Update on Dauntless. New Merino Wool Sweater. A Note on YouTube and Twitter

Dauntless: The Wild Hunt Edition will be out in a few weeks (it is currently being printed in good old Latvia). The new edition contains plenty of new content – the first edition is around 53 000 words, and the new edition is around 75 000 words. The new edition also comes with updated grammar and with a new and improved style to make it more beautiful and more comfortable to read. Truly a work of art, if I may be so bold!

A new Legio Gloria woollen garment is now available: Atlantic Merino Wool Sweater.

100% Merino Wool. Proudly made in Ireland.

I am happy to present all Legio Gloria garments, and sometimes I am extra happy to do so. This is a personal recommendation – do yourself a favour and order one.

Lir’s Merino Wool Sweater is also back in stock in all sizes.

A Note on YouTube and Twitter

I will be back on Twitter once Dauntless is released. Honestly, I do not particularly miss being on Twitter. However, it is still a platform where the metapolitical battle must be fought – thus, I must be active there.

Videos, however, are something I enjoy making. I will resume the video production when Dauntless comes out as well. I am shadowbanned on YouTube (I have been so for a good while now), but I can still reach many people there, so making videos is a worthwhile endeavour. Also, whenever I make a YouTube video, it gets automatically uploaded to Odysee (follow me there if you have not already).

Lastly, a new Podcast episode (on martial arts) will be out in a few days. If you have not already listened to Episode 12. The Greatest Glory yet, do so before listening to the next one.

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