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Telegram: @thegoldenone
Odysee: The Golden One
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Twitter: @TheGloriousLion
Gab: @TheGoldenOne
Instagram: @thegoldenjarl

Treasure Chest of Ambition

If you wish to support my metapolitical work, any and all financial contributions are highly appreciated. Furthermore, if you are musically or aesthetically talented, I always appreciate material that I can use for my videos, articles, and social-media posts. You can use the email adress above if you would like to send me such material.

For contributions to the holy work:

  • You can install Brave (web-browser) using my link:
    You can also activate BAT when using Brave to be able to send tips.
  • PayPal:
  • Bitcoin: 3PhT3apgdKgvcbt5Ks3QseG1QTr5KC5ijV
  • Ethereum: 0x2626Ca8df5FCD03C079c9Bf0B583CAfdD26CaB2d
  • Litecoin: LZXt9HdDniL86xoAYgQny2JMUbF6oSp6ki
  • Send me an email for other ways.

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