Being Humble

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Checking in from the Wellspring of Eternity with some profound wisdom.
Be humble. Not in the low thumos sense but in the sense that you are grateful for what you have and by being humble in your pursuit of Enlightenment. Thinking that you already know everything is not a good instrument to get wiser with (the same goes for having a massive ego). Be open minded, but be uncompromising with your ideals (honour and loyalty etc.).
Spend some time each day (or at least every once in a while) to think about the things you are grateful for. If you have someone; hug her tight. If you are healthy; cherish that fact. If you have a comfortable bed to sleep in; acknowledge that it is a luxury.
These things might seem obvious but if you actively think about it I’d say that you will find more harmony.

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Saluting the Baltic Sea

Saluting the Baltic Sea whilst admiring its beauty and contemplating its importance in our history (read up on the Hanseatic League for additional wisdom).
This being said, I am lamenting the fact that the sea is not in the best of conditions (something that is true for most of the World’s waters). The powers to be are more concerned about overseeing the Great Replacement of Europe’s native population than caring for Earth herself. This will change when we win the metapolical war and righteous views permeate society.
Until then, remember that you vote, not only for political parties (if you have voted for any mainstream party – shame on you), but also with your wallet, so the first step is to actively start thinking about where your food comes from (as previously mentioned: buy local).

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Notes from my speech in Stockholm

From my speech in Stockholm last weekend.
A few points that I elaborated on was the need for Nationalists to represent themselves in the best possible way, and in doing so representing the ideology well.
1) Be well dressed.
2) Be polite and well spoken.
3) Be as well trained as possible; a healthy mind in a healthy body.
4) Never partake in any sort of anti-social behaviour. Drunkenness, for example, is never acceptable.
5) Use humour when it is appropriate. A good sense of humour is a sign of intelligence and social skills (both which are valuable when engaging in the Patriot Game).
6) Also recognise the gravity of the situation and conduct yourself thereafter.
To conclude, if you harbour serious convictions, you must make sure to be your very best to represent your cause in the very best way.

Buy Local

Are you an Environmentalist? Are you a Nationalist? I assume that you will answer yes to at least one of the questions.
One of the best things you can do if this is the case is to start buying local to an as large extent as possible, especially when it comes to food (or other frequent purchases). For the Environmentalist who cares about Mother Earth this means a smaller carbon footprint in regard to pollution and use of energy (due to less transportation), for the Nationalist it means supporting your local economy. Moreover, eating locally grown food will more often than not ensure a more nutritious product (yet again due to less time spent in transport).
Lastly, I have nothing against global trade on a smaller scale (i.e. importing coffee etc.), but as it is right now it is taking a heavy toll on Earth in addition to endangering local farmers (Swedish farmers are currently in peril for example).
Remember that you vote with your wallet.

Quote on Wisdom by Siddhartha Guatama the Buddha

“Just as treasures are uncovered from the earth, so virtue appears from good deeds, and wisdom appears from a pure and peaceful mind. To walk safely through the maze of human life, one needs the light of wisdom and the guidance of virtue.”

– Siddhartha Guatama the Buddha

International Women’s Day

From the Primarch to all modern women on this International Women’s Day. Congratulations! 🌹
Congratulations on going from beloved and respected mothers and wives to commercialised sex objects in just a few decades.
Celebrating this day of feminism is tantamount to celebrating the dire straits the West finds itself in at the moment.
I love women, as do all of my shield-brothers, thus it is our duty to combat feminism (and more accurately Hollywood culture) to the best of our abilities. I want to set the highest possible pace in the Culture War, so that when my future daughters come of age they will not grow up to be destroyed by modernity.
Lastly, massive salutes and respect to all women who are keeping it real and who treat themselves with respect. You give us hope ⚜