Sanguinius Quote: Horus Heresy

“Fate tries to trap us, but for it to succeed then we must give in to it. Fate demands complicity from its victims, and I am no victim. Neither of us are.”
Sanguinius to Guilliman. Horus Heresy: Pharos

Quote From Lupercal Horus

‘It is not strange to mistake change for progress, Miss Vivar.’ Said Horus.
‘I was bred with wondrous powers encoded into my very flesh, but I did not dream myself into the man I am today; I hammered and forged myself upon the anvil of battle and conquest.’
Horus Heresy – False Gods

The Hanseatic Warehouse Has Been Re-Stocked

The store at LegioGloria has been re-stocked in addition to the release of a new garment, the Caledor Gym Tank, pictured below. It has the same fit and design as the Monarchia Gym Tank.

Moreover, all current t-shirt models and the Knight of the West Hoodie are limited edition and will not be re-stocked once they sell out.

The Golden One – Key Guidelines

✠ Train in the Temple of Iron and/or some sort of martial art.
✠ Read something everyday; articles or books.
✠ Try to learn something new or get better at something every day.
✠ Do not watch porn.

The MMA Fight of Glory

I am pleased to say that I had my first MMA fight a few days ago at Kampf der Nibelungen. I won in the first round via submission (kimura). I want to take this opportunity to aim a massive thank you to several individuals. First and foremost to my opponent who definitely came to fight and brought the pressure. I also want to aim a thank you to my Mournival who came with me and supported me greatly. I also want to thank my Legion in Sweden for the great thumos and training this year since my return. Moreover, I want to thank Team Cavemen in Ireland (I miss you lads a lot). I want to thank my brother Alexander for all the wrestling growing up (and for a great many other things). I want to thank my man Jonas for being with me this last year and improving my game significantly.
Furthermore, I want to aim another massive thank you to everyone who has had faith in me over these last years, especially since the stakes has increased and since we passed the point of no return.
Lastly, I want to say that a large part (except for the glory of course) of training hard for this and participating in it was to encourage those who adhere to my wisdom to train hard in the Temple of Iron and to also train MMA. So if you are hesitant to join a gym; remember that I am with you in spirit!
Strength and Honour
The Lion

Quote on Glory by Marcus Tullius Cicero

Glory follows virtue as if it were its shadow.
– Marcus Tullius Cicero

The Golden One – My Great Crime – Why Leftists, Journalists and Haters Really are Hating

Via Instagram

My Great Crime ⚜️
I just made a video elaborating on why anyone (in this case journalists and leftists) would be hating on me. It actually has little to do with politics. It has more to do with that they can’t stand the fact that I am well liked by everyone (well except for them) whereas basically everyone hates them (they probably hate themselves as well). They fail to understand that you have to bring value to people to become popular and loved, and to be able to bring value to others you must first bring the pressure and put in hard work over a long period of time. These individuals do not want to do that, yet they feel entitled to the same popularity and love I receive. When they don’t receive that they get mad and lash out.
Anyway, I am not disheartened by any of this, as always all gallant and testosteronous men are mirin whereas the soyboys are jelly 😊

The Golden One – Response to DN

“Glorious! They’re 100% right the golden one has taught me a whole lot about masculinity and sexuality and bettering myself as a man in every way, but it’s all been positive and good and helped me to achieve great things in life! The golden one is the Breaker of Chains. The golden ones teaching’s have delivered us from Darkness and giving us moral courage and moral strength. They have made us better in every way as men, mind, body, and soul! Because of the golden one I eat more healthy, because of the golden one I read more books, because of the golden one I am four times Stronger Than I Used to Be in the gym! Because of the golden one I am more noble and honorable and because of the golden one my outlook on life has gone from Bleak and dark to Glorious and positive! 

The Golden One equals gains for the Mind, Body and Soul!”

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Quote from Anarcho-Fascism by Jonas Nilsson

“Thus, the individual potential for violence is important, as every individual is part of a whole. It is not enough to swallow the red pill – that only serves to gain an understanding of the situation. It takes more. It takes what Marcus Follin, The Golden One, has dubbed “The Glorious Pill.” We must build ourselves up to effectively co-ordinate with others and reach a common goal.
The time for “red pills” has passed, the time for glory has come. What separates the two is action. We need a masculine elite that can take back what is rightfully ours. We are men, the greatest beast not only on the planet, but in the entire galaxy – should anything else be out there, that too will be proven by action. The only way a poodle can get what it wants is to sit still and be submissive. A wolf, on the other hand, has other options. This is the difference between a “friendly” man who acts out of necessity, because he is incapable of doing otherwise, and a man who chooses to act this way. The man who chooses friendliness can, if need be, solve his problems without the authority of “the other,” he does not need the permission that is the lifeline of the incapable.”

Anarcho-Fascism – Jonas Nilsson

The book is available at