Quote from Horus Heresy: Fear to Tread. Sanguinius and Horus

Sanguinius met his gaze. ‘Tell me, Horus. What is it you are most afraid of?’
The demand took the other Primarch off-guard, and for a moment the Luna Wolf was on the verge of dismissing the question; then his expression changed and he gave the brutally truthful answer. ‘Falling short. Of failing my Legion, my Imperium… my Emperor.’

Germany Reborn by Hermann Göring

I have read Germany Reborn by Hermann Göring and thought to compose a few thoughts regarding it. First and foremost the book is not very long and will thus not present any great obstacle for anyone who is not an avid reader. Moreover, it is more a personal story than a purely ideological work, which in my view makes it more interesting as the men of this epoch in history, to a large extent, have been unfairly portrayed by posterity. This particular edition of the book also includes a foreword which grants an oversight into Göring’s life.

I actually knew quite little about Göring prior to reading this. The image that probably has stuck with many people is that Göring was fat and gained his position due to being politically agile. On the contrary he was a decorated war hero from the First World War (as was others of his political endeavour). I have to mince my words here due to Sweden’s freedom of speech regulations, expressing positive opinions of certain individuals can be treated as HMF (Hets mot folkgrupp), which basically means “incite against minorities” and can in worst case scenario lead to prison. One thing that stood out for me whilst reading this book was how he describes Hitler, how he expresses his admiration. Most post-modern ironic individuals will probably not be able to relate to his words at all. After all, in a world where nothing is sacred and nothing is to be taken seriously it becomes hard to relate to things that have a deep and profound meaning, such as the epicness of a struggle, or the brotherhood and loyalty between men.

Moreover, an interesting aspect to discuss is the view of leadership. In today’s culture of hyper-individualism everyone wants to be their own leader, this is an immature mindset, at least when talking about things of a severe nature (such as a political quest – or military endeavours). Göring, a formidable leader in his own right, saw in another individual an even more formidable leader and decided to follow him. Simply put; it takes a truly great man to recognise when someone is more suited for leadership and support him accordingly. Important to stress here though is that even if a particular individual had the overall command of the nation, his truest men had great responsibilities and were thus still leaders in their own rights, just like the case was with Alexander and his truest men.

I will conclude this article with a good quote by the American General George S. Patton.

The book is available at: https://www.logik.se/Produkt/tyskland-aterfott/

The Wild Hunt: Mithras Awakening Challenge

The Summer challenge is at hand! Here is a list of resources needed to participate in the challenge. 

List of things to procure:
1. A True Friend.
2. A pair of boxing gloves (14 oz is a good size).
3. Gum shield.
4. Mother Nature.
5. Should you wish to incorporate kicks: Shin pads and a guard for your immortality (groin guard).
6. A pair of pads can also be useful, focus pads or thai pads.

Once a week for 2 months go out in nature and train your martial prowess for about an hour, the training can include drills and sparring. This way you both get some more martial training and you also get the health benefits of being out in nature in addition to incorporating a good tradition to your everyday life.

If you are completely new to martial arts it is recommended that you take at least one class at a boxing or thaiboxing gym to get down the basics first, then you can view the weekly training as a good opportunity to cement the techniques learned.

Additional Rules
No porn.
No getting drunk.
Read three books. Here is my recommended list of books, it has not been updated for a while but I aim to do so in the coming week. For this particular challenge reading books that will motivate you to both train physically but also expand your mind is recommended.

Below are the relevant videos to this challenge.

Male Beauty

There is nothing gay about recognising the beauty of another man. Finding something beautiful does not necessarily imply a sexual attraction, one can find beauty in art, architecture, nature, athleticism, etc. Viewing things of beauty only in a sexual context is the product of (((Freudian))) blasphemies; falsehoods that must be cast away by the Enlightened individual. A good example of male handsomeness and beauty is Pierce Brosnan as James Bond. Although he has very handsome facial features it is the metaphysical qualities that really makes him dashing. The metaphysical qualities in this case is the intensity of the eyes; the determination and confidence. The eyes are the mirror of the soul and can say a lot about the quality of an individual. Seeing determination and will in the eyes of a man is a good sign, seeing apathy and lack of direction is a sign of heresy.
The truth is that I will never be near Mr.Bond’s level of handsomeness. However, instead of lamenting this fact I can strive to emulate the qualities that truly makes the appearance of him glorious;  the intensity of his eyes. If you ignite your soul with a higher purpose these qualities will shine through. Thus you must cast aside barbarous practices such as watching pornography, and accept the Glorious Pill and embark upon your journey to Enlightenment.

The Attacks on Daniel Friberg by Counter Currents

My initial plan was to stay out of this whole predicament as I hoped it would die down quietly, alas I can no longer endorse these falsehoods with my silence. In regard to the finances of Arktos and who worked the hardest in the company I will not comment, because I have no particular insight into the matter. What I can say with a high level of confidence, however, is that the notion of Daniel Friberg working together with the Antifa is laughable and should not be taken seriously by anyone. Daniel appearing on pictures with political opponents is not a rarity, especially since he likes to troll and provoke them. Below is a particularly hilarious episode.

Moreover, before anyone wonders. Daniel did not ask me to come to his aid by writing this clarification. It is simply a matter of setting the record straight. I might also add that over all these years I have gotten little help from anyone. Daniel is one of the few who has actually wanted to help me, and I appreciate that very much, so it is only natural that I do not let slanderous lies stand unopposed.

Lastly, except for the articles on Counter Currents aimed against Daniel I still appreciate the site for its intellectual depth.


The Primordial Truth teaches us that beauty is good. Only un-Enlightened heretics claim that it is ‘shallow’ to go for women you find attractive. In fact, finding a woman beautiful is Mother Nature’s way of saying she is a good match biologically speaking (same thing if you like the smell of a woman). I would actually claim that it is more shallow to go for a woman only based upon her personality, because that leaves plenty of room for excuses, such as accepting physical decadence. Moreover, if a woman allows herself to fall into physical decadence that is a sure sign that she is in fact not a good woman, and then the lie of her good personality becomes even more apparent.
I find certain women attractive, and I do not owe any explanation to fat whale feminists or anti-Whites for my preferences. Golden Angel as I am, I am still subject to the wishes of Mother Nature, and she dictates that I should go for a fit girl with a cute face. Is this because I am somehow shallow? Absolutely not, on the contrary I place great virtue in the personality of a woman. But this does not mean that I am fit to ignore the wisdom of Mother Nature.

New Song from Bujak: First to Fight

Polish Bujak has released a new video which I can definitely recommend you to check out. I chose to dedicate a post on this page to the video due to the simple fact that they are promoting the sort of cultural revival that we must see in the West. In the words of the great Jonathan Bowden “we must revive, otherwise we will completely disappear”. It is the sort of cultural revival that I am trying to promote. I recognise when someone is doing something better than I am, and thus I see it as my responsibility to promote such endeavours. I know that some of my subscribers do not like this type of music. I like it, however, because it is very testosteronous and aggressive, and thus fits well with the overall theme of masculinity and pride. Moreover, the unapologetic nature of the message is extremely needed, European men need to embrace their ancestors, a martial culture, and reject degeneracy. I hope to see more of this in the future and I hope you get motivated to hit the gym hard after seeing it!

Here is the song with English subtitles. I recommend you to watch it both with and without subtitles. Lastly, I am aiming to make some sort of epic training video in the coming weeks.

Sweden in May

Sweden in May is the most beautiful place in the world.
The Primordial Truth teaches us that things of great beauty; land, women, glory, falls to those with the most charisma, passion, and willpower.
I am very far from perfect, but what I can control at least, is how bright my fire burns. Thus I endeavour to always keep myself aflame with love for my nation.
Moreover, I constantly seek to ignite the flame in others. That way we can perhaps find a way out of this predicament.

Honour the Gods – Training Video

First and foremost I would like to aim a shout-out to our Norwegian friends on this 17th of May!
Secondly I decided to add in some additional sequences to the video I shared a few days ago on vid.me. Including some horses of prosperity and the first swim of the year with my oldest friend.
Honour the Gods by following these steps

⚜️ Train hard. Gym + MMA + With Weapons.

⚜️ Renounce Degeneracy (primarily porn).

⚜️ Read articles and books on a daily basis.

⚜️ Have faith. I care not if you are Pagan or Christian. We have larger predicaments to deal with.

⚜️ Don’t be one of these ironic guys who never take anything (including themselves) seriously.