Jotunheim Werewolf Brew – A Note on Pre-Workout Products

I recently made a video on the topic of energy drinks and PWOs but since some prefer reading articles to watching videos I thought to expound on the topic here as well. Also, in regard to reading or watching, sometimes watching or listening is not possible due to various circumstances, so it is good to express thoughts in writing as well. Also, on a personal note, I do like writing and I want to do more of it so I can increase my skill level as an author (my writing is decent at the moment but it must improve nonetheless – if there is room for improvement, improvement is a must).

The first thing to point out is that you do not need a pre-workout product. Good sleep and good nutrition are the pillars upon which a heroic physique is built. So focus on those in addition to progression in the main lifts and gains will come. I do not even recommend that you buy my Jotunheim Nutrition Werewolf Brew. At least not if you are in a tight financial situation, in that case it is better to spend that money on whey or other good foods. A pre-workout product is supposed to be a nice thing to take once or twice a month (or perhaps every Saturday for a special session), it is not supposed to be a requirement for your daily prayers in the Temple of Iron. I was ambivalent about releasing a PWO for this reason, but I wanted one for myself and figured it could be a good addition to the line as long as I made my intentions with the product abundantly clear.

I intend to use the Werewolf Brew every full moon, and those sessions will consist of deadlifts and/or squats. I will make it into a ritual of strength and primordial power. This might seem strange for low-Thumos and ironic guys, but we must never listen to them. You should only listen to men you respect. And I certainly do not have any respect for the modern ironic numale-bugman types that are the anti-thesis to my teachings.

Furthermore, on a similar note. Another thing you can invest your money in is a subscription to my Physique Manufactorum on Patreon or SubscribeStar, where I write weekly summaries about my training (I also post Patreon/SubscribeStar exclusive videos there – something I will do more of in the coming time). Again, in the name of transparency and honesty you can find all the information you need in regard to training and nutrition online for free, but subscribing to those is a great way to support my video production (since I have been demonetised by YouTube).

For Swedish customers, the PWO is available here:
For customers in Europe, the PWO will be available here during next week:

You can subscribe to my Physique Manufactorum in the following places:

A Few Notes on the New Legio Gloria Polo Shirts

It is with great pleasure I present the new Legio Gloria polo shirts. They were one of the most requested additions to the store so it is great to finally have them available. I am personally also a big fan of wearing polo shirts since they are so versatile. Stylish yet functional, they make for a great casual garment.

This particular design has been in the making since this spring and I am very happy with the final result. A concept in clothing design which I used for these is called ‘Handsome in a plain way’. The same concept is used for the Handsome Shorts (hence the name). The meaning of it is that the garment is supposed to be stylish without being over the top, discreet yet elegant. The t-shirt designs are designed a bit differently (speaking of which, new t-shirts are incoming in a few weeks), in that they have bolder designs meant to inspire a certain mindset inside or outside of the gym.

Regarding the colour choices; navy and burgundy, it was simply a matter of starting off with two colours that works well with other colours (the neutral colour of bottoms for example – as in the pictures above and below).

In regard to the cut of the garment it is fitted, which means that it has a tight fit, good for visually enhancing your musculature. The aim for all Legio Gloria garments is to be best suited for athletic gentlemen. I wear extra large at 187,5 cm (6’2) and 92,5 kg (205 lbs).

The polo shirts are available at:

A Note to Generation Identity – Identitäre Bewegung. Leftists and Physiognomy

I thought to respond a bit more at length to something I saw a while back. Namely a tweet from the account of Identitäre Bewegung. Usually I would not be bothered by such a statement, but considering the fact that I have always held Generation Identity in high esteem I wanted to make a longer response than the one I gave on Twitter.

We in the European community of Identitarian movements distance ourselves from the current GI UK leadership’s decision to organise a conference in the name of GI with participants from alt-right youtubers, whose positions do not represent us.

First and foremost, it is completely fine to disavow and distance yourself from other individuals and organisations, but when doing so you should state why you are doing so. For example, I do believe that most public dissidents who are, in some shape or another, pro European bioculture (or even simply culture or traditional values at this point) disavow political violence. Greg Johnson of Counter-Currents has, on numerous occasions, correctly stated that political violence and terrorism is worse than a crime – it is a mistake. So if someone is endorsing the use of political violence there is nothing wrong with condemning that person, after all the individuals who perform lone-wolf actions only set us back in the great awakening of the people. Blair Cottrell wrote a good post on Gab the other day on the futility of these sorts of actions.

The point of commenting on this is to highlight that it is acceptable to disavow people, but that disavowal must be done because of legitimate reasons. For example, if I were to host a conference or a similar event, I would not invite a speaker who is in bad physical shape, or who has an alcohol and/or drug problem (to give an example). Why? Because it goes against what I stand for. I can clearly state why I am against it. It is just not on some whim. And that is why I take issue with the statement of Identitäre Bewegung. Distancing ourselves from others must be done as a means to send a message to others who are, roughly speaking, pulling in the same direction in the tug-of-war. It must never be done to appease an enemy that hates you and will only despise you even more should you show weakness.

In a recent video I talked briefly about physiognomy (i.e. the belief that you can judge a persons character on the way he looks). I first stumbled upon the term a good few years back in a historic fiction novel by the historian Harry Sidebottom (recommended author by the way). I thought the concept was interesting but dismissed it as an outdated pseudo-science. However, as the years went by I started noticing a pattern (the human brain is excellent at noticing patterns). The pattern was simply that the guys who were kind and supportive (and this stems from the time I was primarily into fitness and it continued on as I switched to more philosophy and politics) were usually guys who looked good (i.e. happy, healthy and life-affirming), whereas the guys who were not supportive (the few times you could actually figure out how they looked like) clearly had some issues (judging from the way they looked). At first I said to myself that it was only in my mind that the good guys where the good looking guys, but as the years went on the pattern got ever more apparent and today I can, with confidence, state that there is correlation between how you look and what kind of person you are.

So what does this have to do with Identitäre Bewegung and their will to distance themselves from others? It is important to understand the way leftists work. A leftist is ultimately a bully full of ressentiment. And when I say leftist I do not mean a classical leftist who is against massive corporations and who stands workers rights. Had this been 150 years ago I would perhaps write articles in favour of better working conditions. Either way, let us go back to physiognomy, compare your average leftist (the way he looks) with someone like Martin Sellner. A look at Martin hints at someone noble, kind and brave (which by all accounts is true as far as I know), the opposite can be said about the average leftist. These leftists (including journalists etc.) do not care about the respective positions of various pro-European individuals or organisations, they do not even care about politics, the future or the well being of society. They are bullies and get a kick out of getting people to back down from them. Making organisations and individuals disavow others make them feel good, it appeases them as bullies. Understanding this is instrumental in understanding how they work. Thus, the only reasonable course of action is to never try to appease these people.

The Wild Hunt Challenge – Meditation and Fasting

Below are the instructions for the new Wild Hunt Challenge.

The challenge is for a month (or 30 days, you can start whenever it suits you best). The main points with this particular challenge is to incorporate meditation and fasting into your everyday life.

15 minutes of meditation each day

Meditating is a great way to train your ability to focus. It is also a good habit to incorporate into your everyday routine as it can serve as a pleasant mental break. Meditating is easy in theory but a bit harder in practice: the key is to not follow your thoughts and instead try to make the mind not think. If a thought comes to you; acknowledge it but do not follow it. A good way to refrain from following a line of thought is to return to the focus of your breathing. You can also focus on other things in your surroundings; if you are outside you can focus on the sound of the wind. If you are inside you can focus on meditative music (there are plenty of meditation music clips on YouTube). You can also focus on your body; the sensation of feeling yourself.

To meditate: sit down in a comfortable position, put on a timer (or put on a 15 minute meditation music on YouTube) and try to let your mind go still. Focus on your surroundings and your breathing in case your thoughts start to drift.

Two 24-hour fasts

Fasting is beneficial for your entire being, mentally and physically. Mind and body being one it can simply be concluded that it is good for you. Doing a 24-hour fast is easier if you are already used to doing intermittent fasting (i.e. only eating between ca 12:00-20:00). But even if you are unused to any type of fasting doing a 24-hour fast is not all too hard. The procedure looks as follows:

Train in the morning.
Eat a big meal at lunch, or your standard lunch (i.e. an omelette or something similar) and add two scoops of whey to the meal in addition to something else (a fruit for example).
Do not eat anything for the rest of the day. You can drink coffee and tea (without anything added) during the fast should you wish.
Go to sleep. Perhaps you will feel hungry at night but going to sleep whilst being hungry is a comfortable sensation once you get used to it.
Next meal is lunch the day after.

There are plenty of scientific evidence for the benefits of fasting (example: Moreover, fasting is a reoccurring trend in many religions, which can be seen as reinforcing anecdotal evidence of the benefits of fasting. Traditions that have been with a society over a long period of time usually have at least some merit.

Abstaining from detrimental addictions

Since this challenge is to optimise the mind it would be pointless to do the steps above if still under the influence of negative habits.

Train hard and read hard

This goes without saying, you should train hard, preferably gym or MMA but other athletic endeavours are also accepted. If you, for whatever reason, cannot train in the gym or MMA, you should go on daily walks of about 45-60 minutes.

Reading books is a true pleasure of life. There is so much knowledge to be had in the world, and it is yours for the taking.

Final words

I hope you participate in the challenge and find it to be an improvement in your life.

Aesthetic salutes, 


My Book Dauntless Is Now Available – A Few Notes

It is with unbridled joy and excitement that I announce the release of my book Dauntless. It truly feels like a victory after so many years. The book can be said to be my collected teachings and contains 13 chapters (200 pages). It is meant to serve as a handbook that can be used for (primarily younger – but also older) men as a guide to navigating the modern world.

I began writing it in 2015 and when I intensified the work on the book during this year I realised I had matured quite a bit over these last years, so much of the chapters written back then had to be rewritten, the message is still the same though, just presented with a better, and hopefully more eloquent, language.

The book is not a biography (that will come at a later stage) but I do of course write about certain things from my own perspective. The book contains chapters about training, nutrition, martial arts (and violence in general), philosophy, culture, spirituality, politics, environmentalism, and lastly some visions for a glorious future. Parts of the book are more geared towards self-improvement whereas other parts are to present the reader with a balanced and reasonable world-view.

Excerpt from the book:

“In order to ascend into a higher state of being you must approach life and adversary in a dauntless fashion. Attaining glory can only be done when there are things that need to be overcome; being dauntless in the face of those things is the heroic and correct attitude. Fear is a double-edged sword, it can be used to your advantage or it can pacify you. The fear of losing can make you train and fight harder. The fear of ignorance can make you strive all the harder for the attainment of knowledge. The fear of being left without glory as the years pass by can fuel your transcendence into a legend.”

The book is available at the following places:

Free Speech Library:

Legio Gloria, in case you want to order clothes at the same time:

Jotunheim Nutrition, for Swedish customers in case you want to order supplements at the same time:

Happy reading!

Legio Gloria Releases July: MMA-Shorts, Stringers and Tracksuit Bottoms

The most highly anticipated release are the Dragon Prince MMA-Shorts. After a long process of development and testing (almost a year, fifth time is the charm) they are now ready to be worn by the Legionnaires. Durability and flexibility were my main concerns; these are both durable and flexible, ready to take you through many martial arts sessions ahead. The last prototype were very close to being released as well, but I subjected them to rather rigorous durability tests and although they were very aesthetically pleasing and comfortable they were not as durable as they should. Letting my manufacturer know this, we made some alterations to the cloth to make it a bit tougher. My wish is for these shorts to be a loyal companion for many years ahead.

The next release is the Saturnus’ Imperial Tracksuit Bottoms. They are similar to the Valsgärde Handsome Tracksuit Bottoms (which are no longer available), with the exception that these ones do not have zippers for the pockets and do not have a backside pocket. The zippers were removed due to utility reasons, getting things (such as the gym card or car keys) out from the pockets goes smoother without the zippers. The backside pockets were removed for aesthetic reasons. These tracksuit bottoms are meant to be comfortable and look good both inside and outside the Temple of Iron. They have a tighter fit and although they have stretch in them it is recommended to not squat in them – I personally only ever squat in shorts, in my case; the Handsome Shorts. The aforementioned Valsgärde Tracksuit Bottoms have been my standard deadlifting wear though, since they are fitted closer to the legs than other tracksuit bottoms (meaning that you can get the bar closer to your shins). So to conclude; Saturnus’ Tracksuit Bottoms for deadlifts and generally looking aesthetic, and Handsome Shorts for squats (and also generally looking aesthetic).

The last release consists of two new gym stringer designs; the Acolyte’s Gym Stringer and the Golden Phoenix – Gym Stringer. The sword and book design is the Legio Gloria symbol and represents the quest for physical, intellectual and martial progression. The golden phoenix stands for European civilisation rising from the ashes.

All new releases are available at:

That being said I wish you a high testosterone week ahead!

June Releases At Legio Gloria

The highly anticipated Handsome Shorts are back in stock. Not only are they back in stock but they are now available in two new colours as well; grey and navy. The Handsome Shorts are named thus after a quote in a Horus Heresy novel where the Primarch Guilliman is described in the following words: “He is handsome, in a plain way. He is handsome the way a regent on an old coin is handsome, like a good sword is handsome.” I thought this was an adequate description of the shorts as well, since they are also handsome in a plain way. So nothing out of the ordinary, just a pair of stylish and comfortable shorts to enjoy life in, be it in the Temple of Iron or elsewhere.

Moreover, two new sleeveless hoodies are available. Saturnus’ Meditation Garment and Galadriel’s Blessing. I like sleeveless hoodies both due to the fact that they look aesthetically pleasing and due to the fact that they are comfortable to wear in general and also to train in. They keep the warmth on the torso yet lets the armpits breathe. Moreover, they provide a sturdier base than a stringer or tanktop when it comes to certain exercises in the gym – such as benchpress or dumbbellpress.

In regard to the names they are, as usual, chosen in order to conjure the most epic picture possible. A Legio Gloria garment should never just be a garment, it should also be imbued with something more; a reminder to yourself to be aggressive and passionate in your approach to life. The garments are the successors of the Zealot’s Delight; similar in style but with some changes made to the seams, the zipper and the strings.

The new releases are available at The MMA-shorts will be released next week.

That being said I wish you a high Thumos weekend ahead.

The Utility of Symbols, Designs and Tattoos

What is the meaning of the angel design above? It means the same as a tattoo would. I do not have any tattoos myself, but if I had they would serve as a reminder to myself of who and what I want to be. In this case an Angel of Enlightenment. It is probably not often you hear someone say that they want to be an angel, but why on earth wouldn’t I want to be one? Not some passive and untestosteronous one, but rather someone along the lines of St. Michael (my favourite Christian saint – even though I am not Christian), or Sanguinius in the Horus Heresy. Being honest with yourself is important, being unironic is also important. I have always been unironic in my sources of motivation. My guidelines for tattoos are quite straight-forward, un-aesthetic or ironic tattoos are never to be endorsed. Since I don’t have any tattoos (nor do I plan to have any) I apply the same mindset to clothes.

When wearing this garment (or similar ones), I am also wearing a commitment towards myself. Whenever I look myself in the mirror – be it in the gym or otherwise, I am reminded of what I want to be and where I want to go – I am reminded of the journey, the quest. The same thing applies when wearing a necklace, in my case a Mjölner the Hammer of Thor every once in a while in the gym (primarily during deadlifts).

Symbols are important, that is why the Great Enemy wants to ban or stigmatise them. The Black Sun is a good example of this, it is an Indo-European symbol of spirituality and life-force, yet the powers to be label it as a “hate-symbol” (whatever that is). The reason they want to stigmatise it is because it reminds us of who we are, it roots us to something deeper. The enemy wants you to to be rootless, de-virilised and passive. I want you to be a force of nature with a life-affirming world view. Ask yourself, why is pornography so easily accessed? Now ask yourself why I spend so much time enlightening men to its dangers.

The enemy labels strength as toxic. I label strength as a necessity to take adequate responsibilities as a man.

The Angel of Enlightenment and the Royal Byzatine Black Sun t-shirts are both limited edition, which means that they are gone once they are gone. Legio Gloria ships worldwide, you can order them here:

The Golden One as Fulgrim

I have received many beautiful and heartfelt artworks over the last few years. This one might be my favourite thus far. It is yours truly as Fulgrim – Primarch of the Emperor’s Children Legion.
Massive salutes to Alex Cristi ( for the artwork. The picture below is an unbearded version. I often get the question which my favourite Primarch is from the Horus Heresy (or generally Warhammer 40k universe), and although it is a tough question my answer is Pre-Heresy Fulgrim. The strive for perfection and constant progression is something that resonates well with the teachings of the gym.

One of my favourite quotes actually comes from the book Fulgrim and deals with the strive for perfection (in terms of art). Below are also two motivating quotes from the Horus Heresy books.

‘Can it be possible for a thing to be too perfect?’ asked Fulgrim. ‘Surely everything that is beautiful and noble is the product of reason and calculation.’ 
‘Great art isn’t about reason, it’s about what comes from the heart’ said Ostian. ‘You can work with all the technical perfection in the galaxy, but if there is no passion, then it is a wasted effort.’
‘There is such a thing as perfection’, snapped Fulgrim, ‘and our purpose for living is to find that perfection and show it forth. Everything that limits us we have to put aside.’ 
Ostian shook his head , too caught up in his words to notice the primarch’s growing anger. ‘No my lord, for the artist who aims at perfection in everything achieves in it nothing. It is the essence of being human that one does not seek perfection.’
‘And what of your own work?’ asked Fulgrim. ‘Do you not seek perfection in it?’
‘People throw away what they could have by insisting on perfection, which they cannot have, and looking for it where they will never find it. Were I to await perfection, my work would never be finished.’

– Horus Heresy: Fulgrim

“Julius had fought alongside Vespasian on countless battlefields, and the warriors he commanded would boast that his prowess was the equal of the Primarch’s. Though all knew that such a boast was made in jest, it served to push his warriors to greater heights of valour and strength to emulate the lord commander.
Vespasian was also immensely likeable, for his incredible abilities as a warrior and commander were tempered by a rare humility that made others warm to him immediately. In the manner of the Emperor’s Children, warriors who followed Vespasian would take their lead from him in all things, his example serving as a model of how they might best achieve perfection through purity of purpose.”

– Horus Heresy: Fulgrim

‘Perfection is not a state of being,’ Horus replied. ‘It is a state of striving. The journey is all that has meaning, not the goal.’

– Horus Heresy: Fear to Tread

How is whey protein made? A general manufacturing process

Whey is a food that could easily be made at home if you would have the time, skills and necessary equipment to ensure that the product is complete in its nutrients.

For example: The process can start off with a well fed Swedish cow and her milk, which are the sources of whey for Jotunheim Nutrition. Usually a cow’s milk is made out of approximately 3,5% protein, 4% fat and 4,5% of lactose. It is important to take into account that the standard of Swedish farming is actually much higher than the average European one and positively different than the American one. Animals here have free fields to pasture (the picture below was taken during a stroll in the country-side), farmers put great care into treating the animals well and you are always welcome to visit a farm.

Continuing with the example: Once we select our cow, we extract the milk from her and we undergo a pasteurising process. This raw milk contains certain bacteria that can be harmful to the human gut, at least generally speaking, though there are beliefs that this unpasteurised milk can be beneficial as well if we would be used to it. For more information about the matter; see Sally Fallon on Raw Milk In order to ensure everyone’s well-being we pasteurise it.

After the pasteurisation process, the milk is cooled at 4°C, a temperature that kills certain bacteria still residing in the milk.

Next step is basically to make cheese (ricotta) out of this milk. This is what whey protein is, a by-product from the process of cheesemaking. Transforming the milk into cheese is done by the process names pasteurisation, after Louis Pasteur, ensuring that there are no bacteria left to breed in the milk. In this process, milk is boiled until its boiling point (70-80°C) and instantly cooled at 4°C (extreme temperatures kill bacteria).

The milk product left after this process is 20% whey and 80% casein.

This is where we actually start the process of making whey.

The pasteurised milk is now going under a process to separate whey from casein via enzymes. Casein in this process is what helps us make cottage cheese or other type of cheeses. When we apply enzymes the milk gets separated in 2 parts, solid and liquid particles. The solid ones will give us cheese having left only the liquid one, that contain whey, fats and carbohydrates. 

The liquid product is then filtered through ceramic filters at a cold environment, aiding with the separation of fats and lactose, leaving us with liquid whey.

The last step in obtaining the powdered whey is drying out this last liquid whey via a dryer that hits with both hot and cold air. The result is a powder at around 80% whey ratio. This process allows the whey to maintain its nutritional values without getting denatured.

As you can notice, it is indeed a ‘’process’’, yet the final result is still a natural product you can enjoy safely. Please note that not all whey products are equally safe. This depends on the farming, the health of the animal and the cautious pasteurisation process that takes place at the factory. Jotunheim Nutrition is based in Sweden, using all Swedish ingredients, safe and clean, aiding the farming industry by supporting it directly.

For everyone in Sweden, you can order your whey here: