Who I am is not important. What is important is that you adhere to my teachings.

✠ Train in the Temple of Iron.
✠ Train MMA or some other martial art.
✠ Read something everyday; articles or books.
✠ Try to learn something new or get better at something every day.
✠ Do not watch porn. Do not get drunk. Do not do drugs.

10 Comments on “Biography”

  1. that 13lb cut you make, is that bodyfat or water weight like wrestlers making weight for a fight

  2. I hope you will impregnate your girlfriend many times or you ll even become a sperm donor so that you can ensure an everlasting swedish people of nordic descent. May Odin and Baldr and Frigg guide you and protect you and give you strength and wisdom. May all the good brave fair heroic white heroes of northern and central Europe unite with Russia and wipe out the NWO Coudenhove Kalergi Hooton Morgenthau Jesuit Yinnon Samson Strategies. Be always confident in your male nordic heroic friends. Try to encourage goodlooking bisexual athletes to procreate their genetics, like the Spartan begetting helpers did. Im myself not nordic enough, so I allow myself being gay beause my genetic isnt as perfect anyways. But ALL of your nordic comrades MUST be DRAFTED to flood this earth with sons and daughters! Please be a good inspirational example. Blonds must live!!! Sweden must return to the idyllic Bullerbü Pippi Langstrumpf Abba paradise it once was. Dont let the blue eyes of nordic Swedes to be confused with the meaning “naivity”, but always beware of the wickedness of darkness (in any meaning of this word, I could say more if there was freedom of speech in Germany…) Your V- Shape, your firm buttocks and broad shoulders and juicy balls are the best ensurance for mankinds best to prevail over darkness!

  3. Let me finally say that your Swedish flag is the most beautiful of all flags! The yellow-golden cross stands for your blond hair, and the blue four segments for your blue eyes. The cross is a far older symbol than christianity, its four ends represent the ancient nordic wisdom of the Earths ellipsoid course around the sun, the four ends of the golden cross stand for the cardinal points of the year, summer solstice,winter solstice,spring and autumn eqinoxes. Because the earths course is not a circle but an ellipsoid,the two lines of the cross have a different length. Your ancestors knew all this for at least 4000 years when the bronze age began in southern Scandinavia. Dont let lesbian bishops remove crosses or even abolish your holy flag, but worship it more than ever. You owe respect to your greatgreatgreatgreatgreat…………….grandfathers the nordic bronze atlanteans!

  4. ^ I’m curious to the answer of this question as well.

  5. the 6 kilos you lose for photo shoot, is that water weight or pure body fat?
    what do you look like at 100kilos?

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