare time I have is sleeping hours (6-7 hours top). Odd weeks, I’m free of labour and the Temple of Iron is priority #1. My goal is to progress in the gym and to get JOOZY.
    My question is as follows; Can you offer a good training schedule that fits those criteria?

    A fellow nationalist and a heathen, Otto.

    • I can offer schedules in regards to any given situation! I have had plenty of clients who have had limited access to the Holy Temple of Iron!
      Now of course, optimal gains are easier made when everything is perfect but you can still made solid gains even without perfect conditions!

      Glory to Odin!

  5. Just curious I should be able to sign up for the customized training schedule by the end of the month (Got a new job and first week is a back week…fucking heretics) But anyways I was wondering if the program gets tailored depending on week to week progress or do you asses the 10 weeks after completed, as I plan on getting another glorious 10 weeks. Thanks in advance, glorious one ❤

    • Hey man! :-). The schedule is tailored to work for as long as you intend to be able to follow it. So if you are aiming at bulking until, say, May next year, the schedule will be “valid” as long as you are bulking.
      If you are cutting it will look a bit different (i.e. slower progression rate etc).

  6. Vart i Irland bor du? Jag bor också här och skulle behöva en guidande hand… Erbjuder du tjänster där man kan träffas upp, inte bara för fysisk träning men också mental träning i form av politiska diskussioner och liknande.

  7. Hey Golden One, super impressed. I was wondering if you can work with a vegetarian lifestyle in your 10 week plan? Also, do you do any shows or competitions? I would like to do those, and am curious if you can train me to do that. Thanks!

    • Hey, Lane!
      Thank you very much for that!
      Yes absolutely, I am more or less vegetarian myself (I do not eat meat as part of my regular diet).
      Regarding shows, yes, I have done two bodybuilding competitions! It depends on what kind of competition you are thinking of doing. I would not recommend bodybuilding to be perfectly honest!

      • Why is that? And what would you recommend? Also, so it’s $240 for the first 10 weeks, and then only $60 for each addition 10 weeks? That sounds really good. Do you have room to fit me in? Thanks again sir!

  8. I usually don’t recommend bodybuilding because of the amount of leanness you need to attain to get ready for it. That level of leanness is not healthy and it temporarily damages your hormonal levels. However, getting into great shape, i.e., 9-10% bodyfat and still enjoying life, being healthy and being strong, is something I do recommend, but competing in bodybuilding is going beyond that stage!

    Yes, I do have rooms for additional clients at the moment! And yes, the longer I work with someone the easier it gets to work with that individual since you know how their training and diet has looked for the last 10 weeks etc :-).

    • I like the way you think Golden One. I will check my bank numbers and get back with you shortly. I am very interested. Will you tell me everything that I’ll get when I sign up for your 10 week package again? I just want to make sure that everything is exactly what I’m looking for.

      • Good to hear :-)!
        You will get a customized training schedule and a customized meal plan. This means that the training schedule “starts” at your current strength and we will find a way to increase your lifts in order to put on size. The meal plan consists of all your meals for the day. So basically the idea is that you will know everything you need to do! All the hard work is still on you though, I merely serve as your guide :-).
        The coaching part is weekly check-ins (i.e., where you brief me on how your training has gone and any general updates etc). Also, I am always available for inquiries at any time via the mail conversation!

    • Also, Golden One, do you do any type of student discounts? I am just curious, and I hope that this doth not offend thee 😉

      • Unfortunately not! The discount as it were it a friendly discount, since my clientèle are often long time subscribers and people who share my philosophical views :-).
        No offence taken whatsoever, no hurt in asking!

  9. Greetings Joocy Adonis of Justice.

    I’m 20 years old and around 82kg. I have been training for around 4 and half years, but now I’m currently powerlifting in the UK, with a squat of 200kg, a poor bench of treason of 125kg and deadlift of 245kg. I’ve plodded along doing my own thing for a while now but I have reached a plateau in regards to my bench. I have seen your progression over the years and your transition to powerlifting and I would be very very intruiged with approach YOU could personally offer to a humble squire such as my self. Love your videos and love you! As mentioned above, I wish there was an option to buy your friendship!

    Kind regards

    Samson (actually , it’s Sam Hahahah)

    • Greetings, my friend :-)! Haha benchpress of treason :-D.
      Those are some serious numbers indeed. That is actually really fkn strong! I can of course coach you should you wish. However, I can give some advice for your situation right now: Try a cycle of Smolov JR! That will probably add some to your benchpress!

      Best Regards

      Marcus Latissimus Maximus

      • I shall take your advice my lord, many many thanks! You’ve got me into habit of saying greetings to everyone I meet!!

        I appreciate your advice, as it’s only 3 weeks I will get back to you as soon as I’ve finished it!

        Even kinder regards

        Thomas Trapicus Tallus

    • Glorious my god!! Haha. Really appreciate your help.

      Regards, Sam Birch. (My real name Hahahah) I have followed you on Instagram too!

  10. Hello!
    I would like to know if you also train ladies, perhaps a shieldmaiden program of victory is possible?
    Best wishes

  11. i am 130 Lbs 5″ 5′ i eat all day ,I’m vegan, and trying to gain weight. i train hard as i can, 3 days a week and i work in a factory doing heavy lifting. help your glorious one.

  12. Greetings!

    From reading the summary I got the impression that previous gym experience is expected, I however have none yet.

    Would it be recommended to get some before purchasing your services?

  13. Hey Latsbrah. I’m relatively new to deadlifting, I’ve been practicing this movement for a year now and I’m starting to load the bar up to my max to see where I am at strength wise with proper form. I’m 185lb 6’6″, when I start pulling around 285lb I get a fuzzy feeling like I’m going to faint. I pulled 315lb for 1 rep for my first time and came so close to blacking out, I did get a couple good gasps of air before the lift, soon as the weight landed on the ground I grasped a few quick breaths as unconscious started to come in.. I feel as if I have more potential but my body is limiting me.

  14. Hey Golden One! I started lifting 14 weeks ago. I am going to keep progressing and training 6 days a week, 5 MINIMUM. And eating the upper amount of protein that you suggest. I have watched all your videos, some multiple times. You got me initially Interested and fired up to start my journey, and it has changed my life COMPLETELY!
    I was wondering if you *think* you might be offering this around October sometime? Or when/if you plan on doing it any time the rest of this year? Much thanks True Friend!!!

  15. Greetings Glorious One! My partner and I are looking for a new program. He and I are VERY different in terms of body composition. I’m naturally a lean guy. He gravitates to a heavy weight naturally. Do you do programs for lifting partners even if they’re extremely different body-wise?

    Thanks for any help you can provide brother!

    • Hey Funch!
      You could follow the same basis of a schedule but would have to find different starting weights. Each customised schedule has an individual starting point for all the lifts. But if your schedule looks similar in other regards you could probably find a good weight for the other to start on.
      Best Regards

  16. Hello Golden One! I am very interested in making myself more glorious but was wondering; would be able to take medical conditions into account when devising Training schedules? I was asking because I am a type 1 diabetic (juvenile, diagnosed at age 2) and often suffer from low blood sugars after prolonged physical activity. Thank you for your time!

    • Hey Ian!
      Yes, everything is being taken into consideration when formulating a training plan. So in your case this would mean that the sessions would have to be more concise. Which, by the way, is no problem what so ever for making gains. My own sessions can be between 30-45 minutes!

      Best Regards

  17. Greetings Glorious Lion of Mother Europe, I’m really interested in the online coaching but I see its unavailable. I was just wondering if you could give a rough estimate of when it will be available again?
    Thanks for your time.

  18. Glorious Lion from the north,do you have any advice for a 18 years old 195 cm tall very skinny guy willing to grow like a minotaur?

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  20. Hello Leo the Glorious Lion, I think what you’re doing for young men is truly heroic, I also agree with you politically. I use a Bullworker to stay fit at home but I want to put on more muscle-mass. I’ve never been in a gym, I’ve never lifted weights and I’ve been a strict vegetarian for 33 years! That leads me to the questions – Who is the oldest guy you’ve trained? IIs there an age limit to your training? I feel like a man half my age so I don’t have a problem with age myself, but that’s only because I’m a creative Elf of Glory. All the best,

    • Greetings, Ken!
      Thank you for the kind words! There is no age limit to my schedules, since all plans are customised I take all factors into account when formulating them :-).
      I think the oldest client I have had was in his 50s!

      Best Regards

      • OK – Thanks for that. I’ll go check out my local gym and get back to you to work out a schedule. Are there any questions I should be asking about particular weight-training exercises? I’ve got a feeling that here in Australia the customer isn’t given much assistance but left to do what you want.
        Kind Regards,

  21. Yes, I suggest you hire a personal trainer for an hour or two. Ask him to show you the following: Squats, Deadlifts, Benchpress, Militarypress, and Barbell Rows.
    Best of luck! 🙂

    • Thank you brother, I’ll do exactly that and then get back to you. Bye for now.
      Kind Regards,

  22. Apologies if I missed a comment already addressed, but do you train ladies as well? (my focus is on compound lifts)


  23. Hi! Can you coach girls? And I don’t have the money CURRENTLY! But if you do coach girls, what would you mainly stress?

  24. Dear Mr The-golden-one,

    I understand your youtube currently serves a different purpose, educating on your political, social and philosophical teachings. However, I would greatly appreciate a somthing small or large in terms of training advice – specifically programing, for example the objective is the pursue both physique and performance, but is this best done through simultaneous training (I.e. power bodybuilding) or oscillating between strength and hypertrophy specific regime’s?
    Finally, aside from Smolov, which programs do you recommend? Cheeky I know to ask here, but I you’ll definitely see it this way.

    Many thanks and I hope the writing is going well!

    – Seeker of the forgery skills

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  26. Hail to The Golden One! Recently I’ve stumbled upon your Youtube channel and I was so inspired by your philosophy and wish to take something away from it all.

    I am particularly interested in your physical coaching sir. I will be going away for work to Spain and Italy mid September; but once I return I will immediately begin the procedure to subscribe for it. Hopefully by early October.

    Although my work life is busy thankfully my fair maiden will prepare my meals for me. I also have access to a gym for now. I hope you will still have your coaching service open. I’m very keen to subscribe for the full tier as I believe I just need that extra push to go where I never went before.

    Kind regards to you sir and hopefully I will be in touch with you soon!


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  28. Greetings and Happy New Year to The Golden One!

    My name is Justin Trombley. On behalf of my Historical European Martial Arts organization, I wish to obtain a customized gladiatorial training schedule that my brothers-in-arms and I may use to allow us to become better martial artists and compete effectually in HEMA and MMA tournaments. Our goal is to get as strong and muscular as possible while also losing weight, gaining massive endurance, and becoming far more flexible and dexterous. Would it be possible for one overarching training schedule for my organization to be commissioned or would we all have to acquire our own schedules per how you take into account each individual’s physicality when designing it? Thank you for considering my request.

    With Honor and Respect,

    -Justin Trombley,
    Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University Historical European Martial Arts Club

    • Greetings Justin!
      I can definitely write a schedule that can be used in a group setting, however, it will not be as precise as it would otherwise be but I am certain it will work well nonetheless. You can send me an email and we can discuss it further.

      Best regards,

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