Sunday Summary


From yesterday’s Russian Squat Routine session. 4×4 on 180 kg. It was indeed heavy. Luckily I was located at a glorious Temple where I had great support. I also introduced some of the truest to said Temple, which also happens to be the most alpha gym in the beautiful town of Uppsala. (Video of this session coming up later).
The training has, as it did last week, mainly focused on the RSR, and also some heavy (and light) benching. The only thing that has a real structure at the moment is the squat routine, as for the pressing I am still awaiting Smolov JR which I will begin with in September.
As for the diet I am still leaning out (as I write this I am performing a pro-longed fast of about 20 hours). I expect my form to be glorious within the week, and then I will keep that form until I start gaining strength in earnest. I have also decided to let my weight go up as much as is needed to acquire progression. I have also found a preferred veggie to have in my meals: spinach, adds quite a bit of flavour to the food and also Popeye eats it :).
I have also had some difficulties with the Technic things, my telephone, my camera AND my Internet has been causing me problems, which obviously can be quite hard to deal with since I try to make videos everyday (but withtin the week I am back to a good and glorious Internet and hopefully my tele and videocamera are repaired). Alas, obstacles are there to be overcome, and when I sort that out everything will seem easy and I can just focus on making epic videos! Speaking of videos I will probably begin making longer videos as I think most people find them more interesting and engaging than just a few minutes here and there, I will definitely make more eating videos, my first plan is to have an epic PWO of 5500 calories (1 kg yoghurt cashews) but that will have to wait until the autumn!

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