The Wild Hunt Challenge – March 2021 – Mindpower and Initiative

Here are the instructions for The Wild Hunt Challenge – Mindpower and Initiative (video).

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    An easy first step! Key point: don’t be a passive consumer of content, be proactive.
  2. Make the following commitment to yourself: for the duration of this month, get into the habit of watching entire videos, instead of just watching a few minutes here and there. This is to train your attention span and in order for you to value the time you invest in watching content.
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  4. Read one book. Fiction or non-fiction. Reading books is a great way to train your capacity for attention, you can view it as an anti-dote to the mindless scrolling of social media. You can also, and this is optional, post an epic quote or share some valuable insights from the book you are reading to Gab or Minds (you can tag me there so I see it).
  5. Train at least one martial art session this month. To not train any martial art during the month of the war god is sacrilegious!

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The Golden One Podcast – Episode 6. Dietary Wisdom


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That being said, I thought to share some quick dietary advice that I elaborate on in the latest Podcast episode. The Podcast is available here: or

  1. Optimal athletic performance and optimal health do not always go hand in hand. An elite level strongman will bloatmaxx (i.e., eat a crazy amount of calories) to be able to perform in his sport. Is this good for your overall health? There are certainly worse things you can do, but it is not necessarily the best thing you can do for your body either.
  2. Intermittent fasting. Is your goal to put on as much mass as possible? Perhaps you have just started praying in the Temple of Iron and are looking to make optimal gains. Then it is better to include a sturdy breakfast. Are you looking to stay lean and to optimise your health? Then intermittent fasting can be a good idea for you.
  3. What to eat? Meat, eggs, dairy. Meat is a superfood and does wonders for your cognitive performance. Make sure to get your food from a good, clean source. The healthier the animal has lived, the healthier the food will be.
  4. Try to cut out as much added sugar from your diet as possible. This does not include naturally occurring sugars, such as from fruits and milk etc. Eating a pastry every once in a while is not to be viewed as a failure, as long as your everyday diet is good and nutritious.
  5. Don’t forget to include bone broth in your diet. If you do not consume it on a regular basis, be sure to use a collagen supplement.

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The Golden One – Videoplatform


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Lucifer’s Court – Book Review and Inspiring Quotes

I have read Lucifer’s Court, originally in German Luzifers Hofgesind, eine Reise zu den guten Geistern Europas, by Otto Rahn. I have always had an interest in the legend of the Holy Grail, and as of late, I have decided to delve a bit deeper into the occult.

Lucifer’s Court is a book that is best enjoyed when it is felt, rather than read. Taking everything in it literally and viewing it as a historically accurate document might lead to some misconceptions. However, when reading books like this, one can always be inspired to explore new ideas. The book, published in 1937, is written like a travel journal and he visits various European destinations in his search for the Grail. Perhaps the fictional character Indiana Jones was inspired by Rahn. Speaking of which, I greatly enjoyed the Indiana Jones films in my childhood.

The author, Otto Rahn, became a member of the German SS after Heinrich Himmler took an interest in him and his search for the Grail after the publication of his first book Crusade Against the Grail: The Struggle between the Cathars, the Templars, and the Church of Rome (my review can be read here). Rahn eventually became disillusioned with the Third Reich and resigned from his position in the SS in 1939. Later the same year, he, allegedly, committed suicide. His death is still subject to speculation. Rahn was openly homosexual and he positioned the intolerance of the Catholic Church against what he saw as a more tolerant pre-Christian Europe. Perhaps his disillusionment with the Third Reich came as a result of the increasing totalitarianism he perceived there.

His thesis in regard to the Grail was that it was a stone fallen from Lucifer’s crown, spirited away by four Cathar pure ones when their stronghold came under threat from the Catholic forces:

“And perhaps the treasure of the church, which four chivalrous pure ones had taken from the threatened castle of Montségur to the caves of the Sabarthès, was the Grail – not the Church’s distortion known as the chalice of Jesus of Nazareth, but a stone fallen from Lucifer’s crown that bestows food and drink and immortality to those who are worthy of his display.”

Since the author is hostile to the Catholic Church, he is sympathetic to the Cathars. The Cathar movement was a heresy that flourished in southern France between the 12th and 14th centuries. The Pope eventually called a crusade to subjugate them. Rahn points to the region’s Gothic past, connecting the Cathars to the noble Goths.

The crusade against the Cathars was not only religious in its nature. It was a way for the Pope to quell an emerging threat to the authority of Rome (the Catholic Church), it was also a way for the French king to bring the southern counties under firmer control. France during the Middle Ages was a quite heterogenous country, and many of the Cathars also differed from the rest of the country in that they spoke Old Occitan. Alain de Benoist of the French New Right, writes at length about the Occitan separatist movement in View from the Right (see picture further down).

Rahn argues that Lucifer is the equivalent of Balder among the Norsemen and Apollo among the ancient Greeks. Some scholars, such as my friend, the historian Thomas Rowsell, disagree with this claim. Rowsell runs a popular YouTube channel, Survive the Jive, which focuses on Indo-European religion, among other topics. A channel I can highly recommend subscribing to.

Whenever reading books like this, I take great joy in finding epic and inspiring quotes that I can return to whenever I need additional motivation to set a high pace, in the Temple of Iron, or in other endeavours. One such quote is the following:

This God looks like a knight: He has blond hair and rides on a light horse that is black like the night on one half and dazzling white on the other. A garnet on the reins shines like the sun. In this knight’s attendance is a paladin whose name is Loyalty.”

The god appears in a later sequence in the book as well:

“I believe that I just saw God on this road! He came riding like a knight, beautiful and strong. His blond hair fell around his bronzed face and his bright eyes shone. […] ‘Peire Vidal, you have met Lucifer, whom you call Lucibel!’”

Peire Vidal was a poet, who was, most likely, born in Toulouse in the mid-12th century.

If you have an interest in the legend of the Grail, or the Cathar Heresy I can recommend this book. If not, there are plenty of other good books to read. 

I read the following edition: Lucifer’s Court. Rahn, Otto. Translated by Christopher Jones. Inner Traditions. Rochester, Vermont.

The quotes above are translated from the German original, Luzifers Hofgesind, eine Reise zu den guten Geistern Europas.

A book review in video format is incoming at my Odysee channel. Sign up using my invite link to support the video making:$/invite/@thegoldenone:a

The Essential Amino Acids seen in the picture are available for Swedish customers at and for European customers at

Epic Quote from Horus Heresy – Galaxy in Flames

“She saw such power in his broad over-muscled torso and such intense focus in his sharp grey eyes she wondered she was not repelled by Loken. He was a killing machine, created and trained to deal death, but she couldn’t stop watching and blink-clicking images of his heroic physique.”

Galaxy in Flames: Horus Heresy Book 3 – Ben Counter

The Great Game by Peter Hopkirk

I have read The Great Game by Peter Hopkirk.

The Great Game refers to the geopolitical power struggle between Great Britain and Russia in Central Asia (with Afghanistan as the focal point) during the 1800s.

This Anglo-Russian rivalry began with the defeat of Napoleon (their common enemy) and ended in the early 1900s with the emergence of two glorious nations; Germany and Japan.

What were the motivating factors for interference and struggle for control of Central Asia?

For Russia 🇷🇺
– Revenge after centuries of aggression from the peoples of the steppes. Russia was occupied by the Mongol Golden Horde for a long time.
– Conquest to stop slave raiders (similar to what the French did in North Africa).
Russians were routinely enslaved by the khans of Central Asia.

For the British 🇬🇧
– Keeping India safe. Using Afghanistan and other tribes and nations as a buffer against Russian expansion. The British authorities in India feared a Russian invasion of their imperial crown jewel.

For both 🇷🇺🇬🇧
– Imperial prestige.
– Access to new markets for their products.
– Spreading Christian civilisation, which got even moreover important after reports of Central Asian lack of morals reached London and St. Petersburg.

For explorers, adventurers and military men ⚔️
– Glory, fame and riches.
– Military promotion and awards, from Royal Geographic Society in the British case to give an example.

An interesting book for sure. At 524 pages it might be a bit long unless you are interested in the topic, if you are, I can definitely recommend it. If not, there are plenty of other good books to read.

The Post That Got My Instagram Removed

Below is the post I believe was the one that made Instagram remove my account. I have no solid proof of who might have ordered the removal, but a good guess would be someone in the Swedish regime.

If you read the post you will note that I disavow political violence. This delegitimises the narrative the Swedish regime is trying so hard to present. Last year, they ordered a report by Magnus Ranstorp (and others), which I responded to here:

Their narrative: “right-wing extremists” are promoting violence, so therefore we must deplatform them. The opposite is, of course, true: political dissidents are exposing their evil (for lack of a more accurate term), so we must deplatform them before they expose us to too many people.

Sweden has an election 2022. The entire regime is afraid of losing power. This is especially true for the current reigning party, the Social Democrats.

Their hope is that they can continue banning everyone in opposition to them. This is not limited to Sweden, but a trend seen in all of the so called liberal democracies of the West.

Posted to my Instagram account @thegloriouslion on the 14th of January 2021:


This is a statement to everyone.

I have said this before, and I will say it again.

May the few journalists of honour and integrity report this truth:

I have, on numerous occasions, said that I am against political violence. Now I am saying it again.


Because it only ever gives the powers that be an excuse for more censorship. They are not afraid of some small level violence. They are afraid of the truth being spoken. They are afraid of information being accessible to the people. They are afraid of being exposed as the corrupt degenerates they are.

In fact (I have stated this on numerous occasions as well), many establishment types are desperately hoping for even the slightest sign of physical aggression by populist/nationalist forces. That will reinforce their fantasy of a ‘right-wing threat’.

The threat to their power is there. But is comes in the shape of freedom of speech, not in the shape of political violence.

Basic military strategy: attack the enemy where he is weak. Do not attack the enemy where he is at his strongest.

Where is the establishment weak? In ideas and truth. We have the truth on our side.

Where is the establishment strong?
In violence (police + military etc.).

Lastly, I am coming in ready to fight any type of fight. Had I believed I could have done something more effectively, I would have done so.”

Statement on my Instagram Ban – What Happened to @thegloriouslion Instagram

The first time (two weeks ago) my Instagram got removed, it felt a lot worse. For anyone who has been hit with a good bodyshot (in sparring or otherwise), you know it is a quite particular sensation.

That is what getting the account deactivated for the first time felt like (but on a metaphysical level as opposed to a physical level).

This time, however, I put things into a different perspective. As you know, our daughter caught a fever a week ago. She got recovered quickly and is now all good (and it was not anything beyond what all parents go through at some stage).

Anyway, that put things into perspective.

So getting the account deactivated (or, more likely, deleted) again, was not that big of a deal. We will, of course, still try to appeal it, and it would be great to be able to get all the pictures back.

That being said, I already said my farewell to Instagram when the first shut-down happened. So it was easier to process now.

Losing 32,3 k followers is not fun. However, everyone who followed me there had plenty of opportunity to come to Telegram instead. And I am pleased to see how many did!

The rest, many NPCs, are not such a great loss. I want a following of proactive guys who can implement my wisdom in a meaningful way. The NPCs, who mindlessly scroll through their Instagram feed, will not be receptive to any productive measure anyway.

Moreover, I did not post anything that went against the community guidelines, nor did the account have any violations.

That being said, let’s be real, the shut-down is politically motivated. And completely understandable from the perspective of the establishment.

My teachings and influence are diametrically opposed to theirs. I want you to be strong, happy, healthy, free, and want you to find a good woman and start a family. I want to you consume good and inspiring culture.

They want you as obedient and broken slaves. Slaves under their way of life, slaves under your most base instincts.

This might seem like an exaggeration. However, for anyone who has been in the game for a bit longer, it is hardly news. It is a realisation you come to sooner or later.

Lastly, yes, I will not lie and pretend that I do not care. Of course I care. That being said, and this is not news either, we are in the midst of a war (not a conventional war, but a war nonetheless), and there will be casualties. Also, if big tech can shut down a President, they can do a lot of things.

Telegram is not my main social media account:

I am also on Minds and Gab:

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Last year I announced that I was going to launch a podcast. Now it is here!

Video and podcast are two quite different formats. Each with their respective strengths. One of the main benefits of a podcast is that is allows for more in-depth discussions. Moreover, not everyone has the possibility of watching a video for an hour. Listening to a podcast whilst out walking, or driving to work, school or training, however, is easier to incorporate in your everyday life.

In a recent video, I announced that I have made my last political video on YouTube. I will still do social commentary, and comment on current events etc. , however, I will keep the heavier topics for the podcast. The YouTube videos will be a bit more light-hearted (like they used to be).

The podcast is available here:
and here:

The introductory episode is available here (without signing up):

Instagram Update

Update: I have gotten my account back.

I received the following message:

A Message from Instagram

It looks like your account was disabled by mistake. Your account has been reactivated, and you should now be able to log in. We’re sorry for any inconvenience.

If you have any issues getting back into your account, please let us know.


The Instagram Team

Original post:

On Sunday 10th of January my Instagram, which dates back to 2013 and contains many memories, was deleted. No reason was given except the usual “violation of community guidelines”. I have not violated any community guidelines, which I am sure everyone who followed me can attest to.

The account was dedicated to training and health, in addition to family pictures etc.

I am honestly more sad about losing all the pictures than losing access to the platform.

I will keep you updated on where I take it from here.

Be sure to download Telegram both to your telephone and desktop, and follow me there: