Folktales in the Indo-European Tradition

Folktales in the Indo-European Tradition by Imperium Press is a 757-page behemoth of a book. Part of their Western Canon Series, it covers (as the name suggests) folktales from various Indo-European traditions. The book also contains beautiful illustrations. I can definitely recommend the book, it is a nice addition to any library, and will be especially useful for parents who wish to introduce their children to our stories.


  • Proto-Indo-European
  • Proto-Western-Indo-European
  • Proto-Germanic-Italo-Celtic
  • Proto-Baltic-Slavic
  • Proto-Celtic
  • Proto-Germanic
  • Proto-Romance

Some of the tales will probably be familiar – Beauty and the Beast and Little Red Riding Hood for example. Most others will perhaps not be as familiar. This is especially true in this day and age where many Europeans are ever more disconnected from their history and culture.

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