Dauntless by Marcus Follin

Dauntless – A Handbook For the Quest For Enlightenment and Glory: The Wild Hunt Edition is available here:  https://legiogloria.com/product/dauntless/

The Collected Teachings of The Golden One

The book is, as the name suggests, a handbook that deals with many topics relevant to our age. The book includes practical advice that you can implement in your life, as well as presenting some foundational truths.

Chapter 1: A Phoenix Rising from the Ruins
Chapter 2: Creating a Demigod
Chapter 3: Martial Arts, Violence, and Health
Chapter 4: The Heroic Renaissance — Culture
Chapter 5: Religion and Faith
Chapter 6: Sexual Energy
Chapter 7: Philosophical Musings
Chapter 8: Tribe and Relationships
Chapter 9: Gender Relations
Chapter 10: Civilisation, Nationalism, and Politics
Chapter 11: Societal Musings
Chapter 12: On, to Adventure!

Excerpt from the book:

‘In order to ascend into a higher state of being, you must approach life and adversity in a dauntless fashion. Attaining glory can only be done when there are things that need to be overcome — being dauntless in the face of adversity is the heroic and life-affirming attitude. Fear is a double-edged sword; it can be used to your advantage, or it can pacify
you. The fear of losing can make you train and fight harder. The fear of ignorance can make you strive harder for the attainment of knowledge. The fear of being left without glory as the years pass by can fuel your
transcendence into a legend. The fear that pacifies you — the fear of repercussions or the fear of danger — must be met head on. Being afraid is acceptable; backing down from this fear is not acceptable. Heroism and bravery are possible when one can overcome fear. Learn to distinguish between the two, and learn to use fear to your advantage.’

Dauntless is also available in German: https://legiogloria.com/product/unbeugsam

Dauntless is also available in French: https://www.legiogloria.com/product/intrepide-un-manuel-pour-la-quete-de-lillumination-et-de-la-gloire/

The book is also available here:
Sweden: https://jotunheimnutrition.se/product/dauntless-the-wild-hunt-edition/
EU: https://www.jotunheimnutrition.de/product/dauntless-the-wild-hunt-edition/

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