5 Reasons to Wear Linen – the Fabric of the Gods

Linen is a clothing fabric that has stood the test of time. Beloved since time immemorial, it now makes a triumphant return. Below are five good reasons to wear linen. For a more health-oriented list, check out this article as well: https://juliaswellnesstips.com/2021/05/28/8-reasons-to-wear-more-linen/

1. Organic Fabric

If you want to wear as much organic material as possible, linen is a great choice. Organic materials such as linen, wool, and cotton are recommended fabrics if you want to limit your skin’s exposure to synthetic materials. In certain situations, such as when training MMA and grappling, it may be suitable to wear synthetics (polyester for rashguards etc.), but otherwise it is advisable to opt for organic fabrics.

2. Ancient European Garment

Legio Gloria linen garments are made in the ancient and heroic nation of Lithuania. All Legio Gloria clothes are made in Europe, which means that the products are made according to certain standards, and by people who receive a fair wage. The same cannot be said about clothing made in the Third World, where production standards are not regulated, and where the sweatshop workers are, most likely, not receiving a fair wage.

Moreover, Baltic linen has a long and illustrious history. During the Middle Ages linen was traded by the powerful Hanseatic League. The Hanseatic League was a trading league consisting of cities connected to the Baltic and the North Sea. Linen has been found in Swiss lake dwellings dating back to as early as 8000 BC. Linen garments have also been found in ancient Egyptian tombs. Epic!

3. Stylish Yet Comfortable

Linen is, as the title above suggests, both stylish and comfortable. Wearing linen is thus suitable when you want to wear a shirt, but at the same time be a bit more relaxed and casual. The only downside to linen is that it gets easily wrinkled, but since this is common knowledge, it will not make a linen shirt appear untidy. Moreover, linen as a fabric will look good even if it is a bit wrinkly (one could even say it is part of the charm!).

4. Perfect in Warm Weather

Just as wool keeps you warm and dry in cold and wet weather, so does linen keep you cool and fresh in warm weather. Linen as a fabric is both strong and breathable, this makes it ideal to wear during summer. Moreover, since the linen is breathable, it doesn’t allow moisture to build up, which makes it harder for bacteria to grow. So, if you have a sensitive skin, linen may alleviate certain symtoms.

So, if you intend to embark upon an expedition to an exotic destination, be sure to bring some linen garments.

5. Durability

Linen is known as the world’s strongest natural fiber and is more durable than cotton. Linen garments will serve you faithfully for a long time, if treated with care. Make sure to not wash it temperatures above 30 degrees Celsius. Treat the linen with care and it will reward you with loyalty!

The Lilac Linen Shirt, Atlantis Linen Shirt, and the Hyperborean Man Summer – Linen Trousers are available on the Legio Gloria webshop: LegioGloria.com. Some more aesthetic garments will arrive soon as well, so stay tuned!

Hyperborean Linen Trousers – Health Advice – Bogomils – France – Podcast

I posted the following for this week’s Fizeek Friday over at Gab. I mentioned the term BogomilMAXXing in the latest Podcast episode as well as in my latest video on Odysee (which can be seen here).

BogomilMAXX for regime change

Summer is incoming and many of us are aiming to get shredded. In order to get shredded, you can BogomilMAXX, which simply means to start fasting and to limit your intake of refined sugar.

  • Intermittent fasting. Easy to incorporate into your life. Simply limit your intake of food to 12:00-20:00 (or an eating window of similar length). I have a black coffee in the morning (gourmet coffee – Kongo Mörkrost).
  • Limit your intake of refined sugar. Easier said than done, but whenever you feel the urge to consume sugary things, just imagine the disproving gaze of a benevolent Bogomil priest.
    I say refined sugar, because there is a great difference (health-wise) between things containing refined sugar and foods that have naturally occurring sugar (fruits, milk etc.).

Pictured (the header picture in this article): current form, about two weeks into the summer cut. I have implemented the changes above. Although, due to a lack of Bogomil priests nearby, I have still consumed some pastries and chocolates (alongside my afternoon/PWO coffee).

Additional note: What does -MAXXing mean? It simply means to do something a lot. EggMAXXing = eating plenty of eggs. SunMAXXing = being out a lot in the sun. Why do I use such terminology when I otherwise try to perfect my language? Because it is fun, and memes are powerful.

Hyperborean Man Summer – Linen Trousers

I am extremely happy to announce the Hyperborean Man Summer – Linen Trousers. As I have said before, the success of previous releases has allowed us to take the clothing to the next level. With more resources to develop new products, we aim for the heavens. More linen, more wool, more organic cotton, more stylish clothes.

A pair of aesthetically pleasing and supremely comfortable linen trousers. Perfect for warm summer days, either basking in the sun at a café or when out exploring and looking for the lost civilisation of Atlantis.

Linen has been a beloved fabric in Europe since time immemorial. During the Middle Ages, the Hanseatic League traded linen from Lithuania. We aim to continue this fine tradition.

The garment is made out of 100% linen and is made in Lithuania. Available here: LegioGloria.com

France – The Pinnacle of Civilisation

In my latest Podcast episode (Episode 9. The Pinnacle of Civilisation – France), I mentioned that I might have been wrong in naming Sweden as the Pinnacle of Civilisation. It is true that Sweden, as a society, reached a high point last century, and has a long and glorious history. However, when viewing the matter from a deeper historical perspective, it is more reasonable to give that title to France.

One could argue that the title should fall to Germany, Spain or Great Britain (among others). All three are indeed worthy contenders. That being said, France has, arguably, been the most admired country of all. How do you determine admiration? True admiration can be found in who you want to emulate. As Bronze Age Pervert correctly pointed out in a recent Caribbean Rhythms episode, Paris has always been the capital that other nations sought to model their own cities after. Alas, today Paris is rather used as a warning example. So, the title of Pinnacle of Civilisation should be viewed in a historical context.

If you haven’t already listened to Podcast Episode 9, I might point out that the entire episode is not about the historical grandeur of France, but more so about Cathars and Christian sects. You can read more about the Cathars here (Lucifer’s Court) and here (Crusade Against the Grail).

On a personal level, I am a great admirer of Imperial Spain (the same is true for Great Britain and Germany). If you want to give your mind a high and healthy dose of European aesthetics, there are plenty of places around Madrid to visit. One such place, which I have visited twice (2018 and 2019), is San Ildefonso. Along with a beautiful palace and garden, it contains plenty of statues of Greek gods.

I made two videos featuring Spanish aesthetics (follow the links to watch on Odysee):
The Golden One in Iberia – Admiration of Epic Statues and Training in Nature
Neo-Visigothic Calisthenics and Iberian Exploration Session of Helios

Moreover, it is important for me to point out that my love for Sweden is not lessened in anyway by my admiration of other nations. On the contrary, I express admiration for other because of a high sense of self-esteem, both on a personal and national level. Certain people venerate others because they feel bad about themselves, and they denigrate themselves. Not so here!

Lastly, I might add that the 19th and 20th century focus the nation is quite outdated in our current predicament. Thus, it is more reasonable to talk in terms of bioculture and civilisation (as I elaborated on in Podcast Episode 7. Europa).

Crusade Against the Grail by Otto Rahn

I have read Crusade Against the Grail by Otto Rahn. It was first published in 1933 as Kreuzzug gegen den Gral. Since I already read Rahn’s second book, Lucifer’s Court (review here, I recommend you to read that first), I thought it was reasonable to read his first book as well.

Just as I noted in my review of Lucifer’s Court, Crusade Against the Grail should not necessarily be read as a historically accurate description of the cultures and events of Southern France during the Middle Ages. That being said, the book is beautifully written. Even translated into English and read almost a century after its release, it still evokes appealing images of the sun-drenched Occitan country-side.

An interesting fact is the following: after releasing Crusade Against the Grail, Rahn was offered 1000 Reichsmark per month by Heinrich Himmler to write a sequel. This is interesting because of the way Rahn portrays the Cathars. Rahn juxtaposes the Occitan (Cathar) religious tolerance against the intolerance and brutality of the Catholic Church. As noted in my previous article, Rahn eventually grew disillusioned by what he saw as an increased intolerance in Germany. It is clear that he greatly valued the tolerant attitudes of the Cathars.

The God Amor

In my review of Lucifer’s Court, and in a recent Fizeek Friday post, I included an inspiring quote describing a god. That god appears in a passage here as well:

An elegant and strong knight approached on horseback. Blond hair fell on his bronzed face, and his clear eyes glistened. The smile of his mouth revealed mother-of-pearl teeth. […]
“Piere Vidal,” said the knight, “you should know that I am Amor, and my Lady is called Grace. Her lady-in-waiting and my servant are Modesty and Loyalty.”

In Lucifer’s Court, this god is Lucifer himself, and Loyalty is his paladin. Since having a paladin named Loyalty is more epic than having a servant, I will keep the Lucifer’s Court version in mind. Peire Vidal was a renowned Occitan troubadour and poet.

A Golden Renaissance

In the Translator’s Foreword chapter of the book, Christopher Jones points out that Rahn yearned for a golden renaissance of traditional values based on the unity of France and Germany under neo-Cathar beliefs. I, Marcus, also yearn for a golden renaissance and a closer unity between France and Germany. And, as I discussed in Podcast Episode 7. Europa, a closer unity between all European countries. In contrast to Rahn, however, I am not a proponent of Catharism.

The Pure Ones

The Cathar Pure Ones promised to dedicate themselves to God and His Gospel, never to lie, never to take an oath, never to have any contact with a woman, never to kill an animal, never to eat any meat, and to feed themselves only with fruits. In fact, during the twelfth and thirteenth centuries any Christian that abstained from meat was suspected of Cathar heresy.

Even if Rahn succeeds in presenting the Cathars in a favourable light, it becomes clear that their teachings are not to be recommended.

  1. For optimal health and happiness, eating meat is good. Meat is a superfood.
  2. Being intimate with your wife is good. That being said, it is recommended to practice semen retention (more on that in a coming article, video or podcast).
  3. Although fruits are delicious and are beneficial to eat prior to prayers in the Temple of Iron, your diet should be centred around meats, eggs and dairy. Fruits can be seen as a complement to your diet.

Moreover, the Cathars viewed the celestial Minne as the original love, and that it had nothing to do with the Earthly love that procreates human beings. Another aspect of Cathar belief was the longing for the next life, and the view of this world as Hell. Both of these attitudes go against the original European Pagan life-affirming attitude to intimacy and the world.

The Pathway of the Pure Ones

The Pathway of the Pure Ones starts out from Olmés, borders Montségur, and passes over the summit of the Tabor. Finally, it reaches the caves of Sabarthés, the last home of the Cathars. Once there, so far from the world, they meditated upon the supreme Minne in a trance-like state.

That sounds like an excellent travel destination for any esoterically minded modern knight. Minne (not to be confused with the Scandinavian word for memory) is another word for the notion of Medieval courtly love. Minne, like chivalry, was a large part of the troubadour culture.

The Crusade Against the Cathars

It must be stated that the crusades against the Cathars were, in no uncertain terms, a horrific affair, as was the persecution of the Cathars. There is a satisfying passage in the book, where Rahn retells the story of how a group of Occitan knights ambushed and killed a group of inquisitors.

The title of the book itself, The Crusade Against the Grail, refers to the grail as a sacred symbol of the Cathars. Rahn also believed that the Cathars hid the grail in the mountains of Southern France during the crusade. He believed that he could find the grail by using Wolfram von Eschenbach’s Parzival as a guide, just as German archaeologist Heinrich Schliemann had located ancient Troy using the Iliad. Rahn’s search for the grail is a main theme of Lucifer’s Court.

On a somewhat related note, when reading about the brutality of the Albigensian Crusade (Cathar Crusade), it becomes easier to understand that the Bosnian Bogomils (another Christian heresy) were inclined to convert to Islam to gain the protection of the powerful Ottomans against the Catholic Church. That being said, today’s Bosnia would be better served by renouncing Islam in favour of another religion. It is the only way they can be closer to their European neighbours (I will talk more about Bosnia in a coming Podcast episode).

In conclusion, I do not necessarily recommend the book, but, just as I mentioned above, I wanted to read both of Rahn’s books.

Header picture: the book alongside a cup of gourmet coffee and some dark chocolate (with sea salt). Golden Coffee Company gourmet coffee is available for European customers here, and for Swedish customers here. Picture above: yours truly in San Ildefonso, Spain.

Fizeek Friday Wisdom – No Access to Gym

Originally posted to Gab for Fizeek Friday: original post.



I do not post physique from the Temple of Iron, but from another form of training. This is the wisdom of the week:

What to do if you can’t access the gym? And what do you do when you have suboptimal conditions for a gym session (i.e. bad sleep, bad diet etc.)?

  1. If you, for whatever reason, have decided to not pray in the Temple of Iron, you can always go for a nice forest walk. Pictured: me checking in from such a walk, chewing on four mastic gums, listening to a podcast (in this case Caribbean Rhythms).
  2. Either you train something lighter, doing complementary bodybuilding exercises, or you go for a walk.

If you know you can’t perform well enough, it is better to save that session for when you are adequately prepared. Say you are following The Primordial Beast’s Hypertrophy Plan, which I wrote for the Physique Manufactorum a while back, or Smolov JR for the benchpress, you simply need to have a good night’s sleep behind you. You also need to have eaten well before, otherwise you will most likely not be able to finish the session. Should you be able to finish the session even when having slept and eaten poorly, you need to increase the weights for your coming sessions.

Remember; to put on mass (as a natural), you need to get stronger in the main compound movements. Progression over a long period of time is the key. If you can’t perform well enough a certain day; postpone the session.

Aux Armes garment for +10 in Thumos and Motivation. Organic cotton, made in Poland: https://legiogloria.com/

Redeeming Lucifer – Book Review

I have read Redeeming Lucifer by Swedish historian and author Lennart Svensson. The title caught my attention, especially since I was intrigued by Otto Rahn’s Lucifers Court, which I made a book review on (available here). Redeeming Lucifer is a fictional work with plenty of esoteric and spiritual themes. Without giving too much away, the main plot is that the protagonist must find and redeem Lucifer (by meeting him and praying for him) in order to bring harmony to the world.

I enjoyed the book. It is well written, immersive, and, as mentioned above, contains interesting esoteric themes. The protagonist of the book, Carl Griffensteen, is a Finland Swede (finlandssvensk in Swedish), and an officer in the Russian army during the Romanian campaign of 1917. During the campaign, he is visited by an angel named Pelagion who invites him to a holy quest in The Land. The Land is a parallel, spiritual world that is a projection of one’s own mind. He is joined in The Land by a trusted companion named Ivan.

In order to reach Lucifer to redeem him (and to make him renounce his vicious ways), Carl needs to muster an army of Light to defeat the army of Darkness that stands in his way. To achieve victory, Carl and Ivan must recruit both historical and mythological heroes. The army of Darkness consists of infamous villains, also both taken from history and myth.

Among the villains of the Dark side we find, among others: Mordred (who killed King Arthur), Ganelon (He is based upon the historical archbishop Wenilo who betrayed King Charles the Bald in 858), Benedict Arnold (a betrayer of the Americans during the American Revolution), and Didrik Slagheck (a villainous Danish bishop involved in the Stockholm Bloodbath, which is an event I will cover in a coming Odysee video).

Among the heroes of the Light side we find, among others: Tannhäuser (a mythologized medieval German Minnesänger and poet. I will write more about ‘Minne‘ in my next article on Otto Rahn’s studies), Odysseus (who needs little introduction for any true cultured thug), Aenas (a mythological Trojan hero and ancestor to Romulus and Remus),

Having historical and mythical characters appear in the book in this way is a great example on how to make a fictional book educational. Definitely a nice touch!

Whenever I read a book, I am always on the lookout for epic quotes to share. I found a quite memorable passage that I thought would be appropriate to share:

How should one act?

Do what feels right.

How does one counter feelings of helplessness?

Man is helpless only if he sees himself as helpless.

Where is this all leading?

There is only here and now.

What can we do without?

Our sense of inferiority.

Another legendary hero that appears in the book is Carl Gustaf Mannerheim. Mannerheim is, arguably, Finland’s greatest man of all time. He actually started his career in the Russian army. He fought in the Russo-Japanese War 1904-1905 and would later lead the Whites in the Finnish Civil War against the Reds (Communists). He would also lead Finland against the Soviets during the Second World War.

Interesting to note is that Mannerheim participated in the Great Game (read my review of Peter Hopkirk’s The Great Game here). He was asked by General Staff of Tsar Nicholas II to undertake a journey through Turkestan to Beijing as a secret intelligence officer disguised as an ethnographer (as was often the case for Russian and British officers). The purpose of the journey was to investigate potential invasion routes into western China.

Perhaps Mannerheim is a suitable topic for a coming Podcast episode (his story is certainly too long to cover here).

Speaking of the Podcast, I have many episodes planned. One of them is about affirmations and the importance of visualising things. I mention this here since a major theme of the book is the relationship between the interior (mind) and the exterior (the outer world). An interesting and important topic indeed.

Lastly, I might add that I have read another book from the author: Ett Rike Utan Like, which is a book about the history of Sweden. It is in Swedish and a book I can also recommend.

In conclusion, Redeeming Lucifer is a good book that I can recommend. At around 200 pages it is easy to read through, in case you have many books on your to-read-list (which I always have).

Update on Odysee and YouTube

Salutations! This is a quick update on the video production. I haven’t been so active as of late due to other commitments. That being said, I will get back to my usual video frequency come May. May as in Mayhem! It is a month I have always associated with a high pace. I will continue to post videos to YouTube, but I will make exclusive content for Odysee.

Generally speaking, the future of YouTube does not look so bright, at least not for independent content creators. YouTube is getting ever more geared towards big corporations, which is both lamentable and understandable. However, on a more positive note, I am excited about both Odysee and 3Speak.

If you haven’t already signed up to Odysee, I encourage you to do so now: https://odysee.com/$/invite/@thegoldenone:a. A great feature of Odysee is that you can repost videos from other channels. This makes it easier for supporters to access all content in one place. As you can see below, my appearances on Guide to Kulchur (DECAMERON) and The Bog both appear on my channel. I have also reposted Camp of Saints by Elessar and Xurious (great track) and a video from Asha Logos (who does great videos). So, if you haven’t checked those videos out, you can do so on my Odysee channel.

3Speak is a part of the Hive network (as are PeakD and Ecency). Hive is a highly interesting (decentralised) initiative that I will promote later on. As of late, I have promoted Odysee, Gab and Minds quite hard, so I need to wait a while until I can promote more social media sites. 3Speak is the video platform of the network. It looks and feels really good, you can check out my channel here: https://3speak.tv/watch?v=thegoldenone/kmvfldqh. Odysee will be my primary video platform moving forward, but 3Speak is an interesting alternative. I am also keeping my eyes open for other platforms of the Hive network. Exciting times!

Moreover, I just released Podcast Episode 8. Balkanization, where I discuss the future of Europe and America. The episode is available here: https://www.subscribestar.com/thegoldenone and here: https://www.patreon.com/posts/50169296. Sharing my thoughts in a podcast feels great. I don’t have to censor myself and I don’t have to keep it short.

Lastly, on a somewhat unrelated note, the supremely aesthetic Lir’s Merino Wool Sweater (seen in the header picture) may be back come autumn. What I can say with certainty, though, is that more wool garments will be available later in the year. You can stay tuned by signing up to the newsletter (form is on the page): https://legiogloria.com/.

Gym Wisdom and Legio Gloria Releases


“𝑻𝒉𝒊𝒔 𝑮𝒐𝒅 𝒍𝒐𝒐𝒌𝒔 𝒍𝒊𝒌𝒆 𝒂 𝒌𝒏𝒊𝒈𝒉𝒕: 𝑯𝒆 𝒉𝒂𝒔 𝒃𝒍𝒐𝒏𝒅 𝒉𝒂𝒊𝒓 𝒂𝒏𝒅 𝒓𝒊𝒅𝒆𝒔 𝒐𝒏 𝒂 𝒍𝒊𝒈𝒉𝒕 𝒉𝒐𝒓𝒔𝒆 𝒕𝒉𝒂𝒕 𝒊𝒔 𝒃𝒍𝒂𝒄𝒌 𝒍𝒊𝒌𝒆 𝒕𝒉𝒆 𝒏𝒊𝒈𝒉𝒕 𝒐𝒏 𝒐𝒏𝒆 𝒉𝒂𝒍𝒇 𝒂𝒏𝒅 𝒅𝒂𝒛𝒛𝒍𝒊𝒏𝒈 𝒘𝒉𝒊𝒕𝒆 𝒐𝒏 𝒕𝒉𝒆 𝒐𝒕𝒉𝒆𝒓. 𝑨 𝒈𝒂𝒓𝒏𝒆𝒕 𝒐𝒏 𝒕𝒉𝒆 𝒓𝒆𝒊𝒏𝒔 𝒔𝒉𝒊𝒏𝒆𝒔 𝒍𝒊𝒌𝒆 𝒕𝒉𝒆 𝒔𝒖𝒏. 𝑰𝒏 𝒕𝒉𝒊𝒔 𝒌𝒏𝒊𝒈𝒉𝒕’𝒔 𝒂𝒕𝒕𝒆𝒏𝒅𝒂𝒏𝒄𝒆 𝒊𝒔 𝒂 𝒑𝒂𝒍𝒂𝒅𝒊𝒏 𝒘𝒉𝒐𝒔𝒆 𝒏𝒂𝒎𝒆 𝒊𝒔 𝑳𝒐𝒚𝒂𝒍𝒕𝒚.”

Originally posted to Gab as my Fizeek Friday contribution: the post on Gab.

Gym advice: strength and mass will come to you, but only if you continuously get stronger in the heavy compound movements (this is the main rule for naturals, i.e. non-steroid users). This means that most of your gym sessions will be about pushing your limits.

Adequate preparation (sleep + diet) will enable this. But, in my experience, you also need a good amount of passion to push through when the sessions get ever heavier.

Thus, you need to optimise your mental game in relation to your gym sessions. This is the idea behind memorising epic quotes (like the one above, which is from Otto Rahn’s Lucifer’s Court). The same principle applies to garments (many Legio Gloria designs for example) and to amulets. As seen in the picture, I am wearing the Hammer of Thor. I look at the Hammer and am reminded of its meaning (it is a symbol of strength).

I have long been a proponent of the PWO (pre-workout) Routine. A moment of mental preparation before the session. A cup of coffee, a fruit, some intense music, some videos (many of my videos are to serve this purpose). Get in the right mind-set before hitting the gym.

Picture via this video: https://odysee.com/@thegoldenone:a/the-golden-one-the-wild-hunt-for:f

Heimdall’s Blessed Garment and Hammer of Thor (seen in the picture above) via: https://legiogloria.com/

Speaking of which, we have a new release for Legio Gloria: the Questing Handsome Shorts – Navy.

These shorts are made of 100% cotton. They are a bit thicker and softer than the previous version of the Handsome Shorts. Moreover, since they are flexible and soft enough, the elastane has been omitted. Proudly made in Poland.

Lastly, as I announced on Telegram, the European Jotunheim Nutrition webshop has been updated: https://www.jotunheimnutrition.de/. In addition to some adjustments, I am happy to announce that Gyllene Kaffekompaniet gourmet coffee (Kongo Mörkrost) is now available for European customers. Swedish coffee is something completely different than non-Swedish coffee. So, a high quality Swedish gourmet coffee is bound to completely MOGG other, lesser, coffee types.

The Golden One PWO of Metal and Glory – Spotify

My Spotify playlist – The Golden One PWO of Metal and Glory – is now inactive. I simply had enough of Spotify’s “woke” pushiness and censoring of right-wing podcasts.

Below are a few music channels on Odysee which you can check out. Also, make sure to sign up to Odysee using my link: https://odysee.com/$/invite/@thegoldenone:a. I am not sure for how long I will be on YouTube, and I have already begun posting exclusive content there.

Elessar, long time Trve Friend. His track, which he made alongside Xurious, is one of my favourite tracks of all time. It is just unreasonably good!


Music by another friend of mine, VMVXEC, is also available on Odysee.


As is Hiraeth.


I will continue to update this list and promote good artists who create channels on Odysee.

Angel’s Triumph – Symbolism and Networking


New releases for Legio Gloria. This article will explain the thoughts behind the new design. Moreover, I just sent out a Legio Gloria newsletter. Signing up for that newsletter is the best way to stay updated on the clothing.

The Angel’s Triumph – T-Shirt design symbolises the triumph of good versus evil, which is a common theme in human myth. We live in an age where demonic forces, for lack of a better description, are on the rise. Talking about demonic forces might sound a bit too dramatic, but the further along the path of enlightenment you have travelled, the truer this statement will sound.

The washing instruction for the t-shirt (picture at the bottom of the article) includes a ‘No-Communism’ sign. I thought it was a nice touch that fitted the theme of the design. The angel on the hoodie is the same as on the t-shirt, but in gold, matching the Legio Gloria emblem embroidery on the front. Burgundy and gold go well together, aesthetically speaking.

Moreover, in my previous Legio Gloria newsletter, I wrote the following about the Theseus’ MMA Shorts: Theseus is a classical Hellenic hero, and the Minotaur is a high testosterone beast. As with all Legio Gloria designs, this is meant to inspire you to set a high pace in your given endeavour. Perhaps you are sparring, or rolling, against a larger and more experienced opponent, then envision yourself as Theseus fighting the Minotaur. Preparing for some heavy deadlifts in the gym? Envision the Primordial Beast coming to you in the shape of a Minotaur, lending you strength.

On another note, something which always makes me happy to hear, is when guys have recognised like-minded individuals in public when wearing Legio Gloria clothing. I have heard similar stories about Jotunheim Nutrition shakers in gyms in Sweden.

When designing clothes there are many different choices to be made. One such choice is whether to go with a discreet design or a design that is more eye-catching. The more eye-catching ones serve a good purpose in that they are easily recognisable, making it easier to recognise a potential friend. Another reason is, of course, to serve as motivation for the wearer. Looking yourself in the mirror whilst wearing a certain garment is supposed to give you additional strength (as explained above).

A note on the t-shirt. The reason for not going with regular or organic cotton for the new t-shirt, as for the other t-shirts, is so that the design itself is inside the cloth, as opposed to on top of it. Simply put, the design would not have been possible with another material. Speaking of which, it is very soft and comfortable. Coming t-shirts will be in organic cotton though, as will coming poloshirts.

That being said, I wish everyone a high energy and productive week ahead. And don’t forget to check in on Gab (and follow me there: @TheGoldenOne) next Friday for the weekly Fizeek Friday. It is highly motivating.

Lastly, if you see this, I salute you. Taking the time to read an article, instead of just mindlessly scrolling, is a sign of a disciplined mind.

A Few Notes on Julius Evola – Metaphysics of Power

Metaphysics of Power is a collection of essays written by Julius Evola throughout his life. Recently published by Arktos, it contains plenty of interesting insights. 

A few notes on Evola 

1. His work is in Italian and was written between 1920-1974. This makes it necessary to read certain segments twice (or thrice!) to properly understand it. Even more so since certain passages can be quite hard to understand at first (especially if you are not used to reading him). 

2. An interesting concept he elaborates on is the distinction between the race of the body, the race of the soul and the race of the spirit. Race of the body is the purely biological (the material). He cautions restricting one’s understanding of race to only the material. The race of the soul deals in a horizontal manner with what surrounds a man, his peers, the culture (art, literature, customs etc.) he is in. I will talk more about this later on, as it goes into what we are doing with Fizeek Friday at Gab 🐸. The race of the spirit deals, in a vertical manner, with a man’s attitude to the divine and the metaphysical. 

3. Evola refers to himself as a superfascista, meaning he was beyond fascism, as he viewed fascism as not being Right-Wing enough, not hierarchical enough. So, when he talks about the problem of racial materialism, he does not do it out of tolerance, but rather the opposite. 

4. Understanding Evola’s view of hierarchy is easier done when taking his background into consideration. He was an aristocrat, a baron to be more precise, from Sicily. Another interesting book on this subject is Two Models of Government by Dr Michael Arnheim. I read this book a few years back, and it deals with the relationship between the King, the Aristocracy and the People

An interesting essay in Metaphysics of Power deals with the French king Philip the Fair. Philip has, by some, been hailed as a proto-fascist king. Evola, however, takes issue with Philip because he laid the foundations of the centralisation of power (to Paris), at the expense of the feudal lords of France. 

My own personal ill-will towards Philip the Fair stems from his treatment of the Templar Order. He was indebted to them and, on the fateful Friday the 13th, October, 1307, he vanquished them. I have made two videos on the topic: VLOG. A Note on the Templars. What Should the French King Philip Have Done? and October 13th 1307 – The Fall of the Templars: Assassin’s Creed Unity Part 1. As I mentioned in the video, I understand that Philip saw the Templars as a potential threat to his own power. However, how he dealt with them was less than honourable. 

Evola says of the Templars:

Here it must suffice to observe that in the Order of the Templars, more than any similar organisation of that time, the highest ideal of Ghibelline civilisation had been realised: that is, of a close solidarity between the warrior element and the ascetic element.

And, in a later passage in the same essay:

The attack was levelled rather against men who incarnated the highest tradition of the Medieval Period.

5. Lastly, two concepts which I have talked about before, are: Men Among the Ruins and Ride the Tiger. I will talk more about those concepts at a later time. Perhaps on Odysee! If you haven’t already signed up to Odysee, I encourage you to do so now: https://odysee.com/$/invite/@thegoldenone:a

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