New Garments + New Training Video + Recommended Reading List


I am pleased to announce that two new garments now are available in the store. The first one is a new design, a classic Fleur-de-Lis in white and red on black. As I have mentioned before the Fleur-de-Lis is not exclusively a French weapon (although primarily associated with royal France) and have been used by various entities in Europe. This Fleur-de-Lis stands for European heritage and traditional ideals.


The other tanktop is the same design as the popular Golden Lion Tanktop, but in Burgundy. The design is a Nordic heraldic war lion, just as the Fleur-de-Lis is not exclusive to France, the rampant lion is not exclusive to any nation in particular, and is thus well suited to serve as a symbol of European pride (European in this context does not mean Europe as a geographic location but as a civilisation).


Moreover, in case you have not already seen it, the recommended reading list is now up and available here. It aims at laying a solid foundation to becoming well aware of some truths that has been lost in the Cultural Marxist West.
Furthermore I have received inquiries in regard to if more t-shirt designs are coming, and to answer that question: Yes!


Lastly I have released a training video I am quite pleased with. It includes many loyal sons of Sweden and will hopefully serve as inspiration for more Western guys to participate in the Crusade for Evropa!


Asatru, A Native European Spirituality by Stephen A. McNallen. Book Review. Paganism and Christianity



I have had the pleasure of reading Stephen McNallen’s book Asatru. I actually first became aware McNallen’s work little over a year ago when he was a guest at the based podcast Red Ice Radio (highly recommended listening). There was also a certain controversy that arose when the book was released. The nature of this controversy was in regard to notion that Germanic Paganism is a native European spirituality. This was of course unacceptable to the disingenuous elements of “Paganism”. In regard to those fake (Cultural Marxist-influenced) Pagans I actually made a popular video named Degenerate Neckbeard Claiming Pagan. ROFLMAOSaid degenerate neckbeard was one who took it upon himself to reject the teachings of McNallen because it was “racist” as it was exclusive to others. McNallen claims (rightly) that Asatru is a native European spirituality, which of course then, per definition, becomes excluding to others. And as we all know the (((Official Narrative))) does not allow for European-only things. Africa for Africans, Asia for Asians, Europe for everyone. This is not only true in terms of immigration but also in regard to culture.
This book however, and this is a great merit of it, is uncucked in this regard and states that this is a spirituality which is for people of European descent. That the author elaborates on biological realities makes it legit, especially when many supposed “Pagans” are highly inglorious individuals who are just mad at Christianity, and the extent of their entusiasm for Paganism boils down to its role as not being Christian.

Another great merit of the book is how the Gods are presented. For those who read this book after having adhered to my own teachings for some time will recognise it. Namely that the Nordic Gods demand bold action; not submissive worship (as might be the case with Christianity). If you want to appease Thor you must pray in the Temple of Iron, getting strong in his image. If you want to get wiser in the image of Odin, you need to read a lot (or procure wisdom where ever possible). The Gods do not give freely but set themselves up as good role models for which you can strive. Odin made many sacrifices to obtain optimal wisdom (most notably giving his eye to Mimer). Tyr, God of War, sacrificed one hand to capture the Fenris Wolf.
This is a more glorious view of the divine than simply worshipping a supreme being. To elaborate further in regard to my own quest and philosophy, I do not want anyone who adheres to my teachings to only admire me. I want those who adheres to my teachings to follow upon the same path of glory. If it just admiration without action, my sacrifices have been in vain. The Gods, primarily Odin and Thor set themselves up as role models so that I could strive to become like them via action, not via submissive worship. I have gained the blessings of both because I have worked hard for it and that is a just system indeed. Work hard = get rewarded. Get good or get rekt. You work for miracles, they do not just happen, you must make them happen.

The book will be on my Glorious Pill Reading List (and is thus a recommended book). However, there is a part where criticism can be levelled, and this is true for plenty of Pagans in America primarily, and this can be true even for uncucked Pagans. It is a quite bothersome aversion towards Christianity. As a Swedish man I have a different perspective on the matter. I realise that Christianity in America might have a bad reputation due to fanatics. However, it is important to realise that Christianity has been a part of Western civilisation for a very long time; and to treat it with hostility is not worthy. I am not even baptised so I do not have any actual connection to the church. However, I still appreciate the good things Christianity has brought to Europe and I would not treat it with any sort of contempt. To do thus is to treat a large part of European history with contempt.

To summarise I recommend this book to anyone who wish to gain a deeper insight into the pre-Christian spirituality of Northern Europe.

The book is available at

The Wild Hunt Challenge (2-Months to Increase Gloriousness).


The Wild Hunt Challenge is aimed at reinforcing positive behaviours in young men. Perhaps you are already following the steps given in this challenge; if so, keep it up! If not; show this to a friend who might benefit from it.


  1. The first step is to train at least five days a week, the exception is for those who realistically have too little time to train five days a week. However, the overwhelming majority can find the time to train this amount. Furthermore, remember that training can enhance your effectiveness in mental endeavours, thus you should never feel that training is impeding on your other work (I am primarily thinking about studies etc here). Training is at the core of becoming glorious. No Demigod is unfit, simple as that!
  2. The second step is to stop watching porn; or to be more precise: stop masturbating to porn. You can masturbate using your imagination should you wish. Alas it is of paramount importance to realise that porn is a weapon aimed at young men to turn them into compliant subjects and impulsive consumers. I want you to be aggressive and disciplined. Thus it is non-negotiable to cut out porn from the lives of my legionnaires.
  3. The third step is to read an article each day. The reason for this is twofold. First and foremost it will enhance your levels of wisdom and make you more formidable intellectually. Secondly it will get you into the routine of concentrating for a longer period of time. As it is right now social media conditions your mind to constantly crave new visual stimulation. This is a harmful habit that needs to be checked. Thus it is beneficial to spend the same amount of time as you would on mindless scrolling towards reading profound articles. I am of course not saying that scrolling through your social media is wrong (I scroll through my Instagram everyday), what I am saying is that you must also condition your mind to keep concentrated on something for a longer period of time.
  4. The fourth step is to find the most epic place in your vicinity and take a glorious picture there; preferably when you look your best. The reasons for this is first and foremost because it is fun, it becomes like a roleplaying game where you are out on a quest for some magical item. The magical item in this case it to take the most epic picture possible. You can either upload it to Instagram and tag your picture with #legiogloria. Or you can post it to my Facebook wall. If you do not have any social media, you can just enjoy the exploration aspect of it! It is important to get out in nature a bit more and appreciate Mother Earth!


I hope you participate!

New Glorious Gym Stringers for the Traditionalist!


On this fine day two new gym stringers has been released for the growing collection! One in white and one in blue with the same design; three Fleur-de-Lis in gold to represent European history and Traditional values. Although the Fleur-de-Lis is primarily associated with France it has been used by various European factions throughout our illustrious history. The white version will be available in tanktops come the next release as well!
For information on how to order, please visit the store page.


Traditionalist Gym Stringer White. 20 EURO.


Traditionalist Gym Stringer Blue. 20 EURO.

Also, for anyone who is not subscribed to my YouTube, here is the new channel trailer (which usually is the latest training video).

Western Civilization Bites Back. Book Recommendation


I have just had the pleasure of reading this profound Tome of Wisdom. It is a collection of speeches by the legendary Jonathan Bowden. I am currently in the works of setting together a “The Glorious Pill Reading List” (which is what I think I will name the list), and this book will definitely be on that list.
The most noteworthy merits of the book is Bowden’s total rejection of the Cultural Marxist narrative; especially in regard to equality. Equality for Bowden is as unnatural and untruthful as it gets and the way he elaborates on it is sure to awaken plenty of people schooled in leftist thought.
The other aspect that is of great importance, and this is true for quite a lot of new Rightists, is to understand the importance of culture and its role for the strength of the nation, tribe, or people.
If you are interested in cultural side of the metaphysical war this is a must read book!

Available at

Glorious Tanktops Now Available. New Name For This Site!



After a long wait the new Golden Lion Tanktop of Evropa is here. This has been in the works for quite some time. The difference between a stringer and a tanktop is that a stringer shows more skin and is in general more suited to prayers in the Temple of Iron. A tanktop is a bit more versatile and also more appealing to more people (more people in the sense; Metaphysical Crusaders for Mother Evropa, not just anyone who likes the design, more on that here).
Visit the store page for more information:


Moreover, as you might have noticed, I have changed the name of this page to TheGoldenOne instead of Narcissus. This has been a long time coming and I haven’t gotten around to do it until now (due to studies etc). The name Narcissus has been the name of this site for quite some time actually. I did not really have any special relation to the name except for the fact that I have gotten my fair share of comments/accusation regarding narcissism, and since I like Greek mythology and the site was to begin with focusing on perfecting one’s physique I thought it was a fitting name. Now however, I feel that it was time to stick with one title. Furthermore, speaking of names, my other title The Glorious Lion, as I use on my back-up YouTube channel, and my Instagram is because on in certain cases the name The Golden One was already taken (doubtlessly by some blasphemous heretic).


Quote from a Handbook of Traditional Livng


“Finally comes the Age of Iron or ‘Dark Cycle’, that of our time, in which injustice, death and pain, rule supreme. This age is ruled by economic power: man is entirely devoted to the pursuit of ‘prosperity at all cost’, to the point of forgetting his relation to the divine. Dark forces expressing the unleashing materiality now take over. The regal function, naturally occurring in the Golden Age, has now withdrawn and is no longer visible. A fifth age should be added to the four just mentioned: the Age of Heroes or the Aryan Cycle, which will lead to the restoration of the Golden Age.”

– A Handbook of Traditional Living

Jack Donovan’s Becoming a Barbarian. Tribalism and Loyalty


I have just read Jack Donovan’s latest book; Becoming a Barbarian and thought to take this as an opportunity to recommend it wholeheartedly. One of the greatest merits of the book is actually the description of the powers to be, “The Empire of Nothing” as he puts it; a phrase often also used by Paul Waggener of Operation Werewolf. Although one might argue that too little emphasis is put on Zionist control of media and finance the analyses is still highly relevant and one I can agree on (more so seen from an economic and cultural perspective than a political though). The Empire of Nothing is a rootless, mass consumerist culture where the only loyalty is to Mammon (money) and identities can be bought and sold as commodities on the global market. Everything that is an obstacle towards unbridled consumerism is a threat, such as national and tribal identities.

Another very good point that the book raises and that everyone should take to heart (and explain to others), is the complete inability for any single human being to care about exactly everyone else in the world. Donovan brings up a solid example (imagine if you had to write down the name of every human in the world – it would take a lifetime), this illustrates quite well the inability to actually care deeply about everyone. Showing solidarity with a starving child in Africa is virtue signalling; it is impossible to feel deep sorrow for every child that is living in unfortunate circumstances.
The tribalist mindset, much like the nationalist mindset (but on a smaller scale), is about being a true friend to your tribe. Quoting Aristotle “A friend to all is a friend to none“, this makes perfect sense; if you care about everyone and if you hold everyone in the same regard you are not placing particularly much value on anyone. If everyone is the same and equal; everyone is easily replaced, and this is also endemic to the modern world; with loose loyalties and fleeting connections. As I see it there are too many guys who are investing quality time in people they will never have a deeper relationship with, and that is time that could be spent with your brothers.

Viewing your friends in a similar manner as you view your girlfriend will serve you well; you are not handing roses out to random females. You are not giving love and affection to random females that you have no connection with. You are not investing time in a girl you have no romantic interest in. Translating this into friendship (or brotherhood) terms, you should not be everyone’s friend, do not give love and loyalty towards random guys that you have no deeper shared loyalty with. Do not invest your time building a friendship with men of questionable honour.
I do not have any friends that are not a) either training in the gym or martial arts, and b) are nationalists or traditionalists. The reason for this is simple; I value myself, I value my time and whom I chose to build significant relationships with. You should also value yourself and value your time; make sure you invest it in quality people who are of a glorious mindset and who will help you grow (and make sure that you help them grow; iron sharpens iron).

Furthermore this is a good time to elaborate briefly on a mindset that is of utmost importance. Realise that you are judged not as an individual but also on whom your tribe consists of; or simply put, you are being judged on your friends. Coming to this realisation will strengthen both yourself and your tribe. Jealousy and drama has its place in a teenage girl group; amongst valiant men you must look towards the total glory of the tribe (tribe here is used as a term for social context) and thus it becomes apparent that the stronger your brothers are; the stronger you are. Also, be on the lookout for weak and decadent elements within the tribe; their weakness and vulnerability becomes your weakness.

To conclude I would like to recommend this book to all men, this is a great book if you are new to political and philosophical thought. If you have been in the game for a while there might be books that offer more insights, but as a starter book to get guys to get a more realistic and loyal world view; this is the book to start with.


Why Muhammad Ali was not a draft dodger. A Tribalist’s perspective.


Muhammed Ali passed away last week and as was to be expected a debate arose about him. I chose to salute him via pictures on Instagram and Facebook as I think he was worthy of commemorating on his day of passing. He was not just only a great athlete, he was also an athlete who used his fame for something good; he used it to promote his own political ideas. Much like today’s champion, Tyson Fury, who also has a great many good views and seem like a very good man (despite the media trying desperately to portray him as otherwise).
The most common critique against Muhammad Ali is that he was a draft-dodger. In merely technical terms it is true. He avoided getting drawn into the Vietnam war. Was this wrong however? I would wholeheartedly argue no. The Vietnam war was first and foremost a destructive war that hurt the United States more than anything, and gave rise to the extremely destructive Flower Power movement, which was also connected with the leftist currents sweeping over Europe. The Vietnam war itself is not the interesting topic though, the interesting topic is whether Ali was wrong to fight that particular battle. He was not wrong in dodging the draft because it was not his fight, it was not the fight of his tribe. He was an African-American, he was Black. That is not the same tribe as the American Government. Fighting for someone else’s tribe makes you a mercenary. Refusing to fight for another tribe does not make you a coward. Refusing to fight for your own tribe makes you a coward. Refusing to participate in a struggle for your own people makes you immoral. There is a large different in the two.

A real draft-dodger (in the tribal sense) today would be (to give an example) a Swedish man (or any Western European man for that matter) who is not open with his views because he is afraid of being called X (insert generic term used by leftists). A draft-dodger in the United States today is someone who does not support Trump, a draft-dodger in France next year will be someone who does not openly support Front National. A draft-dodger in the Austrain election was anyone who did not vote for FPÖ.

My main point with this article is that your loyalty and your commitment is towards your own people: not anyone else. And to end this elaboration with a good example of courage, here is the young Trump supporter in the midst of protesters being intimidated. You can see that he is afraid (and rightly so) but he overcomes it, it would have been easier for him to just remove his Trump pin and walk away, but he faced down his fear, and that is courageous.


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