First Among Equals – How to Acquire Valiant Friends. Part 1

If I am guilty of anything it is the pursuit of wisdom.

Moreover, I come bearing wisdom in regard to the procurement of valiant true friends for my loyal legionaries!

First Among Equals – How to Acquire Valiant Friends. Part 1

Lastly, shoutout to my man Ahzek Ahriman of the Thousand Sons for the extremely epic picture!

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  2. Look I ordered a shirt from you but did’nt wear it, I hope you don’t feel too insulted; I know it’s not in the spirit of why you sell these shirts and that is not correct to have bought it from your point of you, I’ll send it back to you no problem, just email me your adress.
    To me you’re a motivator when I watch your videos, it motivated me to shuvel a huge square of clay earth to make a garden. But my hair is curly and brown so we’re stuck there (ok it can change to blonde also but generally). Plus, I’m kind of an outcast; and I’m shy and feel perfectlu ok like this!
    I’d be more interested about stuff like the Sibylline books (never read them, got the idea from notes in another book) because in the old days they thought that when the gods want somethhing, you can partake or not partake, it does’nt change anything in the end, and that if the humans actions, if they were bad for example, would cause a counter reaction, and so they had the Sibylline books to deal with these effects ect. Sounds interesting…

  3. Hi TheGoldenone! Ok maybe that last comment did’nt make that much sense, especially since you said ethnical backgroud does’nt matter as long as you beleive in the cause and are a nationalist ect. Ok and I don’t care about the Sibylline books really, I said that because on the internet it’s almost impossible to write anything serious, intelectual property would be stolen immediatly, and ethics.
    What I was trying to say was that it is not proper for me to join such a group as yours because: I don’t have a woman, politics give me a headache, and I don’t bow to gods. So what the heck was I doing here? Answer: to wish you luck on your quest and give you a cheer I guess, I don’t want to join anything. So yea, I want to send the shirt back, it does’nt make any sense.
    On another note I was thinking, for the youger generation to improve themselves, following my advice would basically mean: leave society; it’s almost impossible otherwise to get away from the music, infobesity, media bombardment-fake reality setting, stress, lack of free time and over-crowding. Then study chess seriously with books and solving problems, train physically every day, avoid eating poisonous food (recently I don’t know what they added in there if it’s the chemicals or what but I’m allergic to almost everything they sell, forget about a doctor correctly noticing that when the person is ill enough to consult, they’ll start prescribing anything and everything and operating or something when the problemm is a chemical in the food. I purchased some seeds and was surprised to find that I was getting dizzy and had rashed when planting them: it takes a chemical suit and a mask to do so, it kills a mice that eats them and the cattle can’t go there for 45 days, that’s just an example) read books that interest you and especially go in nature, but ok, this is unrealistic, it would be better for society to protect plenty of parks available to everyone near cities (the problemm is how to secure them, so they raze forests and put artificial lights (that kills the plants) everywhere for security so crime is a problem, you don’t want to go in nature with other people, you go in the city for that; then try convincing politicians to make a law against music in the streets and the stores that polutes everyones minds, then forbid artificial lighting at night so people can see the stars, look the night is’nt that dark, but again this is a safety issue, then you need to modify the school programs to make them less like militaristic drills and more where youths can express their creativity and speach in front of the class ect. You guys are stuck in this system, the house value is set according to the cost of retirement and the land is precisely freed in the market to maintain the property prices, and the interests rates are used according to that ect. so basically you’re signing a social contract and following the group, and everyone around you expects you to do that and counts on you socially, so it’s almost impossible to get out of that without looking dubious to others, that’s normal, the problem is you got people deciding stuff on top of your heads too much. In a case where the adults try to get out of that system and the kids are taught differently, then they often end up knoking on the welfare door, because the system eliminates those that don’t follow it: the way the real unemployment rate is about 55% in the west, not 5%, but even at 5% real job seekers, that means you got 5% of the population that gets eliminated constantly, then of the serious jobs that there are, the competition is ferocious, the work environment should be cooperative, not competitive, if you want competition go to the olympics. Then profesionnal deformation is a huge factor, if you’re an asshole at work, you’ll end up an asshole generally; if you’re the boss at work, you’ll end up a confident brat generally ect. Avoid marrying somebody who is in an authority position. To a big system, the slower the advance the better, because it maintains coordination and cohesion; so in school, if you think you’re going fast, you’re actually going astray in useless stuff that they keep you busy with while the others catch up with you, it’s the way the educators dominate the group.
    About the middle east I read an 60s book about pipelines and actually the governments that are there were set up by oil companies and are basically just security forces, most of these countries don’t even have a taxation system I think; it’s not racism, it’s that normal international development should be done there from a politician in the system’s point of view, but for that there as to be cooperation and military stability, it seems there are bands of brigands there, and the u.s. is tired of leading the way alone, like in Lybia when they were asking the french and english to take leadership and were doing it for them, so they let this whole thing go, and you guys in europe got the fallout. Borders have been made up for a reason, but if they can’t be backed by the military then that’s what happens, to the u.s. europe was’nt taking it’s responsibilities, that is what I understand from this. The u.s. set up that meeting where they gathered representatives of the west to show what was happenig with terrorists and stuff and telling them they can’t just sit idle, but it did’nt seem to have much effect. It’s obscure who is running the gimmick administratively and making executive decisions in europe, why the heck did they just let this thing go? And why is’nt a rich country like China for example not helping the starving africans and building solar pannels in the middle east? Of course it would not be correct to mistreat the refugees. If you’re asking me, maybe all this does’nt matter, everyone under the civil code, following the beauraucracy, more people can live in cities, be optimistic, it is’nt that bad, the situation is more or less on the right track, industrial production and farming in large quantities are not a problem globally, only in the arctic, only in what has been searched, there’s enough petroleum for the world for 100 years, and that’s just there, the output is still massive in the middle east, so I don’t think a shortage is credible. You guys look like you’re living in a tropical country anyways, around here the snow is still there, and with modern comodities, a McDonnald’s, a mall and a house in Taiwan is the same as a McDonnald’s a mall and a house in Stockholm, so why should people be different? But that’s pretty pointless to individuals, who often feel pointless in such a system, so that’s why this thing is turning into a religious question I think. Ok this is how I would talk casually about this thing, of course I’m not the one living the problem, and I’m not running this thing, so it must be taken lightly, and I don’t like to bother about what should be taken care of by real workers. But anyways, if you or the NorthernBrother(s) or Varg Vikernes (the channels I sometimes follow) ever come to Canada you can come as guests and I could tell you stories, you can stay as long as you want for free or pitch a tent if you like, but now it’s still not spring yet so it’s very boring, and in the summer you’ll have to test your nerves against the bugs.

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