Sunday Summary


It has been an eventful week, the news hit Sweden a few days ago that a re-election will not take place. This was indeed a hard blow to many of us, I elaborate on the topic here
Also, Christmas just came and brought us all gains (I hope), I have actually not indulged in particularly much sweets this time. The reasoning here is (which I might have mentioned before) since I don’t have a very large appetite at the moment. Regarding this I will actually make some adjustments to my diet. As it is right now I am mainly eating protein to hit my 180 g a day, when I have eaten that I have no desire to eat anything else. I will take advantage of this situation to lose some fat now, making the spring cut easier. And when my appetite rises again I will utilise that to fuel my performance in the Temple. I am so experienced with how my body works at this stage I work out my plan to best suit what feels best, and not be to strict as to what happens when (ie I must bulk to a certain date and start the cut at another certain date). The main goal is to get well in the back (which is feeling much better now actually) and also to progress in some minor lifts.
Speaking of minor lifts I have had a good few sessions consisting mainly of lateral pull-downs. This is not something I usually do, but it felt like a good choice now considering I want as little stress on the lower back as possible while still in training.

ACBPistolChristmas is also about gaming. I have promised to make let’s plays of Assassin’s Creed Black Flag and maybe Unity so I have been playing Brotherhood and Revelations to get into the story. I am almost finished with Revelations and I must say that both games are superb, especially for someone historically interested as myself. The game play is very similar to Shadow of Mordor which also is a very good game (highly recommended).
The Sunday Summary will be in 2015, which I intend to make a highly productive year. Also, coming up on this fine page will be a summary of the year with lots of pictures and videos.

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