New Releases at Jotunheim Nutrition

Before elaborating on the new products I will answer a question that might come up: why write in English if we currently only sell to Sweden? It is because I don’t want to exclude my long-time followers from my various endeavours (and the overwhelming majority of my followers are not Swedish speakers). Moreover, it is not only about the products, I always try to bestow some knowledge and wisdom whenever I write an article or make a video. Lastly, I am still looking at shipping options for special packages (containing vitamins, EAA, creatine and shakers, in addition to a coming PWO-product) that can be sold to other European Union countries.

First among the new releases is this new shaker. It is just like the Valknut Shaker made out of non-toxic plastic (BPA & DEHP-free). It is made in Hungary – which together with Poland, the Czech Republic and Slovakia make up the Visegrád Group. The Visegrád Group is a bastion of light and reason in an otherwise anti-European EU. There are Hungarians who like to aim criticism against Viktor Orbán, and of course no man is perfect, but I think we can all agree that it is preferable to have a leader who does not work relentlessly to replace his own people.
That being said, the shaker is being sold together with magnesium, which is a supplement that is highly recommended when training hard, if you start experiencing fatigue (not primarily in training but in your everyday life) it might be due to a lack of magnesium. The reason they are sold together (the same reason goes for the Valknut Shaker and zinc) is that it makes more sense in terms of shipping to sell them together.

The next release is another EAA flavour. We aimed for a peach ice-tea style for this product and it turned out really well. It is, just like the Amino-Cola one sweetened with sucralose. For those who prefer stevia as sweetener we do have the EAA – Citrus. However, it bears mentioning that the citrus amino acids do not share the same divine taste as the cola and peach ones (it is still good though – just not as good).

Since the chocolate whey was so popular I thought the only reasonable course of action was to expand the sortiment of whey with another flavour. It tastes similar to the chocolate one but with a touch of orange. Also, for those who prefer whey with stevia we have restocked the popular Whey 80 – Banana. Furthermore, a note on the use of aspartame, I consume it myself and have done so for many years. The reason for this is beautiful in its simplicity, I have concluded it to be safe in moderate amounts, you can read more about research on aspartame here: This being said you can opt for the banana whey should you feel more comfortable with not consuming aspartame, the choice is yours.

Vitamin D3 is a supplement I have always spoken warmly of. The reason it was not among the first releases was simply due to the fact that it was summer then (supplementing with vitamin D3 is redundant if you get enough sunlight).

In regard to the coming PWO-product it will be out in about two months or so. I will be quite clear that it is only supposed to be taken once a month – every full moon to be more precise. I do not recommend using PWO-products prior to every session, I rarely use them myself (the same goes for energy drinks) a few of each every year on certain occasions. The best pre-work out – or rather the best preparations for a good session consists of getting in an adequate amount of sleep and adhering to a good diet.

Lastly, and this is for all Swedish gentlemen in Uppland – head over to our Instagram account for an announcement of a glorious activity taking place next week.

Collaborations and Podcasts Q1 2019

This is a note and a heads-up for anyone seeking collaborations (on YouTube or podcasts etc.) during the coming time. I will just have enough time to make videos for my own channel so I cannot participate in any other collaborations (except the ones planned since a long time ago). So if I have to say no it is not because I do not appreciate your work or that I do not think your work (whomever you might be) is not important enough. It is simply a matter of focusing on what matters the most (in terms of metapolitics and culture) – which is my own channel.

January Releases For Legio Gloria

It is my great pleasure to announce the following new releases for Legio Gloria. Before introducing the new garments I would like to state that this (being responsible for bringing out the best possible garments) has become my passion; and it is truly a joyous sensation to be able to pour all of my energy into this endeavour. I approach this much in the same way as the gym; constant progression, attention to details, building upon a solid base, and last but not least – having patience. There is so much I want and I have learned that it is indeed possible to get what you want (to reach your goals) if you are persistent and committed to continuous improvement. The sensation I get when I see the finished (after a good bit of back and forth in all different stages of production) product (in this case these new releases) is akin to the sensation I have gotten in previous endeavours – striving for physical perfection for example, seeing the complete picture with all the details added together. It is truly glorious.

The Angel of Enlightenment – Ascend to a higher state of being – pursue physical and metaphysical greatness. Some battles are fought with the sword – others with the book, thus you should be prepared to use both in your quest to bring about the Golden Age from the Kali Yuga.

Imperivm Evropa – This garment stands for loyalty to Mother Evropa. The use of V instead of U is a nod to the Roman way of spelling. The statue depicted is based upon the works of the German sculptor Arno Breker and the words surrounding the statue; veritas (truth), honorem (honour), ivstitia (justice) signifies values that should be upheld. The statue is a homage to Classical Europe, and this garment is designed to promote European (including America and Australia and the other former colonies) unity and pride in this legacy. Classical aesthetics such as this can be found all over Europe and is thus a good symbol to promote a much needed cultural re-awakening. When wearing this garment you should strive to become the statue; the physical representation of eternal metaphysical ideals.

Royal Byzantine Black Sun – The Byzantine Black Sun is a proud symbol only meant to be worn by high Thumos men. The Byzantine eagle stands for European unity, something that is needed more than ever before. The Black Sun stands for a spiritual awakening, something that also is needed more than ever before. The purple colour of this version is an homage to the Byzantine Empire.

Ride The White Tiger – Ride the Tiger, do not succumb to the decadence of the world around you, but steer the tiger onward to glory. The Modern World offers plenty of detrimental temptations, should you fall off the tiger you will get trampled underfoot and eaten. However, if you manage to stay on its back it can take you to ever new heights. Riding the Tiger in a life affirming manner means enjoying the ride and making the most of where the tiger can take you.

The passage above is an excerpt from my book (which will be released this spring).

All the above designs are now available in the webshop:

Stay tuned for more news in the coming time – follow the Instagram account for the latest updates (in addition to epic pictures in general):

What does the Celtic Cross mean?

Since we just released the Celtic Cross Neckwarmer at Legio Gloria I thought to briefly expound upon its meaning (or at least its meaning to me). There are those who falsely claim it to be a symbol of hate. However, it is of paramount importance that we never let un-Enlightened plebs decide the meaning of ancient European symbols. I determine this ancient symbol to be representative of Celtic Europe. The Celtic Cross, and Celtic culture in general, is today mostly associated with the beautiful nation of Ireland. That being said, Celtic culture once held sway over large parts of Europe. Thus this symbol can be seen as a pan-European one, and one that represents a once-mighty culture shared by many European nations. Pan-European symbols, be they Celtic, Roman, Gothic or otherwise are especially important in today’s situation when Europe as a whole is under attack.

The Celtic Cross Neckwarmer is a limited edition item. Proudly made in Poland.
We have also restocked the Mithrandir Exploration Hoodie, the Pagan Nature and Gym Hoodie and Lord Byron’s Cultured Thug.

Available here:

Interview with Natural Bodybuilder Sam Bond

I wrote an article a few years ago (The Golden One Physique Ideals), where I talked a bit about my own physique ideals. In it I mentioned Sam Bond, whom I listen as one of my inspirations when I first started training in the gym. As you might see if you compare the pictures of him in my original article he has since altered his aesthetics somewhat, opting for Viking mode instead, much like myself. Below is an interview I did with him.

MGreetings, Sam. I discovered you about eight years ago when I first started my journey in the Temple of Iron. I was looking for physical inspirations and I was never fond of the typical bodybuilding look. You, however, have a physique that is more harmonious and natural to the eye, whilst at the same time being massive. What is your own training philosophy?

S: First of all, thank you for the kind words. It’s great to hear I had a positive impact in other someone else’s training, especially since others inspired me too. My training approach evolved over the years; you could say my training matured but part of the success was the journey I went on. Health was always a focus but not necessarily deliberately. Initially, I chose not to use drugs simply because I knew to be at the top, you had to do tonnes of performance enhancing drugs to be at the top. Or, alternative, one could stay natural (drug free) and still be at the top. So initially, I said no to drugs only because I wasn’t prepared to take everything under the sun to get to the top. Then, over time, I found myself saying no to drugs actually more thoughtfully and wanting only to be healthy rather than not wanting to avoid the effects of drug abuse. Likewise, as health became more important, so too did balance, athleticism and a healthy mind. The training matured into less gym-rat orientated to becoming very focused on being the best I can be. Needless to say, nutrition was a big part of the health focus but since you can’t achieve anything without eating right, it was the thing that underpinned everything.

M: What were your sources of inspiration when you first started lifting? Anyone or anything in particular that served as the initial motivation to get into the habit of going to the gym?

S: Let’s face it, we’ve all been inspired by Arnie somewhere along the way. There were others along the way such as Mike O’Hearn and several wrestlers but really it was Arnie and to a lesser extent Sly Stallone. It’s not that I don’t like to admire the big physiques like Coleman or Phil Heath – I do. But the more I’ve searched for inspiration, the more I’ve come back to just really admiring the classics.

M: How has your training looked like? And what would you say is the most important differences between training naturally (i.e. without steroids) versus when taking exogenous hormones?

S: I have observed those using drugs who can make improvements without really following the basics. I think you can look back at training and identify that in the 70s/80s taking two distinct routes. Those that took drugs could use simple hypertrophy methods and not just enjoy short term gains but long term. Those that stayed clean, have had to use strength training to progress in the long run. We can all do 6 weeks or pyramid training (12, 10, 8, 6) and see some instant mass. But it’s glycogen and water storage. There’s very little long term gain in that “pump” training with cute exercises. Those that do take drugs should do what the naturals do – use heavy basic compound exercises and focus on getting strong. The size will come if you train the whole body as a strength unit.

M: How does your diet look like? And has this changed over the years?

S: What I did towards the end (and would be doing now if not taking a break) wasn’t how I started. I made plenty of mistakes along the way but let’s not focus on that. Let’s explain how it worked in the end. I would approach the non competitive time of year in a similar way to content prep. Whereas in content prep you’re tweaking macros and gradually dialling it down, I would swing the other way in the off season. Add a few more carbs and see what happens. Add some fat and see how the body fat levels manage vs injury recovery etc. So it was all trial and error. I think the typical day consisted of approx. 4100 calories spread over about 7 small meals and 4 supplement intakes. I also spent some time investigating the extremes of supplements – nothing vs all of it and everything in between. I was sponsored by Maximuscle and very fortunate to have a generous allowance that gave me more supplements than I could take (yet I still did). Ultimately, whilst taking tonnes and tonnes of supplements didn’t make a difference, taking some supplements did. I found a few basic protein shakes, creatine EE and natural test boosters like Tribulus made the difference. I always recommend Udo’s oil for the avoidance of doubt. What a fantastic product!

M: You were previously the gladiator Atlas on the popular tv-show. What are you up to today? And does your training look similar to how it did then?

S: Yes that was a lot of fun and probably what I’m know best for. I’m actually taking a break from training. My wife and I were lucky to have a daughter so I thought I’d take some time off the gym and let the injuries heal. It’s been quite a journey to not train. Aspects of life that I had never struggled with became real (stress for example) and where I thought I’d find it hard to lose the routine, I found it very easy to walk away. However, I’ve always known it’s temporary and I’m planning to hit the gym hard again soon at some point. Whether or not I choose to sacrifice everything necessary in order to compete in natural bodybuildng again is a different matter. But certainly training I will return to – if not for enjoyment then for mental health reasons!

M: What advice would you give to those just starting out in the gym?

S: It can be a really exciting journey and it can be the complete opposite. You need to keep it fun – it’s the only way you stick at it for long enough to see results. It takes time to see results too. You need to be thoughtful, createful (creative), well informed, ambitious…..I could go on let’s face it.

I am, to the core, an advocate of strength training for people. There are exceptions, but ultimately, if you want big muscles, you must lift big weights. All advice I can give would be to keep learning about this pursuit and make sure that you master the basics. Big heavy compound movements are worth far more than cute exercises like hamstring curls (though they have their place). The moment someone starts doing “21s” on arm curls I suspect they need a steer in the right direction.

I guess it’s about goals. People should try and set goals and then strive to achieve. Even if they fail, it doesn’t matter. Just try again.

And always use free weights!

M: Do you have any advice for young guys thinking about taking steroids?

S: It’s a very hard topic to offer advice on. And it’s something almost everyone has something to say about (often uninformed opinions). I’m certainly no expert in the drugs but I’m well versed in saying “no”. Everyone just needs to forge their own path in training (and life for that matter). Whatever decisions we make, they should be well informed decision. Decisions made in haste often can’t be undone. I’d encourage everyone to really look at the choices they are making and make sure they could justify those decisions. I’d also encourage no one to take one person’s advice and that includes my own. We owe it to ourselves to go out and gain as much knowledge as we can. I think it more people did this, there would be fewer people making mistakes in the gym, which could include those who have said “yes” to drugs without thinking carefully enough.

M: Thank you for your time, Sam. Do you have any other wisdom to impart to my readers?

S: Be inspired. By someone. By something. By anything.


Black Friday at Legio Gloria

This is not an attempt at moralising over consumption during Black Friday, it is merely an explanation as to why neither Legio Gloria nor Jotunheim Nutrition has any sales for this day (or for any day for that matter). Black Friday is a symptom of an ultra-commercial culture, which sees consumption for the sake of consumption as something worth celebrating. Legio Gloria is a concept against the modern world, so it does not make much sense in joining the festivities of said modern world.

The reason for buying a Legio Gloria garment must never be because of its price, the monetary price is not even the actual price you pay for it. The total price is the monetary price in addition to the countless hours spend on the path of glory – i.e. the path of constant self-improvement. A Legio Gloria garment is deserved via the blood and sweat brought forth whilst honing your physical or martial prowess, and the hours reading in order to attain a higher level of Enlightenment. Furthermore, competing in price against brands who have their production in third world countries is not sustainable. I encourage you to have a look in your wardrobe, the majority of your garments are most likely made in sweatshops by underpaid workers. It is time to bring back the production to Europe. That is why all of our products are made in Europe; it is not about the money – it is about sending a message.
It is of course also about money but the greater goal always comes first.

The ultimate time to purchase a Legio Gloria garment is when you have deserved it, it might be now, or it might be in three months when you have reached a certain goal you have set-up for yourself. Either way, wear it with pride, and make sure that you represent the garments in the best possible way.

November Releases For Legio Gloria

It is my great pleasure to announce the new releases for Legio Gloria and to take this opportunity to elaborate a bit on the company and the philosophy behind it.

The philosophy is beautiful in its simplicity. I want the clothes to be the best they can be, I want to aim as high as possible. I never saw any reason in settling for less. Moreover, this is a long-term endeavour, this is not about quick monetary gain (read more about that here). In fact I have yet to take out any financial assets from the company. I have reinvested everything to be able to bring out more and better products.

The clothing (the same applies for the training gear and supplements) are closely linked with my own personal honour. The absolute majority of customers are people that put their trust in me, therefore it is my sacred duty to maintain this trust. Thus it is always very satisfactory to receive praise and confirmation that this trust was well placed. This goes beyond clothing and supplements; my word is of supreme importance for everything I do. Maintaining this trust will be important for all coming endeavours as well (whatever they might be). That is why I put so much work into the company and why I view it in the long-term.

Furthermore, Legio Gloria is not only meant to be a clothing brand, it is supposed to be a lifestyle and a philosophy, a metaphysical legion if you will. There are so many young men cast adrift in the Modern World without access to many of the things our ancestors had access to; a Männerbund and a thriving local community for example, or a shared worldview with your peers. Being the only high Thumos guy among numales at the university or being surrounded by self-hating Whites or people not of your tribe can indeed be a less than enjoyable experience. Knowing that there are others in a similar situation makes it easier.

First of the releases is the long awaited re-release of the Byzantine Black Sun. The Byzantine eagle stands for European unity, something that is needed more than ever before. The Black Sun stands for a spiritual awakening, something that also is needed more than ever before. Un-Enlightened individuals might find the Black Sun controversial, so keep this in mind; wearing it also means that you must be able to back it up.

The Legio Gloria Weaponshield T-Shirt is just as the Byzantine Black Sun remade with a different cut; it is larger in the chest and the arms go a bit higher (so your guns are being shown at all times). Wear this garment with a firm gaze and a straight back.

We have also released two different rashguards. The Phoenix symbolises Evropa (Western Civilisation – or European Civilisation) reborn from the ashes of its death. The sword and book emblem symbolises the struggle for Enlightenment, both physical and metaphysical. The sword stands for the physical part and the book for the metaphysical part. The wings stand for righteousness. Both designs are meant to give you a boost in inspiration whilst training hard. I always use various mental techniques when training (in order to push myself harder – before a heavy lift or at the last rounds of sparring), these designs have a similar purpose: When you are tired – look yourself in the mirror to remind yourself that you are training for a higher purpose.

The Dragon Prince Swimming Shorts were perhaps a bit oddly timed, being released in November (perfect time for Yule/Christmas though 🙂 ). However, they took some time to get right and, yet again, since the purpose of the clothes is to be worn for a long time they will be equally testosteronous to wear come Summer – or now, if you are located in more tropical environments.
The artwork is inspired by St. Göran och Draken (St. George and the Dragon), which is a common figure in European history. The Swedish version commemorates victories over Denmark (the dragon). This version is to symbolise your victory over an enemy – whatever that enemy might be (detrimental addictions or other troubles for example).
If you think that these shorts are extremely aesthetic (which they are), but do not think you are in good enough shape yet to be worthy of wearing them; make sure to train very hard until next Summer.

Three Autumn Releases For Legio Gloria

I am proud to announce three new releases for Legio Gloria. First and foremost is the third version of our popular Handsome Shorts. The original Handsome Shorts were released last Summer, and I have trained many a gym session in them over the Autumn and Winter. Although, I was very satisfied with them I knew they could be improved to be a bit more comfortable in the Temple of Iron, thus we added some elastan to the garment making it a bit more flexible (always good when squatting). The Handsome Shorts: Mark II were (and still are) a very solid pair of shorts to train in. The alterations we made this time around was to add metal rings to optimise the aesthetics of the garment, as well as to optimise their functionality by making the pockets a bit deeper, in accord with my own assessment and per the feedback of some of our valued customers.
The name itself; Handsome Shorts, it is derived from a quote in the Horus Heresy book Know No Fear, where the Primarch Guilliman is being described in the following manner: “He is handsome, in a plain way. He is handsome the way a regent on an old coin is handsome, like a good sword is handsome.” I thought this was an adequate description of the shorts as well, since they are in fact handsome in a plain way.

The next release is the Mithrandir Exploration Hoodie. The name explains its purpose; Mithrandir is the Elven name for Gandalf and means grey wanderer. Although it can definitely be utilised as a gym hoodie it is designed to be a bit warmer than a regular hoodie, making it well suited to exploring this beautiful world of ours, especially as the weather gets a bit colder.

The emblem on the chest symbolises the struggle for Enlightenment, both physical and metaphysical. The sword stands for the physical part and the book for the metaphysical part. Wear this garment with pride; it is meant to be worn only by those who live by the ideal.

Lastly, the Handsome Exploration Tracksuit Bottoms are just as the hoodie designed to be a bit warmer, making it suitable to wear as the weather gets colder. Proudly made in Poland – as is all of our garments.

All garments are available at

Moreover, be sure to follow us on Instagram: @legiogloria
Also, if you are uploading any epic pictures, be sure to tag them with #legiogloria

Lastly, we have a lot of new releases incoming in a few weeks (including the long awaited Forbidden Garment) so stay tuned for that.

Jotunheim Nutrition and Legio Gloria – News and Updates

We are currently developing two new Whey-80 products, both sweetened with stevia instead of aspartame for those who do not like the latter. I will continue to use the products with aspartame however. The new flavours will be banana and strawberry. Magnesium is the next mineral in the pipeline for releases. You can follow us on Instagram for more news and updates: @jotunheimnutrition

The webstore is available here:

We have released two new garments for Legio Gloria. The Valknut Tanktop and the Lionheart Handsome Shorts. Both are proudly made in Poland. 

Moreover, we have restocked several other garments, such as the Pagan Nature and Gym Hoodie and the Lord Byron’s Cultured Thug.

Be sure to follow us on Instagram for more news and updates: @legiogloria

New Releases at Legio Gloria

I am very happy to present the new launch at Legio Gloria

The garments themselves are designed to fit an athletic physique, since this clothing brand is for men who place high emphasis on both the physical and mental journey upwards. The designs are high testosterone with messages against the current paradigm.

Your Ancestors Are Watching
A great reminder when looking to set the pace high (no matter your endeavour). If you know your Ancestors (or someone else you seek to make proud) are watching you; you will strive higher.
This mental technique is something that has gotten me through many a hard session both in the Temple of Iron and the Temple of Mars – it applies no matter what you do (also when it comes to resisting degeneracy).

Ride The Tiger
Traditionalist philosopher Julius Evola’s famous book restructured into an even more high Thumos concept. Still riding the tiger in the sense that you avoid being trampled underfoot by the tiger (i.e. succumbing to degeneracy etc.), but also (to a certain extent) controlling the tiger. Of course you cannot control modernity but a good example of this is how you approach the Immaterium, certain men fall for the temptation of pornography (being trampled underfoot), others manage to stay clear of it (riding the tiger in the classic sense). And a few manage to stay clear of the temptations and at the same time make full use of the treasures of the Immaterium (knowledge and communication among other things). Riding the tiger successfully means standing above the decadent aspects of the modern world yet at the same time plundering it of riches. I will elaborate on this in a coming video as I think it is a very valuable concept for us Men Among the Ruins.

Nordic Lifting Straps
These are similar to the current ones, the difference is that these are non-adjustable. Which to choose is up to personal preference. I prefer these ones.

Gym Stringer – Your Ancestors Are Watching
Same message as for the t-shirt but for a traditional gym stringer.

Valsgärde Tracksuit Bottoms
New tracksuit bottoms. The design is a bit different from the Handsome Winter ones. As the name suggest the former ones are a bit thicker and thus also warmer. The Valsgärde ones are a bit thinner and also a bit more fitted to get that classic aesthetics look. They also have pockets with zippers. Although they are quite tight in their fit they are also quite flexible, as demonstrated below.

Stay tuned for more releases in the coming time (various new garments are incoming). Follow us on Instagram @legiogloria and remember to tag with #legiogloria if you take any epic pictures.

Moreover, if you are in the Nordic countries, be sure to head over to Jotunheim Nutrition to get some high quality supplements.