A Beautiful Field in Sweden

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  1. If you want a comment on all this: it is much easier to make a very malleable and bendable form than a hard, complex form.
    Deriving conjectures from a hard form can almost never be correct and can be misleading even if they appear to be true.
    A guy asked me a few decades ago: “what is the best time to study?”; I said: “in the morning because when we go to bed at night we do a re-run of our day starting from the morning”. He then said:”I just saw on tv that we should study in the evening because scientists found out that the memory zone in the brain gets activated when we go to bed”. Are these scientists and tv producers all unconscious? Events are remembered according to how well we imprint them, at night we’re tired. A day is a day; trees go thru a special phase when the sun goes down too.
    I attended a conference by a head resercher in a university about the brain and he claimed that we did’nt have memories before 8 years old because of what he observed with his machines: nonsense. There’s a vegetative memory, dna is a memory…

    Evolution goes from the malleable to the hard organs thru effort and creativity. If the harder form gets isolated and modified, the whole thing jams and malfunctions because we can’t re-do 10 million years of work to get ourselves togheter again.
    Keep in mind that we spent milions of years in the same state plants did and millions of years as u.v. rays in water. Plants rise towards the light, their constitution appears and their roots grow; one process does not lead to the others, a plant is a plant with it’s dimensions.

    The product of reproduction is placed pscychologically and organically before time and outside of time; time is not an absolute constraint.
    The purpose of mating, that is a very serious process in nature, is not just to increase the number of individuals but to improve and vary the genetic makeup while preserving the descendance.
    When people have the habit of taking back their actions and make a “reset” to feel like they start anew, it’s an expression of that process gone out of control I think.
    The malleable reaches the hard form, the mind towards the body, that is the correct way.
    That means if a person rejects itself that way, going back and forth, it gets seriously destabilized.
    The light is blocked and re-seen all of a sudden, that process stays and is repeated. A person can be split.
    In the same way doctors deal with patients, primitive societies use God, Gods and Totems to justify the disqualification of those that are not in their system.
    God, Prophets and their Followers are an attempt at degeneration of the environment to disqualify individuals and act as their Master, replace them , rob them of their own light and forcibly integer and pacify them. An islamist can’t leave that system freely, a mormon either, they’re just brainwashed.
    The way the establishment deals with those who are unstable, is to drug them into zombies with various “medicines” that numb the chemistry in the body and jams the brain. The patient can still act as a robot to some extent, being far less suggestible, less scared and less reactive, but they’d still spot a sharp-shooter within a 10 mile radius. I guess they must have a drug for that too.
    If you’re asking me, you should’nt even take vitamins, it just produces ups and downs.
    I think this could really help somebody experiencing dificulties somewhere.
    And yes the natural environment has Healing capabilities and can act through one or more individuals. Plants produce that effect very well themselves in their natural setting. Natural animals are much in symbiosis with the environment, but they become gray in cities.
    Each is his own God in a creative manner, there is no such thing as a fixed human body given by some God. Anyone can produce Miracles. Don’t let anyone establish your Reality because you’re being crushed into something you don’t understand and pretend your house has been created by their God. Absolute light is just another dimension, as is absolute creativity, as is death, what connects them is you. Imposing One love or love as an absolute value on the world or on someone amounts to a disqualification and fragmentation of the ability to create and transmit love, it constitutes a self-retracting trap. A person is already a collectivity with it’s own values, but God Followers just block anything beyond their One physical reality. If you saw a miracle, it’s no longer a miracle, but reality. A miracle maker imposing laws on others is just a crook, even if he speaks perfectly: if it’s integrable, it’s just more dangerous. When a bearded oppressor in a funny dress tells you that’s how your house should be, If you’re not explained how his stuff happened and can’t reproduce the process, it’s either a trick or just something you don’t understand.

    • Thanks Eve; these issues are what authors likes Tchekov and Dostoesvski were strugling with too, I liked reading The Dark Monk by Tchekov, Humiliated and Offended by Dostoevski, or even Crime and Punishment, not that I would ask anyone to go thru all that but The Dark monk is a short story. Social inequeties resulting in problems and vice versa, people going ill and withdrawing.

      The russians solved that with communism and equal wealth for all and to enforce such a system with a police state; in the west it’s more complex: the richer are forced to transfer their money: when they put it in the bank, it gets invested automatically.
      I tried to invest my retirement money in a way they could’nt invest it: at .3% interest where I could withdraw it anytime; but after x days it got transfered due to a time limit.

      The only ways to invest anti-socially that I know of are to own gold and let it sit there: (it was illegal in the us to own gold from 1933 to 1974) or own assets like land or a business and just hold on to it while the rest stay poor; the later is a common problem, with stories of people arguing to tears about the way another manages “his own” things, and going ill.
      The ones on minimum wage jobs are in miserable untenable positions, while the richer live in austerity, sitting on a mountain of wealth.
      Often all that comes from bad marriages and emotional plague, so people stuck running away from such problems depend entirely on the system; it’s why the ussr tried to set up such a system as socialism. For example after the emancipation reform of 1861 in Russia they needed another reform due to: “… a significant level of control by the family elder” …”Serfs who had been liberated by the Emancipation Reform of 1861 lacked the financial ability to leave their new lands…” (wikipedia)

      Do you realise the number of people who wish they could escape from Islam for example? Do you think people are just free to leave Islam? I wanted to add further comment but I’ll spare some web space and resume it to that: Quran (4:89) – “… slay them wherever you find them” Quran (2:228) – “and the men are a degree above them [women]”

      Why is this considered a religion in free countries? Can we make fascism a religion? Are people informed of this by the media? Not that I would want to waste time with the particular issue of Islam.

      Maybe a GoldenOne reform or a switch to fascism would help but it would have to include social programs, a welfare system and affordable housing; and I don’t mean these private smoky and noisy rooms in city centres that gobble up 75% of the revenue for the average poor; how do you expect them to get out of there when they don’t have family support and are excluded from society?!?
      These people are basically without resources if there’s no social net. It’s why feminism was/is so important too. Some people have a higher need to be managed than others, especially the ones that don’t come from a free social environment.
      I wish such problems could be solved, it’s the best way I can illustrate them, maybe it doesn’t really apply to Swedish culture, but I think they must be felt everywhere and in many particular cases. What do you think?

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