Sunday Summary


I have spent most of the week in my second home, also known as Good Old Ireland. The above picture was taken by Paul Wilson, who has a page here, as the incredibly glorious work of art above might reveal, he is indeed a very talented photographer and I will definitely shoot with him again next year in order to acquire further glory.
The training of the week has been sporadic and just aimed at looking good for the photo shoot, so I actually haven’t had a set schedule, this will change within the coming days though as I will start Smolov JR for the bench and Russian Squat Routine (a second time) when I get back to Sweden. Also regarding this the videos of the week has mainly been Let’s Plays, since I haven’t really done anything with a set plan in the gym. When I start the schedules though, I will either make VLogs or separate training videos, like the ones I have already made regarding the Russian Squat Routine. Most probably I will mix it up a bit between epic videos (with added music etc). And as I will make a video everyday I will have plenty of time to do both Let’s Plays and Gains Kitchen and training videos and also random videos. Speaking of Gains Kitchen I will actually make a lot more of those since I am now bulking and you can thus play around a bit more with the ingredients without worrying to much about the calories. Good times.

Always so much to see and do here, we went on a sickening hike today in the sunshine (not pictures above though, the pictures are of Newgrange and the Boyne). It was also really epic to train in Galway City Gym again if only for two days, really miss that gym, my true friend there and the athmosphere are just amazing, it would indeed be beneficial for my gains to go back there.
I have filmed quite a bit during the week so I will upload some videos from here when I get back.

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