Regarding Pre-Orders

In regard to the pre-orders for the clothing. They will be shipped out next week. I had hoped to send them out this week alas the Gods saw fit to present additional obstacles.
I give genuine thanks for your patience!

A healthy soul in a healthy body

The Primordial Truth teaches us that training in the Temple of Iron and the Temple of Martial Valour is of paramount importance; not only in terms of physical fitness, but also in terms of mental fitness. A healthy soul in a healthy body.

Nordic Bronze Age God-King. Video by Survive The Jive

Here is a very interesting video for those interested in Indo-European history.

Words from the Primarch

I want to share some very important words, so take a moment to read this. Also, it is not primarily aimed at anyone who has been following me for a while, because you will already be aware of this.
Yesterday we saw an attack on the Royal Capital, and as always after these terrorist attacks there are people who put on various flags on their profile pictures or hashtag with the appropriate prayer. This is of course laughable. Another aspect, however, is the guys who are (rightfully) angry and frustrated and wonder when change will come. I want to distribute a brutal and uncomfortable truth: Change will take a lot of time and we are running out of time. This is not being defeatist, because a victory is still very much possible.
However, what you have to realise is that if you are serious about wanting change (in this case not wanting any more terrorist attacks in Europe): You need to accept that you are the representative of your ideology. The Primordial Truth teaches us that people listen more to whom is speaking than what is actually being said. So if you have a vision of a Nationalist Europe, the only reasonable course of action is to turn yourself into an attractive representative for the Cause. I am not saying that I am perfect, but at least I try to be and make no excuses.
So if you do love your nation, work each and every day to become as good a representative for your ideology as you can possibly be. If you do not do this you have no right to become angry when nationalist parties fail in the elections (thus enabling the traitor politicians to continue enacting the Great Replacement). This is especially true since the media in the West has worked relentlessly to portray Nationalists as unattractive betas.
Moreover, I find it rather interesting seeing all these guys who dream about a bloody revolution that will set everything in order. Meanwhile the very same guys can’t even abstain from porn or go to the gym. Yet somehow they expect to magically be prepared for war when or if a chaotic situation arises.
It is easy for these guys to talk about what others should and shouldn’t do (whilst conveniently sitting on the side-lines). It is harder to embrace the grind.
Furthermore, it matters not if you are primarily concerned with a solution that is primarily oriented towards politics, culture, or violence. The preparation looks the same; become a force of nature.
Lastly, I would like to aim a heartfelt thank you for 52 000 subscribers on YouTube and 19 000 likes on Facebook.

First Among Equals – How to Acquire Valiant Friends. Part 1

If I am guilty of anything it is the pursuit of wisdom.

Moreover, I come bearing wisdom in regard to the procurement of valiant true friends for my loyal legionaries!

First Among Equals – How to Acquire Valiant Friends. Part 1

Lastly, shoutout to my man Ahzek Ahriman of the Thousand Sons for the extremely epic picture!

Defender of the Faith

Whether you are Pagan or Christian, and whichever type of Pagan or Christian you are, it is always better to have faith in something than to be an Atheistic Nihilist.
Do you think Alexander the Great would have been able to conquer the known world if he had looked at the situation strictly in terms of logic and reason? Alexander had an unshakeable faith in himself, and his men also had an unshakeable faith in him; thus they could attain greatness.
When the logical conclusion points to a seemingly inevitable outcome, one can either accept it as inevitable and embrace the weak and blasphemous notion of defaitism. Alternatively, one can embrace the Glorious Pill and shape fate in accord with one’s own vision.

RIP Gustav III

Valiant and heroic king Gustav III, we remember you with dedication and love, and as you smile down upon your loyal sons I know that you feel confident in the knowledge that we will turn the current situation of Mother Sweden around.

Rest in peace. March 29th 1792.

Legio Gloria Clothing. Who Is It For? Only Valiant Men, No Degenerates!

Elaborating on for whom this clothing company is for. Basically, I want this to be clothing aimed at a specific group of valiant men who live a certain lifestyle and who have embarked upon a holy quest of continuous improvement.

Wearing one of these garments must always be viewed as something that is to be deserved. This is not a brand suitable for everyone, there are plenty of faceless and rootless brands looking to gain traction in the globalist mono-culture. Since those brands are for everyone it means that they are for no one. Legio Gloria is not for everyone. You must train your body as well as your mind. You must reject degeneracy and embrace self-determination.

Moreover, wearing a garment from this site must be viewed as a contract to yourself; a contract of constant self-improvement and the upholding of ancient masculine virtues such as honesty, pride, courage, and strength.

Quote on Physical Training by Socrates

“No man has the right to be an amateur in the matter of physical training. It is a shame for a man to grow old without seeing the beauty and strength of which his body is capable.”
– Socrates

New garments are available for pre-orders!

The new garments are available for pre-orders at I am very happy with both the quality of the clothes themselves (made in Europe, Poland) and the glorious designs. I will elaborate further on them in a coming video. Until then, you can read more in the link above. I wish you all a joyous weekend!