Is my physique attainable natural?

Instead of making a video on this matter I will elaborate on the topic in text.


This question is actually quite easy to answer. Let us first rephrase it; Is my physique obtainable? Unless you are my identical twin, the answer is no. This is because my muscle insertions, my bone structure etc are uniquely my own. Structurally I am very broad and have a rather slim waist. My statistics are not overly dramatic. 187,5 cm at around 94 kg at 8% body fat (when in decent shape) is indeed not impossible to have as a natural. However, these are just numbers, which will only indicate your size, it will not tell anything about how that mass is distributed over your body, or how it will look visually. There are a great many natural guys with the same amount of muscle mass as I, and with the same strength as well.
So to make a really short article even shorter, we can conclude the following:
Is my physique obtainable? No, since only I have my unique insertions (as with all people).
Is my amount of muscle mass obtainable naturally? Yes, it lies well within what is achievable naturally.

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