Quote on Wisdom by Siddhartha Guatama the Buddha

“Just as treasures are uncovered from the earth, so virtue appears from good deeds, and wisdom appears from a pure and peaceful mind. To walk safely through the maze of human life, one needs the light of wisdom and the guidance of virtue.”

– Siddhartha Guatama the Buddha

International Women’s Day

From the Primarch to all modern women on this International Women’s Day. Congratulations! 🌹
Congratulations on going from beloved and respected mothers and wives to commercialised sex objects in just a few decades.
Celebrating this day of feminism is tantamount to celebrating the dire straits the West finds itself in at the moment.
I love women, as do all of my shield-brothers, thus it is our duty to combat feminism (and more accurately Hollywood culture) to the best of our abilities. I want to set the highest possible pace in the Culture War, so that when my future daughters come of age they will not grow up to be destroyed by modernity.
Lastly, massive salutes and respect to all women who are keeping it real and who treat themselves with respect. You give us hope ⚜

Epic Quote From Fulgrim

“Julius had fought alongside Vespasian on countless battlefields, and the warriors he commanded would boast that his prowess was the equal of the Primarch’s. Though all knew that such a boast was made in jest, it served to push his warriors to greater heights of valour and strength to emulate the lord commander.
Vespasian was also immensely likeable, for his incredible abilities as a warrior and commander were tempered by a rare humility that made others warm to him immediately. In the manner of the Emperor’s Children, warriors who followed Vespasian would take their lead from him in all things, his example serving as a model of how they might best achieve perfection through purity of purpose.”

Horus Heresy – Fulgrim

Wisdom For The Day

Wisdom for the day ⚜
Naturally you are seeking progression in the Temple of Iron. You should also seek to make knowledge gains. Although I have a personal love for physical books, there is so much content you can absorb in the Immaterium that you don’t need to rely only on books to gain a higher level of Enlightenment. If you read articles on a daily basis you will accumulate plenty of wisdom if you keep at it for long enough.
If you want something intellectually stimulating I recommend Counter-Currents.com (I was on their podcast two weeks back as well). They have a glorious archive of articles.
Lastly, regarding the picture, Teddy is meditating upon the teachings of Julius Evola whilst guarding my treasure trove of bulking sweets.


Counter-Currents Radio Podcast No. 211
Sound Minds, Sound Bodies, Sound Politics:
Interview with The Golden One

30-Day Ban From Facebook

I have been subject to another 30-day ban from Facebook (so if I am inactive there you know why). It was a two years old picture with a pro-European message that got reported). This is of course regrettable and unreasonable by Facebook but I will be active on my other social media, primarily Instagram and Twitter. You can also follow me on Gab.ai and Minds.com.

Suprahumanism – Christianity and Weakness

“Suprahumanism does not reproach Christianity for defending the weak who are unjustly oppressed. It reproaches Christianity for exalting weakness and viewing it as a sign of election and title of glory. It reproaches Christianity for not helping the weak to become strong. It is not a matter of opposing the strong against the weak, but rather of opposing a system that values strength against a system that values weakness.”

Daniel S. Forrest – Suprahumanism – European Man and the Regeneration of History