First Among Equals – How to Acquire Valiant Friends. Part 1

If I am guilty of anything it is the pursuit of wisdom.

Moreover, I come bearing wisdom in regard to the procurement of valiant true friends for my loyal legionaries!

First Among Equals – How to Acquire Valiant Friends. Part 1

Lastly, shoutout to my man Ahzek Ahriman of the Thousand Sons for the extremely epic picture!

Defender of the Faith

Whether you are Pagan or Christian, and whichever type of Pagan or Christian you are, it is always better to have faith in something than to be an Atheistic Nihilist.
Do you think Alexander the Great would have been able to conquer the known world if he had looked at the situation strictly in terms of logic and reason? Alexander had an unshakeable faith in himself, and his men also had an unshakeable faith in him; thus they could attain greatness.
When the logical conclusion points to a seemingly inevitable outcome, one can either accept it as inevitable and embrace the weak and blasphemous notion of defaitism. Alternatively, one can embrace the Glorious Pill and shape fate in accord with one’s own vision.

RIP Gustav III

Valiant and heroic king Gustav III, we remember you with dedication and love, and as you smile down upon your loyal sons I know that you feel confident in the knowledge that we will turn the current situation of Mother Sweden around.

Rest in peace. March 29th 1792.

Legio Gloria Clothing. Who Is It For? Only Valiant Men, No Degenerates!

Elaborating on for whom this clothing company is for. Basically, I want this to be clothing aimed at a specific group of valiant men who live a certain lifestyle and who have embarked upon a holy quest of continuous improvement.

Wearing one of these garments must always be viewed as something that is to be deserved. This is not a brand suitable for everyone, there are plenty of faceless and rootless brands looking to gain traction in the globalist mono-culture. Since those brands are for everyone it means that they are for no one. Legio Gloria is not for everyone. You must train your body as well as your mind. You must reject degeneracy and embrace self-determination.

Moreover, wearing a garment from this site must be viewed as a contract to yourself; a contract of constant self-improvement and the upholding of ancient masculine virtues such as honesty, pride, courage, and strength.

Quote on Physical Training by Socrates

“No man has the right to be an amateur in the matter of physical training. It is a shame for a man to grow old without seeing the beauty and strength of which his body is capable.”
– Socrates

New garments are available for pre-orders!

The new garments are available for pre-orders at I am very happy with both the quality of the clothes themselves (made in Europe, Poland) and the glorious designs. I will elaborate further on them in a coming video. Until then, you can read more in the link above. I wish you all a joyous weekend!


Late Night Boxing Drills and a Book Recommendation

Below are some boxing drills (courtesy of Tiger Muay Thai – Western Boxing), which we found useful (i.e. something we will incorporate in our own training back in Sweden). Using drills as a main component of a training session is very handy since the only thing you need is a partner and your own gear (you could actually do them without gloves as well), which means that the training can be very flexible. So if you are looking at training some boxing with your mates once a week (as a complement to other forms of training which you partake in during the weekdays for example), using drills is a good idea. The drills can of course be followed by some sparring and/or other exercises. The main key is to have a solid crew and some imagination!
Moreover, in regard to this, I will focus a lot more on training, lifestyle, and culture when I return to my beloved Mirkwood (Sweden). I have several good videos planned and am excited to begin my epic ascent to 100 000 subscribers.

Late night boxing drills with valiant shield-brother @jonas.nilsson38 💪⚜️ #legiogloria

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Moreover, I have read Incidents of Travel in Latin America by Lars Holger Holm. As the title suggests the book describes the author’s travels and adventures in Latin America, along with various interesting societal observations. Since the author is not under the sway of the ever-stifling contagion known as political correctness, these observations become more interesting (as opposed to someone who censors his own thoughts). It is not that the book has a political agenda (i.e. comparing various societies from an ideological or political standpoint) but rather that the observations and descriptions of events are not restrained by aforementioned political correctness, which is very refreshing.
I decided to read this book as it stands out from what I usually read, which is either historical fiction, fantasy, and science-fiction on the one hand, and ideological works books on the other hand. What I categorise as ideological books in this case are similar to the ones in my recommended book list. Furthermore, I decided to read the book as my friend Anton (who by the way has written the following interesting article: Make Modernity Great Again). has recommended the author, and I am glad I listened to him. Lars Holger Holm truly has a gift with words, making the book a joy to read. I can definitely recommend it! It is available at valiant Logik!

Faith – The First Heretic – Horus Heresy Book XIV

“Over countless centuries, humanity has achieved great things in the name of faith. History teaches us this. Faith is the fuel for the soul’s journey. Without belief in greater ideals, we are incomplete – the union of the spirit with the flesh is what raises us above beasts and inhumans.”

The First Heretic – Horus Heresy Book XIV

Update from Thailand. Training and Nutrition. Degeneracy Free Zone and a Capitalist Success Story

Since it was a rather long time since I posted a blog-style post on this valiant page I thought it was high time to elaborate on a few things. First and foremost an update on training and nutrition is in order. After all, once upon a time this page and its predecessor ( – well, it is the same page but with another name) mainly focused on those issues.
Whilst I have been down here I have mainly trained Thaiboxing and Western Boxing (although I have also done a few BJJ-sessions), mostly because I have focused on my ground-game (BJJ) over the last 1,5 years, so the stand-up game needed some attention. Although training in the heat definitely brings the cardiovascular challenge to new heights it is indeed quite epic to train in such humid climes. After all, it is part of the experience, and when I go back to Sweden I will relish the coolness whilst training.
In regard to the diet it is quite simple indeed to keep it clean (clean in the sense that it has a good macro-nutrient profile and contains lots of micro-nutrients). Moreover, I have not drunk any coffee since I arrived. The reason for this is twofold, first and foremost it is good to get off the caffeine for a short period every once in a while (a good video on this topic can be found here). Secondly it is hot enough as it is without the caffeine increasing the body temperature further. And lastly, there is the economic aspect, drinking a few cups of coffee each day (in cafes) quickly adds up, this is especially noticeable since the food is very cheap whereas the coffee is not as cheap.
Furthermore, in regard to the Degeneracy Free Zone I am happy to say that I have hardly seen any degeneracy at all. There is only one bar at the main-street of where I am, the rest is gyms and food places. On the more popular tourist locations there are more decadence and inglorious sights to behold though. One could say that there is a healthy segregation between those who find joy in training and those who find joy in decadence. A concept that works just fine for me!

Below is a clip of training and a picture of a protein smoothie stand. For more pictures and videos you can follow my Instagram account @thegloriouslion.


Moreover, I would like to elaborate briefly on free market Capitalism using Tiger Muay Thai as a good example of how the growth of one business can lead to the growth of other business (even competing ones). First and foremost I must make my position on Capitalism clear. Capitalism and free market principles are good as long as they are subject to the rules and regulations of the state. This might sound a bit paradoxal; a free market system under regulations from the state. My thoughts are the following; free market principles and competition between business and the encouragement of entrepreneurship (i.e. not making it hard to start up a company), are all good things. However, only when they follow the guidelines that has been set up by the state and has been decided to be in favour of a healthy nation, whereas businesses that pray on human vice and weakness or endangers the environment must be regulated.

Tiger Muay Thai was the first business that developed in this area, following its success other business also grew; plenty of restaurants (om whom many focus on healthy foods – healthy in its conventional sense), fight-gear stores, supplements stores etc. So from one successful business, many other successful business could grow, including other martial arts camps. Moreover, there is a mutually beneficial exchange of money, goods and services. The locals benefit from the influx of customers, and the customers benefit from the various services (in this case martial arts training). A Communist will fail to see the positive sides to this; for them everything is based on the fact that there must be a winner and a loser in any transaction. For Communists an economic relationship must have the exploiter and the exploited, just as a Cultural Marxist must have an oppressor and an oppressed in a social relationship. As a Rightist (in lack of a better term), I view any transaction in terms of results, is the result good, then the transaction is good. Is the result bad, then the transaction is bad (for example; consuming drugs).

To conclude our brief discussion on free market Capitalism. Yes, I am all for it as long as it is in regard to businesses that focus on things that are beneficial to the people, or at least that respects the dignity of humans and animals and that does not capitalise on the vices of the populace. Thus I am not for free market Capitalism when it breaks the rules, in this case overriding regulations put in place by the state; regulations put in place to safeguard the populace and the environment. Contrary to contemporary belief there is actually such a thing as right and wrong. What is right and natural should be encouraged. What is wrong and immoral should be discouraged.

In Sweden there is actually a monopoly on alcohol, called Systembolaget. I am all for it. Alcohol is ultimately more evil than it is good. I am not for banning it; as history shows banning a product can be ineffective. The supply will almost always meet the demand. The best course of action is for the state to take control of the supply and use the revenue for a good cause. The current Swedish government is hardly a virtuous and just one, alas when the power falls into more heroic and capable hands, the revenues generated from the alcohol monopoly will be spent for a higher purpose. Subsidies for Swedish farmers for example, or mayhap financial aid for sports organisations. The options are many. Thus we combine the ability of consuming alcohol with the benefits of using the revenue for a good cause. Libertarians will of course react negatively to these thoughts, alas the age of Libertarians is over; the time of the Nationalist has come.


In regard to the clothing orders during December and January.

There has been a delay in orders placed from the second half of December up until now due to various issues in regard to equipment and materials.
It is of course highly regrettable, alas I can only view this as a learning opportunity and make sure things run more smoothly in the future
Lastly, I want to offer a sincere thanks for the patience to everyone who ordered during this period!