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Treasure Chest of Ambition

If you wish to support my metapolitical work, any and all contributions are highly appreciated (ways to do so are available below).
Furthermore, if you are musically or aesthetically talented, I always appreciate material that I can use for my videos, articles, and social-media posts. You can use the email adress above if you would like to send me such material.

For contributions to the holy work:

  • You can install Brave (web-browser) using my link:
    You can also activate BAT when using Brave to be able to send tips.
  • PayPal:
  • Bitcoin: 3PhT3apgdKgvcbt5Ks3QseG1QTr5KC5ijV
  • Ethereum: 0x2626Ca8df5FCD03C079c9Bf0B583CAfdD26CaB2d
  • Litecoin: LZXt9HdDniL86xoAYgQny2JMUbF6oSp6ki
  • Monero: 47e4zSsi6U2bSH5pMzbUR3DZpSzw3BgmW4cMMxdNzUKMLchgLd7qWcHdGDMEstuq1zWV92MyoDELTPaFG6NWrP38Kr9Ni76

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