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83 Comments on “Contact & Support”

  1. Dear Latsbrah,

    I am an genuine fan of yours. You talk truly about patriotism, meaning you are not just another “murrica fuck yea” pleb. You know history of the true world and also know shit about getting gains and being strong. You also hate fat people because you know they are the cancers of this already weak society. For that reason I ask of you to share a YouTube opinion on this land whale. I watched this video and it made me sick.

    Very best from your truefriend who is striving to get on your level of physical and mental glory.

    • I changed my life and diet when I realized how unhealthy I was for having 50 pounds extra of nothing but fat. It is unhealthy, being overweight has many downfalls vs being fit and healthy. Of course I’m still on my diet so I still have some extra, but thanks to The Golden One, a lot of my dieting has changed as well, for the better.
      It is a shame that our society in the US has spiraled into the toilet, especially when it comes to health and social orders. 😌

  2. Latsbrah,

    You are the king of kings. and even though I am a muscle God in my own right, I feel I have to pay my respects to a supreme example of masculinity. I’m glad you see the world for how it is. that power, women, and glory are to be fought for, not given. you hate the sloth as much as I do. and love the women as much (maybe not as much 😉 actually) as I do.

    stay strong, brother

    • Greetings! Thank you so much for those kind words! Really encouraging to hear!
      And indeed, the sooner you see everything for what it is, the sooner you can adapt and make the most of it! 🙂

      Cheers, you too :)!

  3. Anything to make my lat spread Godly like yours? My lat spread is exactly the same (because of Viking genetics) but I think with what I’m doing it’s going well but maybe do you have any tips?

    • You need to pull primarily with your shoulder blades, not your biceps, and take wider grips, to get wide. Eventually, weighted chins/pullups once you figure out the technique and are strong enough to benefit. Otherwise, progressive loading.

  4. Golden One,

    Thank you for all your great videos and wisdom. I’ve shared your material with a few other American patriots here and your message of pursuing excellence in both the physical and the mental domains resonates gloriously! You have fans in Tennessee, South Carolina, Massachusetts, and Alabama, should you ever decide to visit.

    What is your opinion on progressive bodyweight conditioning as a supplement to the Big 5 compound lifts? For example, one-arm pushups, pistol squats, and handstand pushups?


    • Highly glorious that my brothers in the US like my work! I appreciate it! Regarding your question: Yes, having a solid body control is always a good thing!

  5. Greetings Golden One! True friend from US seeking your wisdom in a matter! My friend hails from Sweden and for his birthday I decided to try to get an armband from However, they are only shipping to Sweden, Norway, and Denmark! Is there any way around this that you know of?

  6. I stumbled across one of your YouTube videos recently and after hearing you talk so passionately about preserving the culture and heritage of Europe along with all the other European-settled nations (US, Britain, Scotland, Ireland, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, South Africa), it took me about two seconds to subscribe. to your channel Thank you for understanding that the only things that can unite a people and for which they must risk their lives to preserve if they are to survive as a legitimate society are their tribe, land and creed. I’m also grateful that you’re regularly educating the younger generations as to how cultural Marxism/Communism and its insidious disciples are constantly trying to subvert our people from developing a cohesive sense of brotherhood underneath these three crucial pillars of identity. It’s nice to know I’m not alone, although sometimes it feels that way!

    I also recall seeing a video where you posted images of “the look” you were going for in your overall appearance. I believe it was the video where you debate growing your beard again. The images in that video made me think of a fantasy artist whose work I’ve admired for years, Ruth Thompson. I think you should check out a painting of hers called, Invictus. It bears a glorious resemblance to well…you’ll see. Be sure to click on the image to enlarge it so you can fully appreciate it and Ruth’s work. I tried to paste the image here, but without success. The link is below.

    The best to you and Sweden!

    • Thank you for the comment and kind words! And also the link to the painting, love it! Definitely goes along the same style I am aiming for! 🙂

  7. Hey There:

    I just wanted to offer another thought. I know you’ve been getting a lot of negative feedback from people who can’t figure out how you can support the idea of homosexuality being normal and still subscribe to a very traditional philosophy of civilization. I don’t think homosexuality and traditional values have to be mutually exclusive. In fact, I know they’re not because I believe in everything you do. I’m a fiercely patriotic person who believes in the values of country, culture, family, history, heritage, the hierarchies of nature and so on…and I happen to be gay. Because of this, I often feel like an orphan, unable to subscribe to the politics and behaviors of the gay community while at the same time, feeling rejected by the traditionalists, which is why I’m so grateful that people like you exist. You understand that when gays do not permit themselves to become pawns by allowing cultural Marxists to politicize their sexuality, they are indeed part of the natural order of things. Here is my theory as to why, which you might want to consider and possibly share with those who don’t understand.

    Gay people are God’s population control for the human race. Think about it. The populations of all other living creatures on earth are kept in check by two things: either they’re eaten by another creature or they die of starvation. Humans, being at the top of the food chain, have no natural predators, and we obviously don’t eat each other. At the same time, we’ve been growing mass quantities of food for tens of thousands of years, so mass starvation, even today, has never been a concern.

    In the natural world as the Divine created it, there is no birth control, abortion or “working” mothers. Therefore, humans naturally had large families, sometimes with over ten children. There were no 1 or 2 baby families as we see today. With all this in mind, how else could human populations, that were so fertile and speedily replenishing the earth, keep their numbers in check but with a certain percentage of them that were created to never have children?

    This makes sense because it’s estimated that homosexuals are about 10% of the population. If they were only 2%, then the overall population would have too many babies and the problems of overcrowding, resource scarcity and social breakdown would occur. On the other hand, if they were 15-20%, that would be too high leaving not enough babies being born, an inadequate replacement rate and the ultimate die out of the population over several generations. It’s also important to remember that homosexuals can’t reproduce; heterosexuals make them, which adds more support to the idea that they are the world’s built in population control for humans.

    Of course, homosexuals serve many other purposes as individuals in the grand scheme of things, but this, I believe, is their very important role as a group in the natural order. This is why I do not agree with gays (or anyone else) using surrogate mothers or test tube science to have babies. It’s not part of the natural order, and there are unseen consequences for mother and child, but that’s a discussion for another day.

    Thanks again for being who you are and standing strong in what you believe.

  8. I saw your video today on going semi-vegan / vegetarian, and while I respect your principles, I wanted to pass some information on to you. Don’t worry. I’m not the food police or here to preach to you about eating one way or another.

    Regardless of what or how you choose to eat, I can’t stress enough the importance of staying away from soy and all soy products like tofu, tempeh, miso, soy milk, “veggie burgers” and so on. Over 90% of the world’s soybean crops are genetically modified (GMO), which carry their own dangers to DNA that can’t be covered here.

    More directly, soy contains huge amounts of phytates (phytic acid). All legumes/beans contain phytates, but none at the high level of soybeans. Phytates bind to minerals in other food and prevent the body from absorbing them, such as magnesium, zinc, iron and calcium. When the body can’t absorb calcium, it will leach it from the bones creating osteoporosis. Women tend to skew vegan much more than men and thus consume far more soy. It is any wonder that anemia and osteoporosis affect women so disproportionately? Phytates also interfere with proper assimilation of vitamins D, A, K and B12. Third world countries where beans and grains make up a large portion of the diet exhibit epidemic deficiencies of these nutrients.

    Soy contains enzyme inhibitors that block the enzymes amylase, protease and lipase we need to properly digest carbohydrates, proteins and fats. Soy is also not a good protein substitute because it’s lacking two of the eight essential amino acids to build the body, methionine and cysteine. Trypsin inhibitors in soy also prevent the body from properly absorbing protein anyway.

    Soy also contains high amounts of lectins, glycoproteins, that further prevent nutrient absorption by damaging the microvilli, the fine brush lining of the intestine. Eventually, this damage creates small perforations in the bowel lining, allowing food particles to enter the bloodstream generating immune responses. This can lead to auto-immune conditions. Once again, more women tend to be vegan/vegetarian and thus, consume more soy. It is interesting to know than that women are disproportionately affected by auto-immune diseases like Multiple Sclerosis. Lupus and so on when compared to men by a 9:1 ratio. When looking at a disease like Hashimoto’s Thyroiditis, it’s 10:1.

    Speaking of Hashimoto’s Thyroiditis, soy is classified as a goitrogen because it inhibits thyroid function that can lead to permanent damage over time. The American Journal of Clinical Nutrition followed a large sample of women drinking 45g of soy milk per day. That’s just one cup. Their thyroid function dropped so dramatically that the researchers called it, “a significant biological effect”. It was so significant that the women’s thyroid function didn’t return to normal levels until three months AFTER they stopped consuming soy.

    This leads to probably the most dangerous aspect of soy: phyto-estrogens, also known as isoflavones. Yes, soy contains enormous amounts of plant-based estrogens. These estrogens are nearly identical to human estrogen and can easily latch onto hormone receptors on the cells. One of soy’s phyto-estrogens is genestein. Herds of animals that graze in fields with plants that contain high amounts of genestein always exhibit, “endometrial damage and cervical mucus changes associated with the inability to conceive.” Studies with sheep, cows and rodents have proven that phyto-estrogens render them infertile. From its own research, the Swiss Health Service stated that 100g of phyto-estrogens (isoflavones) per day contains the same level of estrogen as a birth control pill. When speaking of soy in the Journal of Endocrinology, the Karolinska Institute in Sweden stated:

    “The contraceptive effect in animals suggests to us that it may be of interest to investigate the dietary habits and urinary excretion of equol [a soy isoflavone] in women with unexplained infertility or disorders of the menstrual cycle.”

    Soy is so effective at hormonal disruption and decreasing fertility that the World Health Organization considered using it as a form of contraception back in the 1970’s. The only thing that stopped them was that it carried the same risks as the birth control pill. A study involving hamsters that ate soy-based feed for two years showed that their offspring were completely sterile by the third generation. Human bodies are bigger, and the process might take longer…but results like these are of serious concern. Why is soy in virtually all processed food now? Why are many women having to resort to assisted reproductive therapy as early as their 30’s now?

    For men, consuming soy becomes a hormonal disaster of equal proportions. A study conducted at the Harvard University School of Public Health showed that men who ate soy had 41 million fewer sperm cells per milliliter than men who did not. Some of the foods tested were tofu, miso, soy burgers and soy ice cream. Most alarming was it only took ONE HALF of a single serving to create this significant decline in fertility. That’s just one cup of soy milk or one serving of tofu every other day…not even daily. A normal sperm count ranges between 80 and 120 million per milliliter. Unless a man is already near the top of this range, losing 41 million per milliliter will easily put him below the normal range and risking infertility.

    For decades, soy has been the base ingredient of many brands of baby formula. On a body weight basis, The New Zealand Journal of Medicine found that babies being fed soy formula receive the same amount of estrogen as five birth control pills per day. Naturally, this kind of hormonal disruption for infants during these crucial developmental years wreaks havoc on their tiny bodies. During this time, boys receive a huge rush of testosterone that’s nearly at adult levels. This provides for proper genital development, sets neurological patterns for how men process information in the brain and sets the signals for the body to develop male physical characteristics at puberty. If baby boys cannot receive this rush of testosterone because of phyto-estrogens in the body are blocking hormonal cell receptors serious problems occur such as: visual discrimination and spatial perception difficulties (men are very visually-oriented and much better than women at spatial relations, etc.), learning disabilities, behavioral problems, undescended testicles, inguinal hernias and hypospadias, a condition where the urethra opening is not at the tip of the penis, but underneath on the shaft. These types of conditions are so common in baby boys that it now has a new name: Developmental Estrogenization Syndrome. Early exposure to high amounts of soy for boys have also shown to result in low sperm count, low motility, inability to support conception and low weight of reproductive organs in adulthood.

    For baby girls, the massive estrogen boost from soy formula forces 14.7% of white girls and 50% of black girls to manifest pubic hair and breast development beginning at the age of eight. This is just one of a long list of reproductive consequences for young girls who consume soy. In fact, New Zealand, France, Germany and Israel have all issued stern warnings about the damage soy can do to children, particularly in baby formula. The Swiss Federal Office of Health made this statement several years ago: “Soya-based infant feeding should only be used when there is a clear medical indication. It should never be used for ecological or ideological reasons such as strict vegetarianism.”

    But what about the Asians? They’ve consumed soy for thousands of years and never had these problems, right? Not so. Traditionally speaking, Asians who have not fallen prey to the bad eating habits promoted by Western corporations, only eat a tiny amount of soy as a condiment…not a side dish and nowhere near the portion level of a main course. They’re certainly not sitting down to a big soy veggie burger or tofu stir fry each night. On average, the Chinese only eat about 4g of soy per day and for the Japanese, it’s 8.6g. It’s crucial to know that this soy has been fermented, which destroys less than half of the phytates and enzyme inhibitors it contains. They also eat it with a serving of fish broth, which has a high mineral content, to prevent the soy from leaching out their bodies’ own minerals. Of course, these processes do nothing to abate the levels of phyto-estrogens in soy. Whenever Asians stray from their traditional style of consuming tiny amounts of fermented soy and adopt the Western consumption style, they get all the ill effects that go right along it. After all, there’s a reason Hashimoto’s Thyroiditis was discovered in Japan.

    On top of all this, because soy is genetically modified, it is one of the most highly sprayed crops with the herbicide, glyphosate (RoundUp weed killer). There isn’t room enough here to explain the neurological damage glyphosate does. I believe that much of our neurological disease and fertility problems can be attributed to either direct or indirect consumption of high levels of soy.

    In a dangerous world, plants need defenses, too. They don’t want to be eaten by anyone and would prefer to carry on their genes for further generations. Since they can’t run away or lash out with teeth or claws, they’ve chosen a more clandestine way to attack: toxins. Soy’s personal defense is to gradually kill their predator through digestive problems and lack of nutrient assimilation leading to starvation or sterilizing them so that in several generations, they all die out. That’s happening to humans how eat soy…it’s just taking longer.

    I hope you don’t think I’m preaching at you. I just want to provide valuable information. I do a lot of medical research writing in my personal work for physicians and feel this might be important for you to know at this moment. You’re young and healthy. It’s the choices we make in our youth that always catch up with us for good or ill just a couple of short decades down the road. I respect your dietary choices, but please reconsider consuming soy directly or in any of the food products you consume. Find another way to get protein in your diet. I know you’re an avid reader, so I would highly recommend the following two books:

    The Whole Soy Story: The dark side of America’s favorite health food by Kaayla T. Daniel

    The Vegetarian Myth: Food, Justice and Sustainability by Lierre Keith

    Lierre is a former vegan who went back to eating meat. So, you don’t have to read that entire book if you wish, but the chapter on soy is outstanding. Kaayla’s book is simply the gold standard on everything you need to know about soy.

    By the way….I didn’t so all this research just for this post. I pulled this information from work I’d already done. Hopefully you find some good in it.

    Best to You–

    • Dude, I’m pretty sure that a 3+ pg paper (11pt font in MS Word) in NOT a ‘comment’ Couldn’t you leave a link? -_-

  9. Hail Golden One!

    I’ve just recently discovered your videos and I’m very inspired! I have a question that I’d like to ask if you don’t mind… My girlfriend is half German and half Malaysian. She’s fucking incredible though, but still – I don’t know what to do. Is it wrong? She’s beautiful, successful, trains like a beast and will be a fantastic mother.

    What do you think?


    • I should add that we don’t live in Europe! Not even close… I’m European though.

  10. You’ve probably already thought of this, but just in case I’m saying it anyway. What about a “Sons of Europe” App? If you see an immigrant gang making trouble, type in the location and everyone with the app gets the call to form a flash mob and intervene.

  11. I just found your videos through The Right Stuff at . You can be very proud of what you’ve accomplished, and I admire the clarity and passion with which you express yourself. As an older man I agree that it is vitally important for those of us who are older to help younger men who may be searching find their way. In the US our society has become atomized and disconnected, and we need to reverse that if we are to survive and thrive as a people.

  12. Hey, I was just wondering if you could provide me with some advice because I feel so frustrated and dont know what to do. I myself am always doing something, I have a business, I workout, care a lot about healthy eating, I clean, love being creative, cooking, i work out and I try to look nice for my bf. But he lacks some sort of motivation to do anything. he sits infront of his pc all day long watching videos or gaming. We have a lot in common but certainly not this. He is a student as well. He doesnt workout, and when he does its because I pushed him, and it is the bare minimum. He often opts for unhealthy food while I would happily cook him all the healthy dishes in the world. And regards sex… well I often dont feel desirable anymore, and I have plenty of male attention and know I am attractive. I want sex more than him, even daily if we could. Its not like I am horny all the time but I just love doing this together. he often says he is too tired; or says ” a little later ok “. When we do it, it is nice tho. And I realize some men just have a lower libido. I think we do it twice or three times a week.
    When I get upset about any of these things he doesnt fully understand it. It makes me so frustrated inside and I feel like crying tbh. Sometimes I feel like a bad person for getting turned on when we are cuddling.

    I dont know what to do or how to motivate him. I have started to refuse sometimes to cook when he asks me to make something because he just sits there all day and I tried to talk about it but nothing changes…

    • Hi itsmememe, I’m similar to the boyfriend you describe.

      In fact, I thought for a moment that your comment up there was by my girlfriend. Or, I should say, ex-girlfriend. We broke up because of this, and the harsh reality is that I wasn’t the man she deserved. There’s a chance that the same holds true in your situation.

      Also, there’s a chance your boyfriend won’t change. What you describe is become quite common among young white men. I have my theories for why this is the case, but number 1, I would say, is lack of a strong father figure (or perhaps any at all). In any case, I guarantee you that your bf isn’t happy sitting there doing nothing and may be struggling with deep-seated man-issues and depression. It is also difficult for men to talk about these things.

      I hope you don’t mind me giving my commentary on this. It just looked uncannily like my situation. Good luck to you.

      • I dont mind you replying at all! Thanks so much 🙂
        Actually, I know he is unhappy with that. He has no direction in life. He says the only thing he knows he wants for sure is me. I love him a lot and I wont give up on him. We talked more about this yesterday and he does understand me, but he also says the future wont be like that. But of course, you can never know hat.
        But I want to help him find what he loves to do… there is a sport he loves a lot but cant do right now cause there are no facilities nearby. But we are moving soon and there will be one.

        he often said he felt down, especially cause he doesn’t know what to do regards education and such… I completely understand and wish I could help more. I understand a lot because I have been in a similar position in the past.

  13. Hello from Canada. I would like to become a patron of yours, how do I go about doing this?

  14. No problem :)Your videos are extremely appreciated by me and my boyfriend.

  15. Hi!
    I am a 40 years old man, married with 2 children. Although i would call myself a true european with values that go beyond this rotten age in that we are living, i have let my body down over the last 6 years, which resulted in a general unhealthy condition. I am now working on myself to become the man i was back then. Of course the greatest motivation is to be always fit and prepared to defend my family, my kin and my country, but your videos add another big portion of motivation on that.

    I have learned from my mistakes and i improve everyday, not to let the beta-animal inside win again.

    All the best to you and be blessed by our gods and ancestors.


  16. Hello Golden One,
    I’m Greek and ever since I was a kid I strived to be like the great ancient warriors and heroes I learned about in history and mythology, in both body and spirit.

    The political and social situation Greece is in today makes me really sad. I see young men sitting around all day doing nothing and just accepting that their future can’t change, like true lazy beta leftist cucks. It’s depressing to see a nation with such great history be reduced to what it is today and the people just bitch and moan without taking any action to change things.

    Your channel is very inspiring and I like your videos a lot, keep up the good work.


  17. Hello,
    one suggestion for a possible youtube-video topic:
    Your opinion about long-distance runners? Do you see them alfa or beta? You must admit that they look lik beta. Just asked, because my greatest hero has always been Sir Roger Bannister( He was the first that ran the first sub-four-minute mile.)

  18. I found it very weird that many Swedes have somekind of guilt because of ww2. Is this the view of the common people or is it only the view of the media?

    What the hell have you reason to be guilty about ww2? You did nothing wrong – you kept your country out of the war. Excellent achievement. (you could make youtube video about this subject)

    You have also lot to be proud of – Swedish Volunteer Corps in the Winter war. About 10 000 Swedes fought and also some of them died during the war. I live on the other side of the Baltic sea so I have enormous respect for Swedish volunteers.

  19. Hail O Golden One!

    Love your work and your philosophy on life, I am trying to emulate it in anyway I can. I want to become involved in Nationalist groups in the UK, but most are involved in hooliganism and Neo-Nazi imagery. What is your advice to become involved in the fight for Mother Europa without joining these kinds of groups? There is a difference between hating someone for their skin colour and fostering love and kinship within your country, would you not agree?

  20. Golden One,

    I expect you’ve heard of the most recent terrorist attack in Nice, France. I would like to hear your perspective on the events, including your thoughts of the fault of enabling such an attack being at the hands of the left. The pendulum seems to be reaching an extreme, and now more Americans (and Europeans, I’m sure) are calling this a war.

    Thank you in advance for your outlook on this situation,
    T Suarez

  21. What is the glorious pill approach to consent with a fair maiden? Feminist activists on my campus are saying you need to ask verbally even for kisses. I mean, I’m pretty sure most women in a serious relationship don’t want a man who asks them “can I kiss you” like a little boy every single time, isn’t it more sexy and glorious to kiss spontaneously using body language? I think “no means no” rather than “yes means yes” works if you aren’t emotionally and mentally retarded to the point where you can’t understand body language. Thoughts?

  22. Golden One,

    I contact you as a person that is consciously involved with the Nordic culture. I myself am Slavic and am proudly wearing a symbol from my country and culture. However, since i was little, i was fascinated with your culture and deeply respect it and, since recently, i wanted to by myself a “Mjölnir” as a pendant, next to my symbol. I am not one to wear symbols without knowing them, i know a lot about your culture, history and politics, i hit the gym every day, train martial arts and know the pendant’s meaning.
    I do not want to disrespect or offend someone from your culture, and after seeing you with the christian cross, i wanted to ask you – will it be okay if i wear a “Mjölnir” as well, in order to show that i respect and believe in the teachings of your gods.

    • Hey Boris! Absolutely, the guys in White Rex have lots of Mjölners and it looks really glorious. Also, Perun and Thor are quite similar so I have absolutely no problem with Slavic guys having the Hammer of Thor :-)!

      • Thank you for your quick response!
        They are quite similar and even one of the variants of the Slavic pendant “Axe of Perun” has an almost identical style. Most likely because of the Varangians. I chose a style and decorations that remind me of both cultures. I will make sure to be worthy of wearing such a symbol at all times!

  23. Greetings the glorious one!

    Recently discovered your channel, your philosophy and gym dedication really motivates me 🙂

    I should say, I was born in England from people of indo-Iranian descent, and much as I live in a land that doesn’t hold my ethnicity, I love the culture and traditions of the land I was born in. I voted brexit because, well the reasons are known 🙂

    You might say I should return to the land of my ancestors, and you’re probably right, but I mean this was the culture and people I was born into, If myself I was a white nationalist and am pro white, what would you think of that?

    Anyway it’s good to see people like you around, extremely fit, good looking men fighting for their heritage and country :p

    Ps I’m 18, a bit overweight and want to try and start getting into shape, you probably won’t reply to this but any tips XD

    Keep up the good work

  24. Golden One,

    Hail from North California, the mighty mighty mighty Sierra Nevada!!!! Just found you a few weeks ago, and am eating up your videos and training advice. Victory loves preparation, and your words ring true in my ears.

    You have a true friend and brother here.

    DON’T STOP!!!!!!!

    S “the Wolf” F

  25. Hey Golden one,

    I’m considering buying a couple of your glorious t-shirts, but i’m not sure what size to buy, i’m just curious how much do you weigh?i’m sitting at 89 kilos right now, so if you could be kind enough as to tell me how much your weighing, that way I could eyeball it and hopefully pick the optimal size for myself.

    Thanks in advance, i’m a fan of your work
    keep fighting the good fight


  26. Hey,

    Sorry to leave a message here instead of on YouTube, but YouTube has blocked my ability to reply to videos because I keep refusing their request to attach my full name to my comments.

    Anyway, I’m not sure if you’re aware of this. I was watching some of your slightly older videos and clicked on the one titled, What is a Beta Leftist? Well, a shorter version of this movie preview showed before your video. I thought you could choose the ads that ran before your personal videos. If that’s so, someone has pulled a serious switch out on you, most likely to counter your message.

    Take Care–

  27. Glorious General, will you please share this. This is my album that I wrote and recorded in honor and support of Donald J. Trump. I am a longtime true friend and we both know that the election of Donald J. Trump is imperative for the glorious movement and spread of enlightened ideas. Hails and thank you.

  28. Bro, please save and spread this pic. This is a proof of One World Religion. They shut down 2 of my threads. THEY BANNED ME. Please, please, please, analyse and consider it.
    We all worship one god — The Hermetic God (same in egypt, islam, christianity, buddhism, taoism (yes they are theistic)) they are all connected. Their intent is self anihilation and slave-like submission. THE IMPORTANT PROOF IS IN THE PIC. I know how it sounds, but PLEASE consider it. They derail the threads.
    It’s a problem-reaction-solution of all religion.
    The Kybalion (occultist masonic text) and Tao Te Ching sing the same tune, as all other religions. Almost all of the religions are against you AND THEY ARE CONNECTED DIRECTLY. DON”T OBEY ANY RELIGION! This is very important, PLEASE JUDGE AND SPREAD AWARENESS.

    • Freemasonry is based on the idea that YOU are GOD (solipsism basically), unwittingly, and this is true and proved in the pic, when victims accept this, they are suggested that to attain true enlightenment and true understending one must proceed with the teachings of Kabbalah (this is jewish/occultist crap that annihilates your spirit if you tend to it) This is considered esoteric and cool, since it “purifies” your spirit, but it essentially makes you a willing slave of the hebrews. As soon as me and the other guy got to that point, the thread shut down. The guy claimed he wanted to expose this. I want too.

      • They need us to submit willingly, by any means, so please consider this! THERE’S NOTHING MORE IMPORTANT THAN THIS. In the pic you’ll see the masonic key to all wisdom and understanding, but you’ll also see how they will lead anyone into the trap of submission, wise, clever and foolish alike, so that they all yield their freewill.

      • I’m sorry guys, since it came to me in such a passionate manner.

        Q Problem:
        All religious concepts are poison
        All major religions stem from single guy, including Many Forms of Paganism, Christianity and Buddhism…
        They are all interconnected. It’s proven, because the same ‘key’ works for any of them.
        This thing is of no use for you, but very good for rulers, who exploit it.

        Q What do they do?
        Gain control of your mind, almost total

        Q How do they do that?
        A concept is formed, let’s call it God, they describe the concept and insert into you
        But you have to do something to attain it and understand it they say.
        So more concepts is spawned like good or evil, harmony, chaos, etc. one must do such and such to attain the concept.
        The insanity is that you’re focused on satisfying God. God in religions and others, is Logos (which means The WORD).
        But the concept has to be put into your head first.
        You forget yourself and go on maddening spree, asking for more words (piety, tollerance, etc) to satisfy your desire for (((Word)))

        Q Why the fuck are you so excited about it?
        I just realised that I mindfucked myself a better part of my life.
        They install a labyrinth of concepts and make you chase after a Word.
        Then you fuck yourself up like I did.

        Q How do they control us?
        They use words and concepts. We come to them willingly, since we obey concepts and they know our reactions.
        They filter this shit and give us some other concept in place of the previous one.
        Thus they exploit us and make us do that which we don’t truly want.

        Q Why do you mention the occult and hermetic stuff?
        They are the root of all major religion. Occulting something, means it stands in your view.
        The concepts occult your view of life. Like I said, they all are interconnected.
        Whether you choose the good jesus or bad devil, it’s still the same mindfuckery, you’re still controlled.
        Also the Cabala shit i mentioned… I seriously doubt it.
        At any rate, it can’t give you anything, simply install another way.

        If you read the thread pic, it’s clear how they operate.
        By using two old religious texts, I understood their mocking and how they control you.
        Here’s how they did it: they give a concept, like God, I read the text and contemplated it. They say that one can’t understand God, or why he does this, it’s impossible, but if you try to apply the concept of god onto you… then you’ll fall into another trap, since it’s also a pre-fed concept, and if you become the Word itself, wtf is this? You is just another word, it’s a social thing, thus not of your nature. The contemplation of Who Am I? Is also an endless mindfuck, since a person who doesn’t speak at all, doesn’t contemplate this.
        They replace mindfuckery with more mindfuckery, they loop it, so that you won’t find an end. But the labyrinth is an illusion, installed with your own effort, it can easily be torn down by you.
        They want you to waste your energy on this, while your loved once are in danger or some practical problem arises.

        I am certain, the higher circles are aware of this and utilise this all the time.
        They are playing us like ping-pong. Getting away from their influence completely, is probably what I’d recommend.

        Read the threadpic, you’ll see what Trump Hillary (insert any leader or Idol) or whatever stuff is about.
        To be honest, after reading Tao Te Ching, I can’t really say how much is really influenced.
        It’s funny how they hide it all in plane sight.

        Q Can we escape the control?
        If you’re fully autonomous, can handle pain and strong, maybe. Considering that you are firm on not cuckolding your mind and hatching foreign concepts. Refuse to yield or react to the suggestions.
        Don’t trust the benevolence of those who abuse your mind.

  29. Q&A Question: What do you think of conservatives dropping the civilities and respect they offer leftist? Treat those as they treat you, and the left treats us with no respect or civility.

    I HATE watching the strong man of Western Civilization being taken down by Marxist little biting dogs because the conservative man is “too moral” to fucking kick the puny dogs peeling the skin off his ankles and bleeding him to death. It is disgusting.

    You talk about the value of a well-dressed woman making clear arguments to convince other women to see the reasonable right side.

    But leftists never use logic and only use emotional abuse and lies, then retarded, “civil” conservatives try to squeak little facts politely between leftist screams of “racism”. I want to yell right back at them about THEIR real racism, sexism, hypocrisy, and evil.

    At what point do you think aspiring goddesses and gods should drop the civilities? At a certain point, this is a cultural war and the stronger fighters will draw the support of the masses. I’m more and more in favor of treating those as they treat you. Right now, that means I want to be very vicious and I need to hear a god’s perspective on the matter. 🙂 Maybe Teddy could weigh-in too?

    I don’t want to scare away the reasonable moderates, but at the same time I hate the degenerates so much who vote for a mass murderer like Killary, actively hate white men, invite rapists and terrorists to Europe, etc. I know they are indoctrinated, but how far can you forgive someone for not questioning their activities and seeing they are evil?

    • Hey Ellie, I saved this post to my Q&A-folder so I will answer in a coming video. Very good questions I might add.
      Also, Teddy says hello :-)!

  30. Greetings Golden one, I come to you seeking your profound wisdom!

    I have recently been writing a 5000-word essay as a part of my A-levels in school in the UK. My topic of choice is investigating the question of what is Evil and specifically looking at the Norweigan terror attacks.
    I’m sure you are well aware of the motivations of Breivik and the details of the crime he committed. I’m interested in your interpretation of his politically motivated attack and perhaps shed some light on his ideologies?

    Having been a loyal subscriber for almost a year now I have found your views on multiculturalism, Marxism, Feminism and such like incredibly thought provoking, particularly when spending most days in an environment where there is a lack of arguments against the mainstream socialist view within the education system.

    I would like to know what you thought of Ander Breivik’s political views and how you regard ‘Evil’ acts and people.

    I would really appreciate hearing from you on this, keep up the glorious work!

  31. Hi!
    I just saw your video on the Roman Salute, I couldn’t agree any more!

    I am Mexican. I’m not racist, not homophobic, not a fucking hater – everything is proved, since my girlfriend is brunette, and lots of friends are gay. Still everytime someone tries to offend me, they call me either of these. I realize there is nothing wrong with me, but their weak minds. They blame everything they can’t cope with on everyone else.

    A few days ago I was discussing with a friend of mine about a common, sad, and stupid situation: here in Mexico, if you get in trouble with either a woman, an Amerindian, a richer guy, a really poor guy, an LGBT, or a foreigner, we middle-class, straight men are the ones to lose. Why? Just because you have a College degree, are not starving, are straight and/or because they’ll argue you “feel like you’re superior” (as if they could really know that).

    So, I may not be blond, nor a white supremacist – and I see this happens to a lot of brune guys, at least here in Mexico – but I firmly decide it is NOT my problem if guys want to get offended by their poor interpretations of my words and doings. I won’t allow them to make me feel like I’m a bastard ever again.

    Det var hyggelig at møde dig! (I learned a little danish when I was younger, don’t know how related it is to swedish).

  32. Golden One

    I recently discovered your amazing wisdom and in a few shorts weeks you have really started to change my life. I would love to become a sponsor and will set up a paypal account so I can support you on your path.

    Thank you

    • Hey Cole! That is great to hear, then my wisdom has had the wanted effect!
      And in regard to financial support that is mightily appreciated :-).

      • Thanks for responding to me Golden One.

        Maybe you can email me on how much financial support you normally receive from your sponsor each week.

  33. My pleasure!
    In regard to how much support I receive, it depends very much from month to month if it is single donations. The regular donations I get via Patreon are $146
    per month! 🙂

  34. Hey Golden One
    I have read you would like music without copyrights for your videos.
    There is a great site in which you can download music royalty free:
    I am a videomaker and I used some of its great archive.
    Also I have some ready musics with instructions for editing
    that are ideal for your style of videos and without copyrights.
    If you want I can send you.
    About your videos are nice (a great athlete make them always great).
    May be a day I will do to you a short film.
    Bye Bro

      • Hi great athlete

        I hope you have found the right musics (especially in the “epic” category).
        Remember to write at the end of any video:
        -Kevin MacLeod (
        -Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0
        (also you can see on the informations of the files ).

        About any video productions on you, I would make you for free. I’m an artist
        and I like convey messages through images. You are an athlete and also a man
        with personal thickness, ideas, and personality. All these are great ingredients for
        some more than a good poses video.
        I am thinking about something that doesn’t lost in the w.w.w.
        If you want, it would be better keep in touch via email (mine is on your site).
        We could talk fully about my project.

        Bye bro 😉

  35. Hey Golden One,

    I’m a musician and I’ve been playing guitar for many years. I consider myself to be a mentally tough person, however, I also want to be able to defend myself and my family members if physically attacked. One of my favorite guitarist is John Petrucci of Dream Theater (who’s also a great body builder). However, many guitarists have reported pain in the wrist and/or some sort of negative effect on their dexterity as a result of weight lifting. Do you have any suggestions for guitarists like myself who would like to be strong but at the same time, are very careful and concerned about their skills.


  36. The link you provided for “The Greatest Story Never Told” is no longer working. Naturally, this “error” does not surprise me in the least way. However, to my surprise, I was able to find a documentary with the same title. And, as a matter of course, the leftists have seemingly created similar video titles to possibly fool individuals into watching a liberal propaganda flick full of their typical half-truths and twisted facts. With that said, would you please update the mentioned link; so that subscribers will be sure to watch the intended version?
    Thanks in advance & Long Live Europe!

      • Hey Golden One,
        In regards to “The greatest story never told”. Have you read any of David Irving’s books and what do you think of him/them? Are they worth reading?

  37. Greetings,

    After reading some of your posts (good readings), I noticed that you often use the word “alas” to mean “but”. However, I think “alas” is used to express regret, like “sadly”. A quick search seems to confirm this. The meaning of some of your sentences is therefore changed. For instance, when you write “alas the age of Libertarians is over”, it reads as though you are saddened about it (obviously everyone understood what you meant anyway). I noticed this because I’m French and the French equivalent of “alas” is “Hélas”, which means, without ambiguity, “sadly”.

    • Greetings! I never thought of that, I only thought it sounded more beautiful than but, so I used it instead. But you are completely right, I should use it less frequently! Thanks for letting me know :-).

  38. Hey GO, I have watched you for probably about two years now and I have followed your advice on weight lifting and losing weight and am on my way doing that now. But on your porn suggestion, what do you suggest as a substitute (besides a gf). I live in the middle of essentially a mexican city in the united states, and I’d never want to miscegenate so I’m stuck either being sexually celibate or masturbating. Do you just recommend masturbating to no porn or just nofap in the first place?


  39. Golden one..names Mike..I’m a new subscriber..your videos are inspirational..or better yet ..glorious!!.. you are a fitness buff..I need fitness advice..I have a herniated disc in my back(L5)..what exercises can I do?..can’t do most sports or physical activities till I get my’s depressing and u have motivated me but I need help..thanx for you time

  40. Golden One, thank you for all you have done for European men and women. I have two questions:

    (1) When will your personal training be back? (I realise you are busy writing at the moment)
    (2) Would you consider doing a joint video with Varg Vikernes?

    All the best lad!

  41. Hi there and greeting s from NYC!

    Had a bit of a quandary as whether i should contact you here or not. Would love to send a more personalized message(as i try to people i respect but don’t personally know), but i’d like to do so with expressed permission. Regardless you’re an inspiration to folks like myself to pursue higher expectations and conquer obstacles life gives us.Gods know I’ve had my share and still have more to take on. However both in the short in long run i’m confident to stomp out and triumph over all. I thank you for your continued efforts and hope the best for you and your kin. Wotan mit uns! HailaR WôðanaR!


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