Statement on my Instagram Ban – What Happened to @thegloriouslion Instagram

The first time (two weeks ago) my Instagram got removed, it felt a lot worse. For anyone who has been hit with a good bodyshot (in sparring or otherwise), you know it is a quite particular sensation.

That is what getting the account deactivated for the first time felt like (but on a metaphysical level as opposed to a physical level).

This time, however, I put things into a different perspective. As you know, our daughter caught a fever a week ago. She got recovered quickly and is now all good (and it was not anything beyond what all parents go through at some stage).

Anyway, that put things into perspective.

So getting the account deactivated (or, more likely, deleted) again, was not that big of a deal. We will, of course, still try to appeal it, and it would be great to be able to get all the pictures back.

That being said, I already said my farewell to Instagram when the first shut-down happened. So it was easier to process now.

Losing 32,3 k followers is not fun. However, everyone who followed me there had plenty of opportunity to come to Telegram instead. And I am pleased to see how many did!

The rest, many NPCs, are not such a great loss. I want a following of proactive guys who can implement my wisdom in a meaningful way. The NPCs, who mindlessly scroll through their Instagram feed, will not be receptive to any productive measure anyway.

Moreover, I did not post anything that went against the community guidelines, nor did the account have any violations.

That being said, let’s be real, the shut-down is politically motivated. And completely understandable from the perspective of the establishment.

My teachings and influence are diametrically opposed to theirs. I want you to be strong, happy, healthy, free, and want you to find a good woman and start a family. I want to you consume good and inspiring culture.

They want you as obedient and broken slaves. Slaves under their way of life, slaves under your most base instincts.

This might seem like an exaggeration. However, for anyone who has been in the game for a bit longer, it is hardly news. It is a realisation you come to sooner or later.

Lastly, yes, I will not lie and pretend that I do not care. Of course I care. That being said, and this is not news either, we are in the midst of a war (not a conventional war, but a war nonetheless), and there will be casualties. Also, if big tech can shut down a President, they can do a lot of things.

Telegram is not my main social media account:

I am also on Minds and Gab:

Also, be sure to subscribe to my Podcast, if you are not already, you are missing out:


Last year I announced that I was going to launch a podcast. Now it is here!

Video and podcast are two quite different formats. Each with their respective strengths. One of the main benefits of a podcast is that is allows for more in-depth discussions. Moreover, not everyone has the possibility of watching a video for an hour. Listening to a podcast whilst out walking, or driving to work, school or training, however, is easier to incorporate in your everyday life.

In a recent video, I announced that I have made my last political video on YouTube. I will still do social commentary, and comment on current events etc. , however, I will keep the heavier topics for the podcast. The YouTube videos will be a bit more light-hearted (like they used to be).

The podcast is available here:
and here:

The introductory episode is available here (without signing up):

Instagram Update

Update: I have gotten my account back.

I received the following message:

A Message from Instagram

It looks like your account was disabled by mistake. Your account has been reactivated, and you should now be able to log in. We’re sorry for any inconvenience.

If you have any issues getting back into your account, please let us know.


The Instagram Team

Original post:

On Sunday 10th of January my Instagram, which dates back to 2013 and contains many memories, was deleted. No reason was given except the usual “violation of community guidelines”. I have not violated any community guidelines, which I am sure everyone who followed me can attest to.

The account was dedicated to training and health, in addition to family pictures etc.

I am honestly more sad about losing all the pictures than losing access to the platform.

I will keep you updated on where I take it from here.

Be sure to download Telegram both to your telephone and desktop, and follow me there:

The Primordial Beast’s Treasure

The Primordial Beast seeks to optimise the health and testosterone of all loyal men in Vinland.

The American webshop is now live! 🇺🇸🇨🇦

The Primordial Beast’s Treasure contains the following:
1 Varulvsbrygd (Werewolfbrew)
1 Glycine Goblin
1 Vitamin D3
1 Zinc

This is the first time Jotunheim Nutrition supplements get shipped outside of Europe, so make sure to be part of this momentous occasion.

This is the first step on the journey!
Australians can also order from the American webshop.

🇸🇪 If you are in Sweden, you can order these products separately at
🇪🇺 If you are in the EU you can order them at


The Great Launch – Legio Gloria November Releases

Amidst all the ongoing chaos in the world, Legio Gloria is going onwards and upwards at a high pace. The successes of previous launches have enabled bigger and better things.

The new woollen garment is an example of this. As I mentioned in the newsletter and on Instagram, it was not possible to release it last year. This year, however, being a bigger company with more financial muscle, it was indeed possible. I view it as a victory for the company.

The aim is quite clear: to mogg and outshine all other brands, even well-established and popular ones. Settling for less is not an option. It might sound like a cliché, but I want to make it clear to everyone who is a fan and supporter of the brand that we will continue to develop to become as good as possible.

As I write this, the woollen garment is out of stock (to everyone who already ordered it: good call), but it will be back in stock in early December.
The new polo shirts are a also step in the right direction. As other brands go along the path of mainstream culture (i.e. being cucked and anti-European, just look at their commercials and models), we stand firm as an unapologetically pro-European company.

These new polo shirts, Emperor’s Purple Polo Shirt and Enlightened Despot’s Polo Shirt, are the most comfortable ones I have ever worn. The difference between their cut and the previous cut is that they are more spacious around the shoulders, and since they are organic cotton, they are softer (and thus more comfortable).

The Byzantine Black Sun! Perhaps the most popular and requested t-shirt to date makes its triumphant return. This time in organic cotton.

The emblem consists of two parts. The ancient Indo-European Black Sun is a symbol of infinite power and energy. Visualise it starting to turn whenever you are in need of additional energy and motivation to set a high pace in your given endeavour. The Byzantine Eagle stands for European unity and celebrates the legacy of the Roman Empire.

The Green Aesthetic T-Shirt is a stylish and discreet garment. It has the same athletic cut as the rest of the t-shirts and is also made with organic cotton. The Legio Gloria emblem is embroidered.
Legio Celtica is a reimagined classic. The first one appeared for a brief while in 2016 (so before things got going in earnest) and has been requested ever since.

Just as with the Byzantine Black Sun, I wanted this design to inspire a sense of Pan-European identity. It is made with organic cotton. Moreover, note that its colour is the same as the Green Aesthetic T-Shirt pictured above.

The new hoodie also aims to be stylish and discreet. The hoodie and the tracksuit bottoms are meant to be colour-coordinated, with the gold embroidery tying them together.

On another note, as I might have mentioned before, we have made a rather substantial logistical change (moving the stock and changing shipping routines). This has caused some delays. However, now that the new routines are in place, shipping will be a lot faster (and a bit cheaper), especially to the US and Canada. I have added the option of having the parcel or package tracked as well.

Furthermore, a note on Black Friday. Legio Gloria never has any Black Friday sales (nor any sales for that matter); our focus is always on top quality products and promoting a heroic aesthetic.

And a short note on coming products. Underwear (loose fitting) in organic cotton is in the works. In addition to that we have some more garments incoming next year. Stay tuned!

Lastly, in regard to Dauntless. As you might have seen it is now available in German as Unbeugsam. It is available on both here Legio Gloria and here Jotunheim Nutrition. It makes for a perfect Christmas gift to any male relative that might need some guidance.

The next step is to translate it into French and Spanish in an effort to bring back thumos to those once glorious nations.

All new releases are available here:

That being said, I wish you a great weekend ahead!

The Children of Húrin – Quote on Túrin

And he was in truth the son of Morwen Eledhwen to look upon: tall, dark-haired and pale-skinned, with grey eyes, and his face more beautiful than any other among mortal men, in the Elder Days. His speech and bearing were those of the ancient kingdom of Doriath, and even among the Elves he might be taken at first meeting for one from the great houses of the Noldor. So valiant was Túrin, and so exceedingly skilled in arms, especially with sword and shield, that the Elves said he could not be slain, save by mischance, or from an evil arrow from afar.

Response to Magnus Ranstorp on “Right-Wing Extremism”

Magnus Ranstorp claims in his biography on Twitter to be a “Leading Terrorism Expert since 1990. Special Advisor to EU Radicalisation Awareness Network“. Normally I would laugh at anyone at his competence level claiming to be an expert; I would also be amused and bewildered that the European Union has such an individual as a ‘special advisor. However, as we all know, we do not live in normal times. Tragicomical as it is I am not surprised.

The article is full of factual mistakes, which could have easily been checked – such as when Det fria Sverige was founded (in 2017 and not in 2015). Or where /pol/ is located, which is 4chan and not Reddit. The article also states that I have 60 000 subscribers on YouTube, yet at another place it is (correctly) stated that I have over 100 000. Which means he either got the initial number wrong or that it took him three years to write it. For the record, I have 107 000 subscribers, despite being shadowbanned for the last two years. Either way his employers should have a word with him.

Factual mistakes aside, what is truly fascinating about individuals like Ranstorp is that they are still, to this day, desperately trying to present a narrative where Swedes on the ‘far-right’ (meaning everyone who criticises the multicultural hell-project) are the true danger to society and ‘democracy’. Ironically enough, they claim to stand for democratic values yet have absolutely no issue shutting down freedom of speech for dissidents. Again, this is hardly surprising for anyone who is aware of the corrupt nature of the Swedish regime.

The report also claims, in one absurd statement, that my videos are homoerotic. I can only view this as an expression of Ranstorp’s own insecurities and inferiority complex. Using terms as homoerotic as a slur is usually done by men who feel the need to cope with their own lack of masculinity.

The report also, conveniently, neglects to mention the fact that I have on numerous occasions disavowed political violence (not necessarily because it is a crime, but more importantly because it is a mistake). However, they will not say this because being honest in this regard would destroy the narrative they are trying to present.

In conclusion, these articles, hit-pieces, and reports will continue, and every time they appear, the disconnect between the people and the regime is widened. Magnus Ranstorp, and individuals like him, can posture and pretend all they like, as at the end of the day, they are just dishonest cowards. I get stopped in the street by people thanking me for my good work; I doubt Ranstorp can say the same.

A Triumph. Doing Things Thoroughly. Jotunheim Germany and USA. New Legio Gloria Releases

This article comes a bit later than originally planned but I thought it was a good idea to share some insights in regard to the recent European Jotunheim Nutrition launch in addition to sharing the progress of Jotunheim’s arrival in Vinland, the New World.

I actually opened up the Swedish webshop for orders in Europe two years ago. I quickly realised that is was far too premature to take that step. Since then I have taken the adequate and necessary steps to do it properly and thoroughly. There are many aspects to take into consideration and none of them should be rushed. Logistics, the legal aspects, accounting, packaging, correct labelling etc.

Thus the launch of the European webshop feels like a triumph. Hard work and patience pays off!

Since the beginning of the year, and this monumentally important decade, I have focused quite a bit on Jotunheim Nutrition. The Swedish site, admittedly, did not look good enough at that stage, but since then I have spent quite a bit of time optimising the page. The same can be said about the Legio Gloria page, which now looks quite aesthetically pleasing, if I may be so bold.

Moreover, as I announced on the Jotunheim Nutrition Instagram recently, Jotunheim will arrive in the US and Canada later this year. Opening up production in the US required a bit more research than was the case with the Swedish products. The products sold on the American webshop will not be the same as the ones seen on the Swedish and European one, since the former will be made in the US (as opposed to Sweden since I don’t want to ship that amount of food across the Atlantic). However, the products will be from grass-fed cows and will have the necessary certificates that vouch for an ethical and clean production. I will keep everyone updated on the grand opening of the American webshop.

In regard to the new Legio Gloria releases they consist of two remodelled garments, namely Saturnus’ Meditation Garment and Galadriel’s Blessing.

The changes that have been made are the following:

  1. Larger space around the arms, for increased flexibility and reduced amount of sweat accumulated in the armpit area.
  2. A smaller zipper for aesthetic and practical reasons.

The other new release, Saturnus’ Fitted Tanktop is actually a classic brought back. Except for the new logo it has undergone the same changes as the sleeveless hoodies; the tanktop has more space around the arms.

This fits a bit tighter than the stringers that were released a while ago, and has some elastane to make it stretchier.

The new releases are available at

Jotunheim Nutrition is currently available for European customers at:
And for Swedish customers at:

Updates on the American webshop will be announced in a few weeks.

Fulfilling Visions. Legio Gloria Summer Releases 2020

I wanted to share some thoughts regarding the latest releases (available here: Legio Gloria New Releases) since doing so is my custom and since I am happy and proud to present them.

The title of the article is Fulfilling Visions and I named it thus since many of the garments are now visions that have been fulfilled. Setting up a goal and reaching it, small or large, is a great sensation.

The Atlantis Linen Shirt is similar to the Aesthetic Men’s Linen Shirt. After some contemplation some adjustments to the cut were made. The new shirt is more spacious across the chest and less spacious around the waist, making it even more suitable for an athletic physique. The colour is a striped sea blue, and the name of Atlantis is to invoke the sense of a lost civilisation being brought back to life.

Linen is a great material for clothing and has a long history in Europe. Its only downside is that it quickly gets wrinkly. However, since this is common knowledge you can get away with it; no one expects you to have a linen shirt that is not wrinkly after a day of wearing it. That being said you can of course iron it before putting it on.

The linen shirt is made in Lithuania.

The Epona’s Gym Shorts have been in the works for quite some time and this type of shorts have been a personal wish for many years. I remember reading a historical fiction novel set in ancient Greece and the Greeks were said to wear clothing that showed the musculature of the legs, I thought this made sense. Wearing shorts that display your legs will also keep you accountable in regard to doing your squats in the gym.

Having strong legs is a sure sign of athletic prowess and also translates well into martial endeavours.

Epona is the Gallo-Roman goddess of horses and fertility. I associate the colour green with (among other nations) Gaul, and I associate horses with leg hypertrophy, hence the name.

You can wear these both inside the Temple of Iron and outside when the weather allows. The shorts are made of 100% cotton and is made in Poland (as is the rest of the garments listed below).

The Aesthetic Swimming Shorts are the most comfortable swimming shorts I have ever worn.

Speaking of swimming shorts, there is a cultural difference between European and American guys (geographically speaking) where the former prefer shorter swimming shorts whereas the latter prefer longer board-shorts. I am, of course, speaking in broad terms and it is my wish that all aesthetic and enlightened American guys try these out as well. Just be mindful that shipping continues to be delayed to the United States.

The Saturnus’ Imperial Tracksuit Bottoms are restocked. They deserve a special mention since they have served me well over the last year.

Saturnus (in Greek: Cronus) is a Roman deity associated with generation, dissolution, plenty, renewal and liberation, all aspects that can be wished for today. In Greek mythology he reigned during the Golden Age and we must post physique to end the Kali Yuga and bring back the Golden Age! I just mixed mythologies (Kali Yuga being a Hindu concept) but the mix works in this context because I believe we all can agree that our Modern World resembles the Kali Yuga to a large extent.

Imladris Athletic Tanktop
This is a tanktop that has been under progress for quite some time. I always like to try out new concepts and models before releasing them. I have trained in my prototype for about two months now and it has served me well.

The garment is very light and breathable and with a cut around the arms and shoulders that makes is optimally comfortable (it also minimises the sweat from the armpit to get to the garment). Perfect for training in warm climates.

Navy Gym Stringer and White Gym Stringer

Lastly, we have two new stringers. This time in organic cotton with a clean and stylish Legio Gloria – Evropa Invicta design.

They work well both in the gym and outside on a sunny day!

Epic and Motivating Quote from Gates of Fire by Steven Pressfield

“/…/ Polynikes’ supreme physical beauty. In every aspect of his person, face as well as physique, the Knight was formed as flawlessly as a god. Naked in the Gymnasion, even alongside scores of youths and warriors blessed in comeliness and elevated by their training to the peak of condition, Polynikes stood out, without equal, surpassing all others in symmetry of form and faultlessness of physical structure. Clothed in white robes for the Assembly, he shone like Adonis. And armed for war, with the bronze of his shield burnished, his scarlet cloak across his shoulders and the horsehair-crested helmet of a Knight pushed back upon his brow, he shone forth, peerless as Achilles.

Gates of Fire – Steven Pressfield