Sunday Summary


For some reason I did not do a Summary last Sunday, most probably since I was immersed in my video editing, alas I still want to apologize for this breach of continuity. As we all know continuity is the key to long term success and growth.
Speaking of growth the bulk is in full swing and the weight is going steadily upwards, I am at around 102 kg now (gym weight) and I have so far managed the sessions in the Russian Squat Routine and the Smolov JR for the bench. The bench sessions are really easy now that I am at a caloric surplus, I am feeling really strong there. The squats however, are still incredibly taxing. But then again this is also easier when I can adjust my calories to ensure a good performance.
My diet has obviously also changed, I am looking at getting more carbohydrates in to fuel my performance. Remember, the ultimate supplement and performance enhancer is a large intake of carbohydrates. I have made some Gains Kitchen episodes as promised and I have begun experimenting a bit with new recipes, this is the perfect opportunity to do this. I might even be able to come up with some that might serve well even when cutting! Moreover I have dropped the intermittent fasting for the first time in two years, I will make a video on this during the week explaining the reasons, the main reason is that I want an extra intake on the evening to hit my protein since the intake during the day mostly consists of carbohydrates for the gym. I will enter a power lifting meet in November (more info about that later on), and until then I am doing the Russian Squat Routine for squats, after that I will try the exact same routine for Deadlift, which I have named to the Swedish Deadlift Routine (sounds a bit more alpha to be honest). I really love both the squat and the deadlift but physique wise my legs are far ahead of my back, as the picture above shows my legs are more or less perfect as it is, whereas my rather large upper body frame can easily hold more mass.
As for the technology side of things I have learned a great deal from all ‘struggling’ over the last couple of weeks, I was also quite pleased to notice how much better my videos are now than a few months back, and the Youtube is growing quite well indeed as a result!
As for the gaming, I am happy to say that Rome Total War II is now fully playable, after a year of hard patching it is now a very, very good game. And also Skyrim is so epic I can’t even begin to describe it (more videos with the Nightblade are coming tomorrow).
Other games that might be coming up are Assassins Creed and Ryse: Son of Rome.
And lastly also, when speaking of videos, a glorious 5000k challange PWO-edition is coming up soon enough, it is bulk so why not? 🙂
As for the studies I am currently studying Rhetoric which is highly applicable of what I am striving for, it is also very interesting.
And to round up this summary I am currently writing this eating some almond butter with milk and outside it is raining and the leaves are turning yellow, actually looks a bit life Riften (town in Skyrim)!

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