‘Or better yet, don’t be weak’ – Quote from The Silent War

‘I told you, I’m not built for this kind of fight’, he said.
‘You’re built for every kind of fight’, said Torgaddon.
‘You know this and you need to stop thinking as if the Imperium is on the back foot. You’re a Luna Wolf, and nothing is more dangerous than a cornered wolf.’
‘So you think we’re cornered?’
‘All right, maybe that wasn’t the best expression,’ admitted Torgaddon. ‘But you know what I mean. Strong enemies know when you’re weak. That makes them hungry, and that’s when they come for you. So what do you do?’
‘Don’t let them know you’re weak.’
‘Or better yet, don’t be weak,’ said Torgaddon. ‘Be strong. I remember something the Warmaster said back in the day, you know, back before everything went to shit. He said a man has control of action alone, never the fruits of the action. Take control of your actions, Garvi. Remember that when things look their worst, you can only do what you think is right at the time.’

– Graham McNeill. Luna Mendax: The Silent War – Horus Heresy

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