Sunday Summary


Greetings! And welcome to the Sunday Summary. The past week saw the conclusion of my 3 weeks of Smolov JR for the bench, which was quite easy in all honesty. I had a maxing day where I did 160 kg (felt quite easy), 170 kg went up but unfortunately my glutes left the bench so I do not count that. I have begun a new cykle of Smolov JR, thus calculated on 160 kg.

In the Russian Squat Routine I have had one of the hardest sessions ever in my life, which I also made a highly glorious video of:

Tomorrow Monday the schedule tells me that I am supposed to do 4×4 at 190 kg which will be interesting to say the least. 6×6 at 167,5 kg (in the video) was very hard. 5×5 at 177,5 kg was incredibly hard as well and I am content with those achievements.
In other news I got two comments on my Day at the Beach video which said that I looked natty and ‘off-cycle’, I was not impressed by these comments, but to counter these blasphemous utterings a guy at the gym told me that I looked unusually large (as in implying unnatty). Now what we must keep in mind here is that the video from the beach was with no gym for 4 days and a lot of eating (since I just had my last photoshoot, which I was not really in great shape for either way) and obviously today in the gym I had a pump in my chest. Either way, ones form can differ greatly from week to week. Below is a video from the summer where I did a similar thing yet look much more muscular, the reason is due to a lower bf %.

In other news I did my first Shadow of Mordor Let’s Play. I am impressed with the game and look forward to doing more videos with it!
Now is the time to hit the bed and let the body recover so I can perform optimally during tomorrows session.
And as for the difference between forms I will elaborate on this further on as it is an important topic! 🙂

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