The Great Linen Release

It is with great pride and joy that I present the latest linen garments. I always set a high standard; even so, every once in a while, I am additionally happy with a release. This is one of those moments. I am the the first customer of the clothing, which means that the clothes must meet my own expectations and desires – I basically only wear Legio Gloria these days. A lot goes into a garment – look, feel, and material to just name a few aspects.

Ever since our first linen shirt (released in 2019), I have been a fan of linen – a fan on many levels! Linen looks good and feels good. It has a long and illustrious history, especially in Europe. Moreover, since we have delved into the esoteric as of late (with the book reviews), I can also note that linen is a sacred garment. I am not yet knowledgeable enough to point out exactly how, but I just know it on a deeper level – I feel in a similar way about wool. Perhaps I will return to the topic at a later time.

‘Legio Gloria products are high quality, smart and comfy. Linen is the best fabric for summer, wool the best for winter. Cotton acceptable. Polyester blasphemous.’

Survive the Jive (via Telegram)

The statement above is a great endorsement from my favourite YouTube (and Odysee) channel. Feels great!

I posted the following to Telegram and Instagram, and deemed it reasonable to share here as well:

I, an artist, seek to imbue all my works (be it sculpting my physique or developing clothing) with as much beauty as possible. In order to do so, I endeavour to surround myself with beauty. The beauty I absorb can then be used for creative purposes. Architecture is a main source of beauty. People living in architecturally beautiful environments = happier. It is an easy concept. Upon regime change, a priority is thus to beautify cities (where possible) by replacing unaesthetic buildings with ones in classical style. The pictures above are taken in Uppsala, which, despite being populated by all manner of questionable characters, is a truly beautiful and sacred place.

Check out the new releases here: (you can also order Dauntless – The Wild Hunt Edition from the same webshop if you have not already read it).

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