The MMA Fight of Glory

I am pleased to say that I had my first MMA fight a few days ago at Kampf der Nibelungen. I won in the first round via submission (kimura). I want to take this opportunity to aim a massive thank you to several individuals. First and foremost to my opponent who definitely came to fight and brought the pressure. I also want to aim a thank you to my Mournival who came with me and supported me greatly. I also want to thank my Legion in Sweden for the great thumos and training this year since my return. Moreover, I want to thank Team Cavemen in Ireland (I miss you lads a lot). I want to thank my brother Alexander for all the wrestling growing up (and for a great many other things). I want to thank my man Jonas for being with me this last year and improving my game significantly.
Furthermore, I want to aim another massive thank you to everyone who has had faith in me over these last years, especially since the stakes has increased and since we passed the point of no return.
Lastly, I want to say that a large part (except for the glory of course) of training hard for this and participating in it was to encourage those who adhere to my wisdom to train hard in the Temple of Iron and to also train MMA. So if you are hesitant to join a gym; remember that I am with you in spirit!
Strength and Honour
The Lion
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